It’s said that police are there for our protection but it’s difficult to deny that there are a number of instances where those in power do the complete and utter opposite, sometimes with people paying the ultimate price with their own life. One such instance is the case of Bijan Ebrahimi - a disabled Iranian refugee, living in Bristol, UK. In 2013, Ebrahimi was recording his neighbour, Lee James, as he was drinking on the street. He had intended to use this as evidence that his neighbourhood was the scene of antisocial behaviour. James then kicked down Ebrahimi’s door, claiming that he was a pedophile recording his children. This footage can be viewed here. Lee then called the police, alleging that Ebrahimi was a pedophile; the police arrested Ebrahimi with absolutely no evidence. While in custody, Ebrahimi told them that he was afraid of his neighbour and wanted protection from him as he had been threatening him. They denied him protection and sent him back home after finding nothing on his phone or camera to indicate he was a pedophile, like claimed. As Ebrahiimi was in custody, Lee had been spreading rumours that he was a pedophile and over the next few days, Ebrahami called police a total of 12 times. He was terrified for his life. His desperate pleas were ignored and in the early morning of 14 July, Lee brutally beat Ebrahimi to death before setting him on fire. Neighbours, believing the lies Lee had spread, refused to help him as he was brutally murdered. Ebrahami came to the UK in search of a better life but instead, he was treated like a criminal for a non-existent crime which cost him his dignity and then his life. Lee James was sentenced to life imprisonment. 

Burlington Shooter ID'ed as Arcan Cetin, Immigrant from Turkey
Police have identified the alleged shooter in the Burlington mall attack as Arcan Cetin, a legal immigrant & permanent resident from Turkey.

Oh look, another muslim import from the Middle East that went and killed a bunch of innocent Americans again.

The media even reported, after the shooting, that he was Hispanic.  That ended up being a complete lie!  Way to throw the Hispanic community under the bus to cover for another muslim killing people! Is this going to be the new tactic by the Left to protect their chosen muslim imports?  Try to make it out to be a Hispanic instead?  So disgusting.  You all better start waking up to these islamic terrorists that obama keeps importing and hillary promised to increase the imports by 500% is she wins the election.  Hell no!  This murderer from Turkey also stated on his Twitter that he would vote for hillary.  Very telling.


33 years old Alexander Pugachev of Torez, Donetsk region was an ex-member of infamous Tornado Battalion Unit that was dissolved by the Ukrainian Interior Ministry over multiple war crime accusations. Alexander themselves was on the run for a year. He was accused of kidnaping, rape, false imprisonment and creation of a criminal organization. On 25 September 2016 he was pulled over by 27 years old officer Artyom Kutushev and his 36 years old partner Olga Makarenko. The reason was a traffic violation. Right after that Pugachev opened fire on them, killing officer Kutushev and critically wounding officer Makarenko that managed to return fire and seriously wounded Pugachev. He fled the crime scene but was caught when he came to a hospital. Olga Makarenko succumbed her wounds later on the day.

The video of the shooting is available here

This is a cartoon by Nahed Hattar, a Jordanian cartoonist. This is the translation

  • [In Green:] In paradise…
  • [Allah:] “May your evening be joyous, Abu Saleh, do you need anything?”
  • [Jihadist:] “Yes Lord, bring me the glass of wine from other there and tell Jibril [the Angel Gabriel] to bring me some cashews. After that send me an eternal servant to clean the floor and take the empty plates with you.”
  • [Jihadist continues:] “Don’t forget to put a door on the tent so that you knock before you enter next time, your gloriousness.”

Hattar was arrested in August for insulting Islam. Today, he was shot dead outside the courthouse in Amman where he was due to appear. 

Jordan is generally seen as one of the more secular, “Westernised” Arab countries. 

The 14-Year-Old Who Grew Up in Prison

On October 9, 1979, Thomas Beitler was working the late shift when he used his break to buy cigarettes and a soda. Pittsburgh’s Fort Wayne Cigar Store was open 24 hours a day, and the third-generation postal worker arrived there a little after 3:30 AM—almost exactly the same time as 14-year-old Ricky Olds and his friend Todd Allen. Minutes later, Beitler was dead from a gunshot wound. Barely a month after that, Olds and Allen were taken into custody, and neither has left prison since. Thirty-six years have passed, and Olds continues to pay the price for being a barely adolescent kid out too late for his own good.

When the two teens were arrested for Beitler’s murder a month later, the newspapers referred to them as “North Side youths” accused of killing a man from Millvale. This was code—any Pittsburgh reader immediately understood that the kids were black and the victim white. At trial, when the prosecutor asked about the height and weight of the victim, the coroner testified he was a “well-developed, well-nourished white male.”

In 2005, the US Supreme Court banned the death penalty for minors; in 2010, it ruled against mandatory life sentences for juveniles who committed non-homicide offenses; in 2012, it ruled against mandatory life sentences for juveniles under all circumstances; and this past January, it ruled that inmates already serving mandatory sentences should receive new sentencing hearings.

Nonetheless, Ricky Olds sought an appeal —after all, he hadn’t actually killed anyone, and the ruling applied to all non-homicides. But the Pennsylvania Superior Court, pointing out that Olds had in fact been convicted of second-degree murder, made short shrift of that argument. In a coldly ironic turn, the judge who authored the opinion, Robert Colville, was the same Robert Colville who, as district attorney, had so glibly told the press three decades earlier that Olds could be out in 17 years “and maybe far less.”

