Por Facebook pregunté a quien preferían que dibujara, entre Murcrow y Chatot, ganó Murcrow y aquí está, terminado y disponible para Tattoo, espero les guste 😁 #murcrow #pokemon #pokemonillustration #pokemondays #pokemonxy #ilustracion #illustration #design #crow #raventattoo #raven #poketmonsters #zookrupula #draw #flashtattoo #markers #copic #copicart #copicmarkers

((He’s ready for the Tumblr prom! :D

I designed this outfit myself. It was based off of Murcrow. If it is in any way similar to something else, I was completely unaware, and please don’t blame me, but I freaking love how this turned out

He cut his hair a bit, swept it back (or at least tried to) and ruffled it out to make it be like that. I actually kind of like it :P

And more fancy, fancy shading XD))

Trying to do one of these a day, don’t know if I’ll have the time to do it, but i’ll try.

Dark/Flying type
It is said that when chased, it lures its attacker onto dark mountain trails where the foe will get lost.
Ability: Insomnia & Super Luck
Insomnia: The Pokémon cannot be under the SLEEP condition while having this ability.
Super Luck: Raises the critical-hit ratio of moves.
Classification             Height     Weight   Capture Rate    Base Egg Steps
Darkness Pokémon   1'08"         4.6lbs         30                       5,120


Pokemon belong to gamefreak
Art is mine please don’t steal it or re-post it ANYWHERE without talking to me BEFORE you do anything. thank you!