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Lori Zimmerman from Hagerstown, Maryland, was just 15-years-old when she disappeared on the 6th of April, 1984. Since her parents divorce, Lori spent most of her time with her mother. They had just moved to their new home. In fact, Lori had only slept there one night before vanishing. On that fateful day, Lori got into a taxi to deliver her to Hagerstown High School. When she didn’t return that evening, her concerned mother reported her missing. 

 An investigation uncovered that Lori had arrived and left school safely that afternoon. She had caught the bus to stop at a nearby friend’s house for 10 minutes. This was the last time she was ever seen alive. The following week, Lori’s family received the grim news that she wouldn’t be coming home.

A couple were walking along Reno Monument Road when they stumbled across a gruesome scene. It was the partially clothed body of Lori. She had been beaten, strangled, and then hidden under cardboard and leaves. A foreign object had been shoved down her throat and all of her jewellery had been smashed. Police revealed that they didn’t believe Lori had been murdered at the location where her body was found.

The case remains unsolved.


Yewleaf’s revamped design.

And StreamClan let out a collective chuckle and groan. 

Yewleaf is a happy jokester and enjoy’s tussling with kits and apprentices then turning around and ripping a fresh new one at any cat that dares belittle his best friend, Twoface. Though Yewleaf prefers to use his fast wit, charm, and jokes to get out of most situation he’s all claws and fangs when it comes to protecting Twoface and helping his friend feel confident and loved in the clan. 

He may be a little small and scruffy but he’s gone toe to toe with Pikefang several times over his mistreatment of his friend. After they clobber one another (and the punishments that the fight usually leads to) he’ll go back to his normal, goofy self. 

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You can't be racist to white people? Really? They are a race are they not? Is this the same logic that it is okay to kill men and straight people because technically they are not oppressed? When will people realize that claiming this and that about certain races or sexualities will only divide us further. Did you know Irish people were enslaved far before black people were? I guess that is just "what they deserve" and not racist at all. Don't spew your bullshit to moldable minds.

WOAH hold up - no one’s saying that it’s okay to kill anyone, regardless of their privilege. Just because it’s not okay to kill people who are oppressed doesn’t mean it is okay to kill people who aren’t oppressed. 

The Irish were not slaves please stop saying that

Here’s a recent post of ours complete with links on why reverse racism doesn’t exist please read them

Racism against white people isn’t possible because white people hold all the societal power. 

If I hate a POC because of their skin color, I’m perpetuating the system of oppression that white people have created, because I am white. If a POC hates me because of my skin color, they are reacting to the system of oppression white people have created and they have a perfectly valid reason to mistrust me, because I am white (all members of the privileged group are a little bit prejudiced against the oppressed group, always, because they are taught to be, and it takes effort to unlearn such things).

Yes, I know what the dictionary definition says. I also know that “appeal to definition” is a logical fallacy

The dictionary is in no way the authority on correct definitions for many a reasons. Firstly because it does not seek to delve into the deeper contextual meanings of words but rather give a some what vague non-prescriptivist account of everyday words. The definition or racism it supplies is what is commonly used in everyday language but is not necessarily the correct academic understanding of what racism is.

I’m not sure how else to explain this to you. 

