murder in the forest


Just finished up my final assignment for Lifestyle Illustration with Daniel Krall - this time we had to illustrate a cocktail of our choice, create a layout to contain the drink’s recipe, and design a label for one of the ingredients. Challenge accepted! I chose the cocktail Murder in the Forest.

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  • aries: gonna die playing in traffic
  • taurus: choking on food
  • gemini: everyone's gonna punch u in the face
  • cancer: you'll be fine. maybe. just dont talk to that shady guy on the 7th of february
  • leo: live forever probably. alone
  • virgo: overworking ur brain. thinking too much. put into a mental asylum.
  • libra: someone will probably lead u into a forest and murder u and replace u irl
  • scorpio: vampires are real. they hate u. good luck running from them
  • sagittarius: someones gonna push u down a flight of stairs
  • capricorn: mom heard what u said. she's coming for u
  • aquarius: aliens arent real. ur stuck with the humans forever pal
  • pisces: somebody out there really gets a kick out of watching u cry

my favourite thing about mink ships is that whoever he ends up with gets done up in pretty beads n feathers one way or another, and noiz is no exception to that rule lol

also i like to think noiz’s taste in clothing evens out nicely into mori boy once he moves in with mink so. THERES THAT TOO

(please fullview this lmao it looks so much nicer up close tbh)


Andrei Chikatilo, also known as ‘The Rostov Ripper’ was responsible for the murders of 18 women, 14 young girls and 21 boys. The murders took place between 1978 and 1990.

Chikatilo was born in the Ukraine in 1936, and was known as a modest, intelligent man who enjoyed playing chess. He received an education from Rostov university obtaining degrees in Russian language and literature, engineering and Marxist-Leninism. During his career as a killer Chikatilo was married with two young children, a boy and a girl who were around the same age as some of his victims. He was steadily employed and never forceful or violent with his children. By the time of his arrest in 1990 for what became known as the ‘Forest Strip Murders’ in the town of Novocherkassk, near Rostov, Chikatilo seemed to be a grey-haired grandfather living a reclusive lifestyle.