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Headcanon Pidge as a trans girl or anything else you want is fine, but can we stop saying that it is confirmed to be canon?

There is a difference between headcanons and actual canon, and most fans ignore this :/


We couldn’t resist! Enjoy the mini bloopers! Comic by @murasaki-yuri ♡♡♡


Widowmaker - Me
Tracer - @undepundable


Hamatora was a cute(?) show. They all have interesting names/designs, and murani slowly grew on me.

After some months I decided to change my blog’s theme. This time it’s not Shingeki no Kyojin but Voltron, my other favourite fandom atm.

Of course, I had to go with Princess Allura as my icon, so I choose my favourite character as my profile picture (Keith).

And then, I choose Lance and Pidge for my banner because they are my Voltron OTP.

If any of my followers ships Plance or is a Keith fan, you should talk to me about Voltron =)


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