murder dem

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3, 12, 14, and 21 for Avian uwu

3. How do they put themselves to bed at night (reading, singing, thinking?)

12. How do they deal with an itch found in a place they can’t quite reach?

When life gives you a sentient and powerful entity attached to your frail mortal self, you use it as your personal back scratcher

14. What animal do they fear most?

21. Why do they get up in the morning?

Because if he stayed in bed he’d probably get dragged out by an impatient shadow… Also Avian is more of an early bird than a night owl anyway, so he doesn’t have trouble waking up, hes pretty motivated too in terms of his hobbies so that also drives him out 


i just imagine myself playing basketball with bangtan and going one on one with Yoongi and they thinking its cute and its all fun and games until I MURDER DEM ANKLES I WANT TO DESTROY MIN YOONGI IN BASKETBALL TELL MY NIGGA TO BALL UP THIS AINT WHAT HE WANT

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since you did a forensics course, can you tell us accurate murder tips? ALL DEM MURDER TIPS i need this for my creative writing coursework of course

my time has come

So I’m not going to go into extreme detail as I don’t want the police knocking my door down this weekend because some psycho got on the internet, but I will give some helpful tips.

  1. The store clerk is more likely to remember someone buying 15 balls of twine than someone buying DIY ornament supplies.
    Buy your tools with cash over a period of time from different places. Make sure you throw other inconspicuous items in to make your shopping list look as innocent as possible.

  2. Never use your own computer in your plan
    No matter how careful you are to make sure you’ve deleted all google map searches for best body dumping sites, the dudes down in computer forensics will be able to dig it back up. If you need a computer use the one at the public library.

  3. Change your gloves
    After about 15 minutes, the oils secreted from your fingertips will start to leak through the gloves, making you start to leave finger prints. I recommend buying a box of latex gloves from the grocery store and taking them with you

  4. Don’t use a gun
    As tempting as it is to grab your grandpa’s favorite rifle Charlotte and use her to do Aunt Edgar in, it’s not you’re best idea. Due to rifling leaving unique markings on the bullet, it is very easy to trace the bullet to the gun.

  5. Memorize your alibi
    If the po-po need to take you’re statement (and they will), you’re going to want to have a solid alibi to throw them off your scent, and making something up on the spot just isn’t going to cut it.

Hope I was able to help with your “creative writing” *eyebrow wiggle*

please note that the information given is by no means meant to be taken and used to harm others; I have provided it as an aid for writers and the curious and have not inteded it to be put to use anywhere except on paper

if anyone wants more info feel free to message me I love doing this

Master Post

Slime rancher stream

Tour talk

House keeping

Mountain Dew (and how to say dew also I say it how u *used to* say it)


Wants silver parsnips and tells us he’s going to kill us if there carrots

finding carrots and not silver parsnips after waiting for them to grow

Tells us he’s going to kill us


“😂” in chat and “🥕”

Tells us he’s going to kill us

“😭” in chat

Jack gets a yogurt biscuit and Diet Coke

Makes us watch parsnips grow while typing “silver parsnips”

Threatens to kill us if we don’t

Dies a lot

Looks for kookadoba

Hayley Williams (paramore)

Sings Barney

Looks for kookadoba

He’s hungry

Unnaturally hungry

Hungry for human flesh, brains

Looks for kookadoba

Gets a shit ton of spicy tofu

Asks what it’s for

“Meat on dem bones”


Opens a can of Diet Coke down the microphone

Telling us he’s hard … because he’s drinking Diet Coke and not beer

“Like comment subscribe”

Kills some slimes while slandering their mother

“Progress demands sacrifice”

Searches spicy tofu

Is impressed by what he’s read

Spends time with the chat

Carrots on twitter

My stream starts being a dick…


Jack is very straight but his back is curved

Silver nipples

Back into the game

Part of jack doesn’t want to dye his hair he just wants to cut it

He wants to dye it because it how people identify him (ur hair doesn’t make u,u. U will always be the bean but just a coffee bean! U won’t be any different)

(Don’t dye it if u don’t want! Be all natural if u want to!)

Stop slime abuse 2k17 #silvernips

Carrots still in the chat


Carrots are his favourite fruit

Jack bought an iPad mini to watch the game grumps on 😍

Seán starts being a complete bean

Things get deep(ish)💕


Talking about getting an office

Thanks us for being there (UR WELCOME ❤️)

Wants royal jelly


Searches royal jelly

Talks about to- never mind

Gets the treasure cracker

Talks about tour

Star mail & drink


Doesn’t want to stream too long because mc Donald’s closes ( u don’t have a 24 hour one?)

Has to wait 6 Minutes

Buys the treasure cracker

Goes to get something to show us

Expands camera

Shows us his “be more positive sign”

Shows us pins from every location he went on tour (OKAY BUTTT HIS FAVOURITE PIN IS HIS MANCHESTER PIN AND THAT MAKES ME HAPPY.)

Talks about the bee and what it means to Manchester ❤️🐝 (thank u)

Forgets to make his camera small again so we just watch his face and not the game

Thanks Ogden for no rotting food

Realises about the camera and apologises

Makes it smaller

Shows us the slime on the crops (no rotting)

Talks about Manchester & about tour life (bus)

Talks about how Manchester were offended they couldn’t see it (there isn’t a lot to see tbh…)

Eggplants…? 🍆

Talks about tour

Talks about Danny and him saying “I love u” (I FUCKING… UR BOTH BEANS)

Talking about dabbing

Nightmare story (I’m sorry our roads are awful)

-dreamt he was getting crushed and started pushing the mattress up and then pushing Signe up to Arins bed

Norway’s fascination of giant women …?

Drumming video (when)

Needs to pee


Searches destiny 2

YouTube videos & time keeping

Brings up carrots and silver nips

Still has to pee

Goes to pee

He’s back (it was a lot of pee)

He talks about future tour (might only be going to 2 of the Paxs’ next year)

Finally gets 60,000 money things

Realises it’s not the end the next is 75,000

Turns slow mode off

Ends the stream (over 3 hours 😊💕)

  • me: *waits for hannibal s4*
  • me on day 1: i just wanna see will and hannibal murder some dem rude
  • me on day 5: i just wanna see will and hannibal cooking together
  • me on day 16: i just wanna see will and hannibal being domestic cannibals