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The Police Report that Inspired ‘Clue’

It’s a little known fact, but the famous murder-mystery game, Clue, was inspired by real events. Here is the police report from that fateful night.

9:37 p.m. - Officer George and I were clanking our police batons on the jail-cell bars when Ellington station received an emergency call from the Boddy Mansion. There was a quick male cry of “Hel-“ and then the phone cut off. Since there’s no Helen in the office, we figured he must have said “Hello” or “Help.” Either way we were bored so went to go check it out because we’d heard great things about Mr. Boddy’s billiard room.

10:15 p.m. - We arrive at the mansion. It is only one floor and has no roof, which seems strange but, hey, who are we to knock mansion construction?

10:20 p.m. - We knock on the door. It was answered by a Professor Plum. Inside stood five other people. All of them had names that had to do with some sort of color, except Mrs. Peacock, who was simply a Jew.

10:30 p.m - The group led us to the lounge, where, laying on the sofa, was the body of Boddy. It was dark so we couldn’t tell how he died. Boddy’s body had obviously been moved as well. So we needed to figure out who killed the guy, in what room, and with what weapon. It may take all night. Good thing we brought a sack of cheeseburgers.


Last year I started working on a murder mystery and I’ve finally dragged it out from the dust. I’m hoping that when it’s done that I will be able to use it for work (putting it on as an evening event).

I might also sell digital copies of it if anyone wants to try solving this story.

A macabre murder mystery set in Victorian London which indulges in madness, misery and mythology - inspired by Lovecraft, Penny Dreadful and Poe.

On March 22nd of 1922 a German farmer by the name of Andreas Gruber met with his neighbours to tell them of disturbing events occurring at his farm in Kaifeck. He spoke of how he found footprints leading to the farm, but not leaving, and of strange sounds from the attic.

Three days following the meeting with his neighbours Andreas Gruber, his wife, daughter, two grandchildren, and the farm’s maid were slaughtered with a mattock, a tool best referred to as a cross between a pick-axe and an axe used for the tearing of dense soil.

Note to self; if you see footprints leading to your isolated country home, but not away… don’t go to sleep!


Welcome back to Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared Clue. Today we have the complete set as we finished up with Roy and Manny (done a couple days ago but the post got drowned out over the excitement of Harry ^^;) and now last but certainly not least. Tony to compete the cover. Now maybe a new background? Stay tuned..

Spoiler: next time we’ll show our new game pieces :x sooo exciting!!!