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skipping through most of the episodes to get to the gay stuff like

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everyone’s posting about the first markiplier video they watched, so i thought i’d join in! unfortunately, i can’t exactly remember which exact video was the first one i watched, but warfstache plays slender was certainly amongst the first ones i watched! 

looking back on it now, it’s so interesting to see who the character of wilford was and comparing that to what kind of character he is now. i love character development and i love the fact that mark has kept this character around for so long, and i can’t wait to see what else he has in store for this pink mustached man. i really hope mark brings back wilford playing video games, or any other of the egos playing video games too for that matter! it’d be really cool. 💖

Okay, boys and girls, repeat after me. Dylan was not a follower. He was just as responsible for his actions as Eric was for his. Both, Dylan and Eric, had some serious mental issues and they both were guilty. You can’t just blame one and forgive the other one.

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On June 14, 2017, 38-year-old UPS worker Jimmy Lam arrived for work at the Potrero Hill distribution center in San Francisco, California and attended a meeting with fellow employees. Shortly after 8:50 a.m., he opened fire with a MAC-10 pistol equipped with a 30-round magazine, killing coworkers Benson Louie and Wayne Chan and injuring two others. Lam then exited the building and shot to death Michael Lefiti before returning inside. Within two minutes of entering the facility, police officers located Lam still armed with the gun to his head. They ordered him to put the gun down, but he committed suicide instead. He fired 20 rounds total from the weapon and an unused pistol was also recovered at the scene, along with a backpack containing one box of ammunition. Both of the guns were stolen. A motive has yet to be established, though Lam had recently filed an overtime grievance and police believe his victims were targeted.