Brazilian serial killer Tiago Gomes Da Rocha had an interesting modus operandi, where he would approach his victims while on a motorbike, cry out ‘robbery’ and then shoot them. The people he targeted were mostly homeless people, women and homosexuals. On one occasion he killed a 14 year old girl.

Gomes Da Rocha attributes his desire and compulsion to kill to his experience being sexually molested by a neighbour when he was 11 years old, which apparently supplied him with the rage that he directed at his victims. It has also been reported that while imprisoned this desire to murder has not subsided, and instead he has been asking guards for permission and access in order to kill other prisoners. He has also attempted suicide while in prison by slashing his wrists with broken light bulbs. In total he has confessed to 39 murders, but has yet to stand trial for his crimes.


Some people forget that there were 15 victims in this horrible massacre.2 more sets of parents lost their sons. I DONT condone what happened, its horrific for all the innocent people killed, but its sad that the boys were in so much pain and no one even noticed 

Kids can be so fucking cruel! They dont realize the effect bullying will have on the individual or other people.No not every victim of bullying will choose to kill innocent people, but they must of been pushed so far that other peoples lives meant nothing and their own. After and still now people were so quick to judge them as monsters but refuse to look into them as people. How Dylan seemed like the perfect gentleman towards women and Eric seemed to have banter and was handsome. 

Looking forward to the Abc News interview with dylans mum anyone else tuning in?


Psychologist Erica Hagan (22) was from Kentucky, but in 2014 she decided to travel to Chile and spend some time teaching English in a baptist school in the city of Temuco. A little over a month after she arrived, she was savagely murdered.

The crime scene found on September 6th, 2014, was horrific. Erica was living in an apartment inside the school. At some point between 9:10 pm and 10:30 pm of the previous night someone beat her up with their fists and then with a heavy object. Then, they left her still alive on her bed for several minutes while they filled the bathtub with scalding water. The person then dragged Erica through the floor and crashed her skull against it, finally killing her. They placed her inside the tub with the hot water running while they attempted to get rid of evidence by burning it in the chimney. Among the things later found in the ashes were some clothes, bedding, an iPhone and an iPad. It was the overflowing water that finally alerted people that something was going on the next day.

Police interrogated several suspects, including a young man that had gone out with Erica that day and had been caught in a security camera at the local mall. Eventually they arrested a 44 year old man called Domingo Cofré, who was working as a security guard at the same school as Erica. Domingo was on a shift the night of the murder, and he’d reported a lot of smoke coming from the girl’s apartment around 10:30 pm. In the security log, he wrote that when he’d gone to check, a man’s voice through the door had said that he was Erica’s boyfriend and they were alright.

So why was Domingo arrested? His DNA was found, among with several other people’s, in a fire poker at Erica’s apartment. Prosecution tried to say the poker was the murder weapon, but the fact that Erica’s DNA wasn’t in it and the wounds didn’t really match, weakened their theory. Also the excessive violence in the murder pointed to a killer that knew the victim, and there was no evidence that Erica and Domingo had interacted much. He was recently found not guilty after a trial, and because of the ineffective investigation, several detectives have been transferred to other cities. It’s likely that this case will remain unsolved.

Gregorio Cardenas was a mexican serial killer who earned the moniker ‘the Tacuba Strangler’ after he murdered four women. As his nickname suggests he would kill via strangulation, typically after having sex with his victim. Most of his victims were prostitutes, with his final victim being a 19 year old chemistry student.

He committed himself to a psychiatric hospital shortly before he was arrested, and was eventually sentenced to life imprisonment. Due to the nature of his crimes and the fact that they were widely publicised, he developed a sense of celebrity due to being the first multiple murderer in Mexico to receive such media attention.
HOLMBERG: The heartless slaying of immigrants working at our convenience stores
Why is it we never talk about the possibility of racial or ethnic targeting with these poor folks? The vast majority of these store robbery/murders claim immigrant lives.

RICHMOND, Va. – Joining the 200 or so souls at the sunset vigil Thursday for slain convenience store owner Harshad Partel, I was hit by a powerful wave of deja vu.

Here was another heartfelt vigil for another immigrant killed in another convenience store robbery in the Richmond area.

We heard from people of different races and ages say why they loved Mr. Patel, how he knew everyone’s names and stories, how he joyously blended into the community.