Dawson College Shooting | Kimveer Gill


25 year - old Kimveer Gill was an Indo - Canadian man born in Quebec, Canada. On September 13th. 2006, he walked into Dawson College’s campus and killed Anastasia De Sousa, an 18 year - old student as well as wounding 19 others. Nearing the end of the massacre he held one student hostage before an officer shot him in the right arm, and he ended up turning the gun on himself, committing suicide. A suicide note was found in Gill’s trench coat during the investigation.


This attack was only one of Gill’s planned events to harm the city of Montreal. He had made plans to attack two other schools. Université de Montréal and a secondary high school located in Laval.

One possible motive would be Kimveer’s rage. He was not particularly aiming at Dawson, it could have been any other school. Gill was fascinated by the Columbine High School Shooting of 1999, loved 9/11 conspiracies and the war in Iraq.


Gill was born July 9th, 1981, and was of Punjabi descent. Kimveer attended Twin Oaks Elementary School as a child, and moved to Rosemere High School. He was not a victim of bullying, and was usually quiet but intelligent. After graduating, he moved to Dawson College with a friend but dropped out in January of 1999.

He was a member of a rifle club in Canada,which he visited one day before the shooting. He received military training at the Canadian Forces Leadership and Recruit School, for one month only. He never completed his training and was ruled unfit for the military therefore he was discharged.

Kimveer was very depressed right before the shooting, and avoided contact with family as well as friends, completely isolating himself.

Kimveer Gill’s profile on VampireFreaks.com:

“His name is Trench. You will come to know him as the Angel of Death . "He is male. He is 25 years of age. He lives in Quebec. He finds that it is an O.K place to live. He is not a people person. He has met a handful of people in his life who are decent. But he finds the vast majority to be worthless, no good, kniving, betraying, lying, deceptive, motherfuckers. Work sucks……….School sucks……….Life sucks……….What else can I say. Metal and Goth kick ass. Life is like a video game, you gotta die sometime.”

Taken from his profile:

 "I hate this world, I hate the people in it, I hate the way people live, I hate God, I hate the deceivers, I hate betrayers, I hate religious zealots, I hate everything … I hate so much … (I could write 1,000 more lines like these, but does it really matter, does anyone even care),“

Taken from his diary:

“People kill each other Rape women Molest children Deceive and betray Destroy lives Bullying and torturing each other at school What kind of world is this? What the fuck is wrong with people. This world….this life, is worst than hell. You see You see what kind of world we live in No No, I don’t think you see You still don’t”

“I’m so sick of hearing about jocks and preps making life hard for the goths and others who look different, or are different. The other day on T.V. they were talking about this 15 year old kid that was killed by the cops, cuz’ he took a fake gun to school. Then they said he was emotionally disturbed and suicidal. Aaaaa, Duh!! If people were making your life a living hell wouldn’t you be hurt emotionally. How come no one ever talkes about those MOTHER FUCKING JOCKS AND PREPS who’s fault it is. Oh no. Heaven forbid. We couldn’t posibly say that. Why does society applaude jocks? I don’t understand. They are the worse kind of people on earth. And the preps are no better, they think they’re better than others…………but they’re not. And all of society applaudes the jocks and preps. As if we are all supposed to be like them. Newsflash motherfuckers: We will never be like them. NEVER.”

“Stop Bullying It’s not only the bully’s fault you know!! It’s the teachers and principals fault for turning a blind eye, just cuz it’s not their job. You fuckers are pathetic. It’s the police’s fault for not doing anything when people conplain (oops, my mistake, the cops are corrupt sons of whores, so it’s not like they can do anything about it.) FUCK THE POLICE It’s society’s fault for acting like it’s normal for people to be assholes to each other. Society disgusts me. It’s everyone’s fault for being so apathetic towards fucking everything that doesn’t affect them personally. FUCK YOU SOCIETY.”

“I’ve been abducted” whispered an Ohio woman to a 911 operator on 13 September, 2016. The woman, who has not been identified, explained to the operator that she had been abducted by a man who was armed with a stun gun. She said that she had been tied up and managed to free herself as her abductor slept beside her. The police were led to an abandoned home in Ashland, Ohio, where they rescued the woman and arrested 40-year-old Shawn M. Grate. After searching the home, authorities discovered the remains of two deceased women. One body was identified as 43-year-old Stacey Stanly, who had disappeared from a local gas station weeks prior. Grate then led authorities to a burnt out house in Richland County, where they discovered the remains of a third woman. Clearly dealing with a serial killer, it seems evident what fate the abducted woman would have met had she not manged to free herself and alert authorities. You can listen to that 911 call here.


“I will ask the Tribunal what we shall do with them, for they have had wisdom in the past that I had not. Stay here, loyal Dagoth-Ur, until I return. <…>

Nerevar asked his queen and generals to help him summon Azura yet again for her guidance. But the Tribunal had become as greedy as Kagrenac upon hearing of the power of the Heart and they coveted it. They made ritual as if to summon Azura as Nerevar wanted but Almalexia used poisoned candles and Sotha Sil used poisoned robes and Vivec used poisoned invocations. Nerevar was murdered.  <…>

And then the Tribunal went into Red Mountain and met with Dagoth-Ur. Dagoth-Ur saw what had been done, and he tried to avenge the death of Nerevar but to no avail. He was driven off and thought dead. The Tribunal found the tools he had been guarding and, through study of Kagrenac’s methods, turned themselves into gods.”

The Elder Scrolls (I era, Morrowind) 

Almalexia (Dzeta), Sotha Sil (Commu and Enni), Vivec (Meha), Nerevar Indoril (Isugi) and Voryn Dagoth (San’ka)

Photos by DA (DzetaAiger)