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Can you draw Shinsou from Bnha?? I just... love Shinsou



it’s been a while since i was last fully active on here, and im SO SORRY FOR IT. I’M COMING BACK Y’ALL. i can’t believe i’ve finally drawn shinsou and fulfilled this request, and it only took me like seven months (´•ω•̥`)

as an apology, i made this a sketchpage. please enjoy!

(also i have a hunch you requested this, but even if you didn’t, i know you love shinsou as much as i do!! @floweredtatamis )

Bakugou Katsuki: Midoriya Izuku??? nah what a jerk what a— [trips] [hundreds of thousands of photos of Deku spill out of his jacket] w-what a fucking asshole i- these arent mine im just [gathering them up frantically sweating] listen i just listen fuck [thousands of pictures of Deku scatter across the floor] shit fuck im holding them for a friend jUST LISTEN


Don’t touch my man men, boy


Part 1 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 are here!

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Reasons to love Katsuki Bakugou

Here are just a few reasons why everyone should be completely in love with Bakugou from My Hero Academia.

Reason #1:

He is angry all the time.

He has to be the angriest person I have seen and it is the greatest thing in the world like he is even angry when he is simply brushing his teeth. 

Reason #2:

He’s actually a fragile emotional angel.

Even tho Bakugou can put up a very tough and rigid appearance he’s really just an innocent emotional cinnamon roll that needs to be hugged, but more than likely if you tried he would blow you up lol

Reason #3:

He is a complete badass.

Be it taking on multiple enemies at once, coming up with strategies on the fly in the heat of battle, or just simply punching through solid air with only his bare fists Bakugou does it all like a BAMF.

Reason #4:

He is completely blunt about everything.

He doesn’t care if he is talking to All Might himself Bakugou will say what is on his mind and not think twice or give a f*** about it. 

Final Reason: 

His level of creativity.

Who couldn’t love this guy for the simple fact that he wanted his hero name to be Lord Explosion Murder lmao

To simply put everything: Bakugou is the greatest. End of story.

Who Class 1-A mains in Smash
  • Deku- Captain Falcon
  • Kacchan- Bowser
  • Uraraka- Palutena
  • Iida- Sonic
  • Todoroki- Corrin
  • Kirishima- Little Mac
  • Tsuyu- Luigi
  • Mineta- Bayonetta
  • Yoyorozu- Lucina
  • Jirou- Samus
  • Tokoyami- Falco
  • Kaminari- Pikachu
  • Ashido- Kirby
  • Aoyama- Lucas
  • Hagakure- Peach
  • Ojiro- Ryu
  • Shouji- Mewtwo
  • Sero- Mr. Game & Watch
  • Kouda- Olimar
  • Satou- Donkey Kong

Here’s my full piece for the BNHA #sunforallzine ( @sunforallbnha ) from this summer! I’m so excited to get the book in my hands and see everyone else’s creations!
I drew the children bug catching ! .. There’s things I like and dislike about this illustration still :’)