Hey, God!  I hope you’re there.
I want you to hear my prayer.
That graven image on my shelf:
Is it really you or just myself?
Well, anyway, here it goes:
Please keep me on my toes.
Help me past my worst mistakes,
Doing it for both our sakes,
For an example of perfection
To the Proctors in my section;
Or merely for the Heaven of it,
Like bread, for the leaven of it.
For whatever reason may incline,
Please act for yours and mine.

One thing I didnt like about the Dune series was that all the females in the first three books seem to just be either overly sexual, not that i think being sexual is a bad thing i just find it boring when used as a trope for strong women, or wide eyed lovers like Chani.

I think a lot about the strong females in the other books like Odrade, Taraza (You were legcellent in the end ahahha), sheeana, and murbella. Its good Frank Herbert eventually wrote in strong female characters but the first three books are severly lacking. Perhaps Siona and Irulan are the only truly strong females in the three books but both are still have a sense of sexual mystique i think they could have gone without.