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Here’s my full piece for the BNHA #sunforallzine ( @sunforallbnha ) from this summer! I’m so excited to get the book in my hands and see everyone else’s creations!
I drew the children bug catching ! .. There’s things I like and dislike about this illustration still :’)

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Been in a rut, so I drew a lineup of some of the ladies I’ve played in pen and paper games (these were all played in Hero system).

Charlene “Charlie”: Spartan II. Halo 

Avenal: Elf Mage. Orginal universe (fantasy)

Asandis: Republic-in-Exile “Fixer”. AU Starwars the Old Republic

Mildred: Demolitions expert/ Gunsmith/ Alley-doctor. Original universe (black-powder age, lovecraftian) 

Jen: “Ranger” Brotherhood of Steel. Fallout

Aibiki: Scorpion spy/ Crane handmaiden. Legend of the Five Rings

For scale, Aibiki is 4′11.

magic-murder-bag  asked:

For some reason I've really latched on to the idea of villain!Izuku doing the thing from that one John Mulaney bit where he steals old photos from the houses of people he meets just because "it's the one thing you can't replace!" It's basically the closest thing he has to a "take over the world" style master plan. The Villain Alliance is not impressed

izuku pisses off the villain alliance on almost every single level. he’s crafty and clever, his special flavor of tactical brilliance and random whimsical chaos makes him massively destructive and almost impossible to catch, and he is one of the most highly visible and high-profile villains out there – right along with stain. (he even runs a social media account with way too many followers. what the hell.) so why the fuck doesn’t he do anything useful? 

like the time izuku spent the course of two nights planting a series of traps in high-security locations across musutafu (in the police force station, in various museums, in the biggest hero agencies) and they all went off at the same time the next day, but instead of bombs, they just explode into too much glitter and confetti and a banner that reads “[IZUKU’S VILLAIN NAME] WAS HERE.” come on! 

or the time izuku broke into a news station as they were recording, grabbed the microphone and announced that he wanted to fight endeavor. he named a time and place. he actually showed up. endeavor and the police force were waiting there to arrest him, but izuku incapacitates their cars (slashes all their tires somehow? when did he do that?) and taunts endeavor into chasing him across the city. izuku leads him around completely by the nose. it is obvious to everyone watching that izuku is controlling the flow of this fight. the only casualty by the end of that night is endeavor’s dignity, but – it’s so frustrating. if izuku is so capable why didn’t he just?????? incapacitate or kill endeavor?????????????

or the time the police force and heroes make a concerted effort to root out the villain alliance. there are a ton of undercover cops/heroes; some of them have been in deep cover for years; some of them are new. izuku hears about this, and naturally, he decides to spread around a little chaos. but instead of doing something helpful, like misdirecting the moles or obfuscating the villain alliance’s movements, izuku uses his vast information network to spread rumors like shigaraki tomura’s many hands are actually sawed off mannequin hands and he wears them because he thinks they look cool or every tuesday the villain alliance gets together for team bonding activities, like wii sports or arson, that’s why they get along so well or dabi is actually secretly endeavor’s bastard son. he’s doing this for attention. this all could have been prevented if endeavor wasn’t such a dickhead. the rumors take permanent hold in the underground. the villain alliance hates him. HATES HIM. 

but one time himiko invited him to destroy a warehouse with her, and he said he didn’t have anything to do that night so he did. on the other hand, when shigaraki tried to convince him to join the villain alliance and put his skills to better use, izuku laughed and told shigaraki that his vision was too small. “i have way better things to do with my time than destroy society, but if you ever need a hand, you can always hit me up.” a wink, finger guns, and then he rolls out the window and disappears. dabi asks if that was a pun. shigaraki loathes izuku with his entire being. 

izuku still pops in occasionally to see if shigaraki is “still on about the whole destroying all might thing,” mooch a couple drinks off of kurogiri, play a game of don’t-get-stabbed-by-himiko, and generally make a nuisance out of himself. somehow, izuku manages to grow on them. like a fungus. it’s so terrible and shigaraki hates every moment. 

all for one just seems amused and tells shigaraki to be patient; it seems he may have a joker on his side. 

Opening up Fic Commissions!

Hey everyone!

So I’m opening up fic commissions! I’ve been meaning to do this for a while but I’ve only just gotten around to it. I need some pocket cash and you all need some fic so let’s hop to it!

Pricing: It’s $1.00 USD for every 100 words so a 500 word fic? $5.00. 1000 words? $10.00 seems fair! When you send me a request, we’ll talk about the length and you’ll send me the first half of the payment then I’ll write the fic!

After that, I’ll send you the draft and you can read it, ask for rewrites, then I’ll send over an invoice for the remaining balance and your fic will be finished! 

All transactions done through Paypal.

Fandoms: One-Punch Man, Transformers (all media types), Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit, Bioware Games, Star Trek (TOS, TNG, DSN, VOY, ENT), DRAMAtical Murder, Yuu Yuu Hakusho, My Hero Academy, Cute High Earth Defense Club Love!, Dot/Hack, Fallout 4 and a few others! It never hurts to ask!

Things I will write: Basically anything. It’s easier to list what I won’t write. But I will write smut, fluff, angst, gore, romance, tragic romance, action, adventure, domestic bliss, A/B/O, damn name it and I will more than likely write it. 

Things I won’t Write: Shota-con, fetishized Non-con/dub-con (meaning that I will write it, but it ain’t gonna be played for sexy time), smut involving people under the age of 18. Like, I’ll write about a younger character having a crush on an older one but they ain’t gonna be doing anything until they’re 18. Watersports. And Furries. I just don’t know how to write furries. 

PM me here if you’re interested! Here’s my AO3 account: Sacramental_Wine and if you look at the drabbles tag on this blog or on my old blog. 

I wanna write for you! These commissions are open!