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MBTI Types as Murchie’s Tea Blends

Murchie’s Tea is so wonderful!  Here I’ll use descriptions of some of the blends from their website, which you can visit here: , as well as my own experience of tasting them, to match up teas with MBTI types!

ISFJ ~ English Breakfast: “Murchie’s English Breakfast Tea: Smooth and complex Keemun tea is perfectly paired with bright, lively Ceylon to create a classic, well-balanced English Breakfast.”

ISTJ ~ Earl Grey: “Murchie’s Earl Grey Tea is a rich and fragrant blend of fine Ceylon, Darjeeling and Keemun teas, scented with oil of bergamot.”

ESFP ~ Ceylon: “The choicest blend of Ceylon black teas also stem from the abundant sunshine and monsoon rains of this region. Murchie’s Best Ceylon is a blend of these aromatic teas, creating a full-bodied flavour that you must try.”

ESTP ~ Russian Caravan: “Murchie’s Russian Caravan Tea is a blend of black teas and smoky Lapsang Souchong which recreate the campfires and brisk, starry nights experienced by the caravans carrying tea to the Russian Czar.”

ISFP ~ Blueberry Green: “Murchie’s Blueberry Green Tea is a fresh Sencha green tea, with a light blueberry flavour. Dried blueberries and blue cornflower petals make this tea as nice to look at as it is to drink.”

INFP ~ London Afternoon: “Sweet, creamy vanilla and fragrant rose petals are interwoven with bright bergamot and smoky Lapsang Souchong to create a comforting blend perfect for the fireside.”

ESFJ ~ Tuscany Orange: “Sunny, bright, orange flavour is complemented by the softer, smoother black tea undertones at play in this medium strong, amber liquored infusion.”

ENFJ ~ Assam Pure: “The lightly tippy full leaf of Assam Pure brews a rich, strong cup and slightly sweet, malty flavour. Perfect for mornings that need an extra boost!  Grown in the Assam Valley, Assam teas are among the most brisk and assertive of India’s black teas.”

INFJ ~ Purple Majesty: “Purple tea comes from a cultivar of Camellia sinensis which produces purple leaves during the rainy season. Two leaves and a bud are hand-plucked and then processed similar to a pan-fired Taiwanese green tea – this tea is heated immediately to prevent oxidation, so it retains a very fresh aroma and flavour.”

INTJ ~ Baker Street Blend: “Murchie’s Baker Street Blend Tea: smoke and gunpowder, lingering scents of exotic jasmine and bergamot. Sherlock himself would enjoy this mystery.”

ENFP ~ Lemon Spice: “Murchie’s Lemon Spice - Fragrant lemon peel, cinnamon and citrus mingled with high grade black teas for a superb aroma and vibrant flavour.”

ENTP ~ Golden Monkey: “The dried leaf is mixed black and gold, with a musky, fruity, slightly grassy aroma and produces a rich deep red-gold liquor, very round, full-bodied flavour with a slight briskness. The flavour and aroma notes for this complex tea include dried apricot or plum, honey or burnt sugar, and possibly a slight smokiness or light maltiness and it has a lingering, soft, ‘fuzzy’ finish that reminds you that you’re drinking great tea.”

ISTP ~ African CTC: “When brewed, this tea has a smooth and creamy texture with a hint of toasted sugar, a light citrus astringency similar to grapefruit, and a clean finish. “

INTP ~ Library Blend: “Murchie’s Library Blend Tea. This blend of Ceylon, Jasmine, Keemun and Gunpowder teas has a rich, full base with the sparkle of aromatic Jasmine. An excellent reading companion.”

ESTJ ~ Irish Breakfast: “Murchie’s Irish Breakfast Tea is a hearty blend of bright, high-grade Ceylon teas, enhanced by the deep flavours of golden tipped Assam. May be enjoyed plain, or with milk.”

ENTJ ~ Diamond Jubilee: “Murchie’s Diamond Jubilee Tea has been specially blended to commemorate the 60th Anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign, we have taken the finest quality Ceylon, Darjeeling, Himalayan, Assam and Yunnan teas and brought them together for this special tea.  Rich and full bodied with malty and muscatel undertones, this tea has a very smooth finish and is sure to be a hit for many special celebrations.”

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top 5 teas and top 5... shaolin fantastic whatever's. GO.


aight teas
-coconut cream pie tea from David’s tea
-apple strudel tea from David’s tea
-any brand chai tea, I like twinings though
-Cardamon French toast tea from David’s tea (look I like David’s tea)
-there’s some cool smokey tea from murchies that my grandma has that I really like? Idk what it’s called

Fave scenes with my boi
-all of them (okay no I’ll come up with some specific ones let’s see)
-that one time he somersaulted over a car instead of just walking down the street for no other reason than being extra (he also like, parkours off buildings. Why.)
-there’s one scene where he walks in on his friend and his friends boyfriend sleeping and it’s just a really cool scene because he’s heavily implied to be gay right? (It’s only had one season so like, he’s not out out in the story yet but like, it’s not just a headcanon. It’s there.) and he has this moment of realizing that maybe it’s okay to be who he is? And the acting is amazing and he just had this look of awe. And then afterwards he he has a brief conversation with said friend where he says some shit and it’s’s a good scene aight.
-that one scene where some rich white boy said the n word and he leapt like 5 feet in the air and kicked him in the chest. Fucking iconic. It’s a beautiful gif.
-there’s one scene in the season finale where one dude is like you’re not my brother and he’s like why not and then talks about how they both experianced the same abuse from the same person and like reaches out to the dude and brings him to tears and it’s hard to explain but it’s just a really powerful scene and really brave of him.
-there’s another scene in the finale where he tells a character his real name for the first time when they’re fighting and like he shows so many emotions and it’s hard to explain but it’s another really powerful heartbreaking scene and I cry thinking about it.

Bonus two because I can’t leave them out

-that time he crashed a party his friend is at pretending to be a waiter and shows up saying to a bunch of fancy rich whites dudes in suits “cheerio my ******, care for some shrimp?”

-that one time he picked up the mic in break the locks and said a few things with his arm around his friend because he was so cute and pure there, that’s my baby, look at him go,

First Study Blog Post.  Hi!

Hello!  I’d like to introduce myself and my new study blog.  I’m an INFJ and I’ve been around tumblr for a bit already (you can find my main blog in my links, which is also where I follow from:).  

Here are a few things about me as a student, and just in general:

• architecture major, potentially music minor (I play the violin)

• 4.0 student

• I also love philosophy, literature, creative writing, calculus, and photography, to name a few subjects!

• I’m an 18, almost 19 year old girl

• I rode horses for a large portion of my life, and still do sometimes, but less now

• I really love tea.  Especially Murchie’s:)

• Music is just about one of my favorite things in life.  Mozart is likely my favorite composer (though there are so many I love!), and I’m a big fan of Claudio Abbado, Joshua Bell, and Hilary Hahn, to name a few.

I’m looking forward to getting to know the tumblr study (studyblr?) community, and I hope to be able to share a lot of original content about studying, especially as an architecture student (but in general too), creativity, inspiration, practice tips, and maybe some good music and tea here and there:)

Thank you for reading, see you around!