Juventus FC: a masterpost™

Massimiliano Allegri (11 August 1967)

  • proud dad of 26 children
  • invented 4-2-3-1
  • still loves 3-5-2 way too much
  • always screaming
  • “I’m not going to tell you the line-up, but [spoilers the line-up]“
  • when he arrived nobody believed in him but he guided us to Berlin so WHAT’S GOOD ACCIUGHINA

# 1 - Gigi Buffon (28 January 1978)

  • italian legend
  • deserves everything
  • and by everything I mean UCL
  • always surrounded by beautiful women
  • but he’s in love with iker casillas
  • you better do not mess with him
  • curses a lot

# 25 - Neto (19 July 1989)

  • dani alves’ friend
  • a mess
  • nobody likes him
  • he may look cute but he’s a snake

# 32 - Emil Audero (18 January 1997)

  • ??? a ghost ???
  • little precious flower who deserves better
  • ???
  • he’s better than Neto btw

# 3 - Giorgio Chiellini (14 August 1984)

  • probably in love with Luis Suàrez
  • he graduated and scored against Barcelona in the same week, ICONIC
  • his nose is probably more famous than him
  • plays better against big teams
  • always remembered with love and affection by the fans bc of his performance vs Real Madrid in 2015

# 4 - Medhi Benatia (17 April 1987)

  • scored vs AC Milan
  • he’s in love with Pjanic
  • he may look scary but he’s cute
  • living the thug life

# 12 - Alex Sandro (26 January 1991)

  • juventus’ god
  • criminally underrated
  • deserves better
  • you can get pregnant only by looking at him
  • we dead without him

# 15 - Andrea Barzagli (8 May 1985)

  • italian minister of defence
  • you shall not pass
  • a gentleman
  • loves ladybugs and takes care of them
  • thank you Wolfsburg for him

# 19 - Leonardo Bonucci (1 May 1987)

  • bon bon
  • best CB in the world
  • king of the fair play
  • his son supports Torino
  • deserves all the love
  • Pep wants him

# 23 - Dani Alves (6 May 1983)

  • good crazy in tha house
  • footballer or singer we’ll never know
  • maybe he’s a model?
  • loved by everyone
  • in love with dybala

# 24 - Daniele Rugani (19 July 1994)

  • precious baby that DESERVES BETTER
  • criminally underrated
  • juventus’ defence future
  • secret twin of wart from the sword in the stone

# 26 - Stephan Lichtsteiner (16 January 1984)

  • he tries
  • but still can’t cross
  • speedy af
  • lorenzo insigne can figure him out

(… to be continued)


Happy New Year, everyone~!

I drew only choose some users that I like them as awesome and also new/old friends. Nevermind that all are united by each image, are too much! for the characters have their clothes sheltered by the Winter, they are so cute, I like drawing clothes! Let’s see the list of users as well as gifts are:

  1. ask-jayde-mekeke
  2. littlemunchypu (light blue), ask-honini (pink/green)
  3. rainbow-fox-rage (yellow), pack-leader-sally (brown), askhighkeroro (green)
  4. ask-cute-kerodoro
  5. naturisticgamer (green), sgt-keroro-platoony (lilac), bluekeroro (purple)
  6. warmaudino (pink), foxeonn (yellow), muffinninjafairy (blue), ask-human-giroro (red)
  7. ask-corporal-auroro (red), ask-yuki674-the-insane-keronian (dark red)
  8. foxxhall (pink), extraordinarycircus (black), ask-nurse-hinini (yellow)

Nyiragongo’s lava lake

Between 1894 and 1977 the crater contained an active lava lake. On 10 January 1977, the crater walls fractured, and the lava lake drained in less than an hour. The lava flowed down the flanks of the volcano at speeds of up to 60 miles per hour on the upper slopes, overwhelming villages and killing at least 70 people. The hazards posed by eruptions like this are unique to Nyiragongo. Nowhere else in the world does such a steep-sided stratovolcano contain a lake of such fluid lava. Nyiragongo’s proximity to heavily populated areas increases its potential for causing a natural disaster.

The 1977 eruption raised awareness of the unique dangers posed by Nyiragongo, and because of this it was designated a Decade Volcano, worthy of particular study, in 1991.

The 1977 eruption was preceded by the creation of a new small volcano, Murara, a short distance away on the slopes of Nyamuragira.

by Francesco Pandolfo
Bad Dreams, Worse Fortunes

Yes. I’m in Voltron hell - and it burns so good.

Rated K+, Summary: As it’s said, ‘The past is never done with us’, whether it is a past as close as yesterday or one 10,000 years ago. What haunts dreams and keeps peace at bay brings two weary heroes together for a moment of delicate, fleeting bonding over a warm, comforting cup. Hints of burgeoning ShiroxAllura. 

Friendship/Humor/Romance(very light) - Words: 1,986 


“I have always believed, and I still believe, that whatever good or bad fortune may come our way we can always give it meaning and transform it into something of value.”

― Hermann Hesse, Siddhartha

Bad Dreams, Worse Fortunes

He wandered down the twisting hallway of the castle. Tiny guide lights glowed in soft violet tones as he approached, only to dim as he passed, leaving a tunnel of darkness behind him. He stepped quietly, not really wanting to wake anyone and make them aware that he was up at this hour. Again. Restless, sleepless and pacing. Not really sure which direction he was heading.

Head muddied with lack of sleep, stress, and the ever-present paranoia that never seemed to ease. That pressure in the back of his head. The skittish feeling plaguing him of being one step too late; that he would plunge into another bout of terror, another vision leaving him helpless, shaken and reminded how very broken he was, despite the act he put on.

“Leader,” he muttered with a faint scowl.

He leaned a shoulder against the wall, pinching the bridge of his nose, just above the scar slicing his face horizontally. The scar he could not remember the origin of. Or he did, but his mind refused to allow him to relive that horror.

These feelings that dogged him in the quiet moments. That he was on the verge of something, something hideous and evil. That it took all the focus and strength he had to keep it at bay. And as exhausting as that was, he could not sleep. Nothing more than the fitful tossing and turning of an hour or two before he awoke, startled, shaking, eyes full of unshed tears.

Or worse: furious, enraged. Heart hammering. Eyes wide and wild. His metal hand glowing. Ready not just to fight, but to tear someone apart.

He groaned softly. “What is wrong with me?” Shiro asked. Pitiful. Ridiculous. He was only going to let his crew – no, they were more than that, now, weren’t they? – his friends, down.

“No. I won’t. I’ve got to get ahold of this. I will. I have to.”

A moan, followed by a shout came from the wall he leaned against. Shiro straightened, looking around. The sound came again, only muffled and strained. He stepped back and took note that the portion of the wall he was braced against was actually a set of ornate double doors.

He was outside someone’s room. By the sound of the distressed voice within, it was Allura’s. He rushed forward only to stop short, one hand extended towards the handle. His fingers curled and he dropped his hand away. “What are you doing?” he asked himself. “You can’t just barge inside.”

He glanced down the hallway, trying to get his bearings, trying to recall where Coran’s room was in relation to where he stood inside the castle. They’d gone over the ship’s interior map several times. Maybe it was the lack of sleep, but Shiro couldn’t place where he was exactly.

And he couldn’t just pretend that he didn’t hear Allura make those sounds, either. Fist clenched, he reached out again only to nearly poke Allura in the forehead as the doors slid open.

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