murder flip


Louis confesses his true feelings towards Lestat. [X]



Everyone has different taste in tech

Aoba always has the most current, thans to rens alerts
Mizuki follows aoba but only with the more neccesary upgrades.
Koujaku usually waits till the current version starts giving him problems. He also complains everytime he has to get a mandetory update seeing as ‘nothing was wrong with the last one!’

Noiz always has some weird tech (which is 90 percent his own design) And always uses clear to test out certain upgrades (against aobas wishes)

And Mink.

Mink has a flip phone.

I remember when I first watched Life On The Murder Scene my mom was in the room and it was during the part when they were talking about how they’re from Jersey and she was like “wait. Way? MICHAEL Way? GIVE ME A MINUTE!” and sprints out of the room and comes back in with her High School yearbook and long story short my mom and aunt went to high school with Mikey Way

taconinja12121  asked:

(Random ass side note, I knew about your art for longer then I though because I fucking love your murder flip note and finnaly checked out your channel after seeing the forget meme and I fuckin love you aaannnywayyys) How deep will the story line be going or what other characters are involved like drews parents or people at his school and so on?

( <33333333 thank you pal!!)

I dunno how to explain, also because the whole story is in a BIG work in progress (I share here what I’m sure to put in the story, a bit for remembering and a bit for sharing).

The most sure thing is that the themes are going to be deep, since the whole plants things are fueled mostly anxiety

Alsoooo I’m not sure, I’ve thought just about Drew’s friends as other characters (since Drew is a good student and is 20 I was starting to consider the option of  them to live in a place like residence or flat with homies, and those homies could be those friends of them, for going to University??) 

anonymous asked:

Tell me how you can reblog a meme for murder and not flip out by that but call out a rape meme? I don't mean to be harsh and yeah people should tag shit. But I struggle to understand your reasoning. No offence but my understanding is that people should be able to roleplay whatever they want as long as they are consenting adults. If you don't wanna do it then thats fine but don't shit on other people for doing it. Just unfollow them.

Okay, you have a point there with the murdering meme but there is a difference between that and rape. Most people who murder GET WHAT THEY DESERVE! They go to jail where they are sentence to life. Yeah some get away with it but the numbers who don’t are high. While rape is looked over with a blind eye. It’s treated with a pat on the back with stupid words like .’Well she was asking for it. Boys will be boys. Well it was twenty minutes of action.’ 

More people go to jail for murder over rape! Because a victim is always at fault right? Sure it’s a meme I get that but rape memes aren’t okay because it’s a very serious subject that get a blind eye to it.

alright need some buffy blogs, this show is more important than I could have ever imagined, both to modern media and in general (currently watching the ep with the AHS murder house and I flipped, this show did everything before it was cool)

Pls like this if you post buffy the vampire slayer stuff. or if you post about any band ever featured in an episode, even in the form of a background locker sticker (like ALL) cause buffy had some CHOICE ass music features and references. there’s no emo that I’ve seen but all good indie/alt with some punk and grunge sprinkled in