His wife was hugged and loved. Their two twin little girls held balloons for their daddy who worked so hard to build them a home in this land.

I was haunted by their little faces.

Why was this immigrant from India murdered in his store at 6811 Walmsley Boulevard Monday night?

He joins the long list of local convenience store murder victims, nearly all them immigrants.

They came from Iraq, India, Korea, Pakistan and other nations, searching for the American Dream and finding death.

Farooq Bhimdi, Mal Sun Ragin, Nancy Cho, Mohammad Bhimdi, Paresh Patel, Jin Sook Kim, Farooq Anwar, Meyong-Ja-Dan and others.

Some I recalled vividly.

The 2001 murder of Hamood Alshaif at the James Food Store also involved teen-aged suspects. Farooq Bhimdi on Mechanicsville Turnpike and Nancy Cho on Hull street were also deeply admired by the community.

Nearly all were.

And yet they were murdered.

So why is it we never talk about the possibility of racial or ethnic targeting with these poor folks? The vast majority of these store robbery/murders claim immigrant lives. Typically, they are not being killed by their own.

Are they killed because of some kind of cultural distrust or dislike?

We, of course, have an idea why they’re robbed.

They open stores or work in high-risk neighborhoods, scratching to make a living, often working alone and staying open late.

My police sources tell me these immigrants tend to have more cash because they don’t make routine cash drops. They have more ads in their windows, reducing visibility.

But why kill them?

Sometimes they are just straight up blown away - not fighting back or refusing.

Why not just rob them?

One longtime homicide investigator told me video surveillance has eliminated the once-prime motive in robbery murders - to silence witnesses.

(That kind of video helped crack this Patel case, by the way.)

That investigator also believes it’s mostly just wanton disregard for life - anyone’s life.

Longtime anti-violence crusader Charles Willis with United Citizens Against Crime said the same thing after leaving the vigil.

“It’s senseless violence,” he said once the all-too-familiar candles were blown out and the balloons were released. “I don’t think it’s racism. I think it’s ignorance. Folks turn to violence because they don’t know any better.”

He blames long-entrenched poverty that promotes hopelessness and violence, things I’ve said often as well during my quarter-century of covering murders and other violence in RVA.

But I look at how these immigrants strive to fit in, how they pour their hearts and lives into these neighborhoods and then are just cut down, like they don’t belong and don’t matter. The callousness of it is staggering.

I feel the same thing every time there’s a murder of a Latino immigrant during a street robbery.

Sure, we understand why they’re robbed - they’re known not to trust banks or have accounts and therefore likely have more cash.

But why gun them down?

(Most murders in Richmond are not cross-racial and often involve people who know each other. Those incidents are no-less tragic, and I’ve poured my heart into trying to get all of us to care enough to address the root causes, like concentrated poverty and bad public housing. We need to care about every one of these lives.)

Friends, when George Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin in Florida, we had more than a year of national discussions about profiling and cross-racial violence.

But we have these immigrant murders fairly often, and there’s never that kind of discussion.

Yes, we understand why they’re robbed. But why are they killed?

It’s a question I think we need to be asking.


Here are the bodies of the ‘BTK’ killers youngest victims. 9 year old Joseph and 11 year old Josephine in 1974. This family were one on many targeted in Wichita, Kansas, over decades.

Dennis Rader, originally planned for this night for just the mother and daughter to be at home. Once inside the family home he realised the father and son were home. Rader produced a gun, he tied up both parents by their ankles and wrists and strangles them.

When it came to the children the killer know by acronym 'BTK’ (bind, torture, kill) showed is sadistic side. He takes Joseph upstairs to his room, binds his wrists together than puts a hood over his head tightly, slowly watching him suffocate. It was the young Hispanic daughter that he saw as the prize, he takes her down to the basement and hangs her from a pip. There was no evidence of sexual assault, but when they died he got himself off.



okay so this thing happened in art class last monday and im still pissed off abt it bc
i was there drawing the thingy the teacher made us draw
and then the teacher just kinda like ta kes my pencil out of my hand and just “u have to shadow the thing” and starts to try and shadow it but im meanwhile tryin to get my pencil back
and im like
i know how to shadow
just tell me
“shadow the thing”
dont take the fucking pencil off my hand ill fucking stab u with it