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Asking for RISE!!! Maybe to help re-inspire you? #3, 4, 5, 7, 11 and 12 ^_^ Have fun!

Its not so much a lack of inspiration as a lack of motivation lmao

3. What’s your favorite line of narration? I’m really excited about things that haven’t happened yet. In my mind, I’m thinking they’ll happen in s5. Joanne is going to start settling into normalcy with George, start college (little genius is graduating high school early), start healing and really finding herself. A big part of this arc is going to be Reed, a warlock, whose gonna turn her world upside in the best way. I mean, the current arc – Grams’ murder, the Deadpool, reuniting with Scott and the gang, meeting George and all the immediate trust issues with him – it turns her life upside down in various heartbreaking ways, but the next arc is gonna turn her world upside in a great, fantastic, happy way. It shakes up everything she knew in regards to magic, what Grams had taught her, which is a bit of a struggle to come to terms with but its the start toward a happier Joanne, so I’m excited for it.

4. What’s your favorite line of dialogue? Oooooh, I have a few! But I think my all time fave is easily when Joanne is telling off her classmate with her fake sympathy about Grams. I’d actually been in that situation – when someone close to me died and someone who didn’t even know him said he was amazing and blah blah blah. I wanted to go off on the bitch but just couldn’t verbalize it, and maybe it was my mother’s voice in the back of my head about being polite, idk, but it felt really good to kinda purge that rage into that particular scene. I also have a few bits with Jo and George that I’m fond of and looking forward to. They basically go from strangers to ride-or-die family, which I’m really emotional about lol

5. What part was hardest to write? Everything lol Joanne is a little harder to write since, at the moment, she’s not directly involved in all the action that happens in the show. She doesn’t go to the same school as the rest of the characters, so she’s really out of the loop. That’s probably the hardest thing to write right now. Because there’s no legitimate reason for her to be at BH high, I’ve had to weave her own story line that’s on the periphery of the main plot before getting her fully involved in it. And this is a pattern that’s probably going to continue since, at the moment, I have her starting college in s5 while the others are still in high school; she’ll be off, having her own story but eventually circle back to the main plot. Its weird and getting more complex by the minute and its lead me to make more secondary OCs for the fic that I’d originally intended as a result.

7. Where did the title come from? The title came from two places. The first was Katy Perry’s song Rise. Music is always a huge inspiration in my fics – I actually try to find titles in songs and its worked out for most of my fics (i.e. Rise, Safe & Sound, Hopeless Wanderer, Flares, The Wanderer, Thistle & Weeds) – and that song really had the tone I wanted to set with Joanne. Its an anthem about victory, determination, and overcoming/rising above your opponents when they think they’ve got you down which is really what Joanne is all about. Whether is peers underestimating her or assassins trying to kill her cause they think she’s an easy target, she’s going to prove them wrong and rise. The second source of inspiration for the title came from Maya Angelou’s poem And Still I Rise for a lot of the same reasons as for the song.

11. What do you like best about this fic? Hmmmm, I’m not sure. I think I like how I’m building up my own mythology within the mythology of canon. I’m combining elements from a few different fandoms to suit my needs, but I like setting the rules and limits for Joanne as far as what she can and can’t do with magic.

12. What do you like least about this fic? How long it takes me to post a chapter, but that’s with every fic I write tbh. I have all the inspiration in the world, all the ideas mapped out for the most part, but the motivation to write is almost nonexistent some times. Its totally random.

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