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Excerpt from the Sarashina Diary ( 更級日記), a diary written by a young woman of court a few years after The Tale of Genji was written.

I’m doing a thing, and came across this.  Like??  This girl is so adorable?

“Oh, how happy I was when I came home with all these books in a bag!  In the past I had only been able to have an occasional flurried look at parts of ‘The Tale of Genji.’  Now I had it all in front of me and I could lie undisturbed behind my screen, taking the books out one by one and enjoying them to my heart’s content.  I wouldn’t have changed places with the Empress herself.”

Lol, it’s especially funny considered Genji was kinda risque at the time.  So relatable, tho.  Like, 98% of tumblr posts are about holing up in our beds with some sorta media.  I like to think this girl’s version of whipping off her pants was to shed at least 8 layers of her juunihitoe lol.


Hamatora was a cute(?) show. They all have interesting names/designs, and murani slowly grew on me.

Hey guys! Finally decided to make a post dedicated to some amazing people I’ve followed on here and think you should check out! With almost 2,000 followers, I can’t thank you all enough! I hope you all have a great day!!! <3

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