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Notes on “An eye for an eye.”
  • The foreboding version of the figure of speech the title alludes to
    • Saying: “An eye for an eye makes the world blind.”
    • Title: “An eye for an eye.”
    • Description: “We’re all blind.”
  • Boys Park is still going strong
  • Jeremy knew something was up, and was stalking the crew
  • Steven’s vyvanse addiction is still a thing
  • More third person camera shots- not cinematic, but also not addressed to be any actual person filming.
  • Parker can teleport (Because he is now only half a soul(?), he may now be only semi-corporeal?)
  • Andrew screams really high pitched
  • Andrew refuses to buy any of this resurrection bullshit
  • Parker can’t die
  • The ‘demon’, so we thought, is more likely a separated part of Parker’s soul itself; all of the parts that take damage manifested separately in a non-corporeal form.
  • Said entity seems to be transferring any damage Parker takes onto it’s current host.
  • See: Parker gets hit by a truck. 
    • Upon initial impact, while Autumn is possessed, she convulses and screams as if under sudden and impressive pain. 
    • James, who becomes possessed a bit after that impact, spits blood. 
    • Cib, who is possessed after that, seems to have his vision go dark (that weird camera effect) and goes rigid; a state James compares eerily to rigor mortis.
  • (Also the bit at the end, but I don’t need to spell that one out for you.)
  • The pentagram on the hiking trail seems to be the one place that the entity can exist at all without a host- hence why it couldn’t escape until Autumn stepped inside, and why it could only transfer while any person was also inside- it needed to be able to move outside the bodies to transfer.
  • Bruce somehow got into a relationship with Autumn while she didn’t speak/react the whole time? Weird?
  • Steven apparently wishes he had stepped into the pentagram and died instead of Cib
  • “I wish I could have laughed at that, but I- I’ve… I’ve been having a tough time laughing lately.” - Steven
  • Andrew’s criminal past has not been glossed over, apparently
  • Andrew ‘knows’ that Parker isn’t the real Parker, and is able to commit himself to shooting him in the head
  • Jeremy knew what was happening which is why he rushed to Parker
  • Jeremy figured it out but couldn’t get there in time
  • This episode was a role reversal, essentially, of the minor 3 and the main crew. Andrew, from Parker’s 'group’, basically killed Cib, part of the main crew. In both scenarios, the killer acted on instinct, another member(s) of their group figured it out and rushed over but didn’t make it in time, and both were killed by damage to the head.
  • Cib appeared to have been approaching Steven with malintent right before That happened. Autumn regularly set things on fire and emotionally manipulated both Cib and Steven. In general, this entity seems to be malevolent, so it may be carrying most of Parker’s rage as well.
  • Cibothy Vapington found dead in Miami



not to be that kind of dude but this whole video is contemporary art



You always bring my teacup back together again! (And soon we will do the same for Season 4!!!!) Each and every one of you bring something important into my world every day!!!! 

I’ve never known, and definitely never been a part of, a community that feels so much like home as this one does!!!! This last year has been awful, but fannibals were THE BRIGHTEST OF LIGHTS IN MY LIFE!!!!!


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I’m trying to figure out a character death (the worst part of being an author in my opinion). It’s of the main characters adopted younger sister. I have how she’s gonna die (stabbed right through the chest with the demon kings sword, just to cause the main character grief) but I don’t know how I should go about writing it. It’s my first time trying to write out a character death so I don’t know the tones and moods I should use. Any tips on that?

There are a few ways you can describe a death! Firstly, I think it’s important to know whether or not your MC is present. Not all deaths have to be in front of their eyes in order to still ruin them. Sometimes, it can be even worse having the guilt of “if only I had been there.” In addition, there’s no one right tone or mood or trick to writing a death! Everyone reacts differently, so each narration should vary to match.

1) Detailed death. This sort of style can easily get a little too dramatic, but it can also hit hard if done correctly. This style focuses on the imagery of the death, and can get fairly intense. Which is good, if you really want to focus on the violence and cruelty. An example in this style would be:

The air left her lungs in a shallow wheeze, clutching her side. Pain flared up the side of her abdomen, where the knife had hit its mark. She immediately regretted it. Flesh hung loosely in strips, revealing much more of her interior than she had ever wished to see. Blood splattered on the ground, forming in a pool beneath her. She had never seen so much of it in one place before. Bile burned the back of her throat as she tore her gaze from it.

2) The brush through. This sort of style is the opposite of the above. Rather than focusing on the details of the death, it’s hardly mentioned at all. Usually, this is best for unexpected, quick deaths occurring in battle. You note more of the emotional response after as opposed to the actual death itself.

By the time I had blinked, it had ended. Death had always been described to me as some slow, painful time loop, where seconds stretched onto years. It was nothing like that. Before I could breathe, his breath had stopped. Before I could even take a step, there was nothing to be done.

3) Broken focus. It can also be effective to use a stream-of-conscience style when writing death! (Mostly if you’re using a first person or third limited POV) This sort of style involves writing the way your character is thinking. It could be disjointed, grammatically incorrect, incoherent, and nonsensical if you wish! It doesn’t have to be completely clear if your character isn’t in their right mind. This sort of style can look something like this:

It couldn’t have been real. None of this could have been real. It must have all been some horrific, horrible, monstrous nightmare—

Screaming burst through the room in pockets. I pressed myself closer against the wall, eyes squeezed shut.

It would all go away, it would all go away, it would all go away. It had to go away. It had to.