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So yeah, napanood ko din ang “Attack on Titan” thanks sa tropa ko nung HS na nagbigay sakin ng mas murang tix for the cinema <3 haha. Tanong ko lang yung movie ba na ito ay yung buong season1 na? Or may mapapanuod pa ako sa internet? Gusto ko na kasi agad ng kasunooooddd :(( ang ganda kasiiii. Anw. I’m tired. I’m resting. USAP US! TA NIYO KO! :3

Tears flow as thousands pay last tribute to drowned St Martins Boys' pupils

Tears flow as thousands pay last tribute to drowned St Martins Boys’ pupils

The portraits of seven boys who drowned at Diani beach in Kwale County, ringed by wreaths, was too much to bear during a joint requiem mass held yesterday. The absence of bodies did not numb the pain or ease the anguish which was evident at the Sacred Heart of Jesus Cathedral in Murang’a town where thousands of mourners thronged to pay their last respects to the seven pupils who drowned during a…

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Halos dalawang taon kong inipon ang buhok ko tas sa isang iglap lang nangalahati agad. :( lesson learned dapat wag mag avail as mga promo promo kung buhok mo ang involved dahil magsisisi ka talaga. Imbues na makamura mas gagastos ka pa. Hindi porket mura susunggaban na agad, dapat isipin mo pa rin kung maganda ba ang kalalabasan. Hays hanggang ngayon nagsisisi pa rin ako sa murang rebond pero nasira naman yung buhok ko.

Magkatabi kasi sa keyboard ang “*” at “(” minsan ang sad face ko ay nagiging kiss na emoji. Ang bobo na lang madalas akong ganito syet na yan. Napa kiss tuloy ako kay kenat sabi ko na lang wrong send ganyn. Puta lang ge. Murang mura na talaga ako syet kasi. Magbabait na ko bukas wag muna ngayon beast mode pa ko.

My old man talking to my uncles at my Grandma’s. The topic of discussion, The Kenya Daily Post blog. I kid you not. (at Murang'a County)

@ladygoogoo ay nagbabahagi sa atin: “Ito si Scott at si Abigail mula sa Hollywood English Congregation sa California, EUA. Si Scott ay pinalaki sa katotohanan ngunit iniwan ang tahanan sa murang edad, nasangkot ng malubha sa makasanlibutang pamumuhay. Mahigit limang taon na ang nakalipas, pagkatapos ng mga taon ng maibiging pampatibay mula sa kaniyang matapat na lola na si Pauline, siya at ang kaniyang asawa ay nagsimulang dumalo sa mga pagpupulong at nakipag-aral. Pareho silang gumawa ng malaking pagbabago sa kanilang mga buhay at si Scott ay nakalaya sa mabibigat na mga gawain. Siya ay nabautismuhan noong Nobyembre ng nakaraang taon at si Abigail ay nabautismuhan sa aming panrehiyong kombensyon nitong nakaraang dulo ng sanlinggo. Sila ay nananabik sa paglilingkod kay Jehova ng magkasama bilang mag-asawa at nagmamalaki ang kanilang magandang anak na si Coyote na lumaki sa katotohanan.” mula kay jw_witnesses

National Authority for the Campaign Against Drug Abuse: We have 2.65 million drug addicts in Kenya

National Authority for the Campaign Against Drug Abuse: We have 2.65 million drug addicts in Kenya

Kenya has a staggering 2.65 million drug addicts and only four public rehabilitation centres, the National Authority for the Campaign Against Drug Abuse (Nacada) has said. Three of the centres; Mathari, Coast Provincial General Hospital and the Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital in Eldoret, have an annual capacity of 200 patients each. The new addition is Murang’a Rehabilitation Centre, which is…

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The Moi University LADY who has infected 104 men with HIV releases more SHOCKING details, Oh God! Mipasho

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The Moi University LADY who has infected 104 men with HIV releases more SHOCKING details, Oh God!

Monday, August 24, 2015 – A second year female student from Moi University, who has infected 104 men with HIV, has recounted how she was infected with the deadly   virus when she was a first year student.
The poor University lady by the name, Beatrice Wangari, who hails from Murang’a, claims that her innocence was taken out of ignorance during a Freshaz night and after testing positive, she promised to revenge.
So far, she has infected around 104 men with majority of her victims being students who reside in Hostel H.
Here’s what the second year student had to say as she recounted how she was infected;
“I was infected in my first year. I joined Moi University with hopes and expectations of a brighter future.
Upon my admission during the freshaz night, I met this dude who offered to take me out for a drinking spree. Since I was fresh from the village and I had passion to adventure and learn a lot, I naively accepted the offer.

We drove to the famous Bubbles club. It was my first time to taste vodka, at first I refused but the guy insisted.

I forced the bitter stuff down my throat. When we were done we proceeded to Comfy to spend our night there.

In bed the guy fu**** me without my consent.

I regretted joining this beast. My attempts to deny him were futile.

There I watched my future being ruined…..

Days later, I tested for AIDs and unfortunately I was infected.
My mind raced back to that night and I felt so bad… I first thought of committing suicide but a second thought told me you must payback..
I vowed that all men must pay for this. My future since then has remained blank.”


Source: Kenya News

Beast mode 🌵😠

Queenna kasi lagi na kong inaaway. Panga asar ga edi sana di ka na lang nag viber sakin syet ka. Tinatamad tuloy ako pumasok sa monday tungun malulunesan na naman ako e mid terms yun sa trigo syet Beast mode na naman kame sa prof. Kuuuu puta murang mura na naman ako. Huhuys

Kenyan President pays travel costs for girl with rare condition to have surgery in Canada

A Kenyan baby who’s receiving treatment in Canada for a rare condition is getting help from a powerful player. The President of Kenya is donating Sh500,000 (approximately C$6,300) to the family of baby Fidelis Muthoni, who’s in Canada to get surgery for frontal encephalocele.

The condition is a rare disorder where the bones of the skull do not fully close, leading it to create a gap through which cerebral spinal fluid, brain tissue and the meninges – the membrane that covers the brain – can protrude into a sac-like formation.

The president announced he was going to help the family after hearing that Sh2.8 million (approximately C$35,672) in funds raised for travel and lodging had been stolen by a conman. Kenyan news also reports that the governor of Murang’a, Mwangi Wairia, donated Sh300,000 (approximately C$3,816) to the family to help facilitate their stay in Canada.

Canadian doctors offered the baby girl free medical care as long as her family was able to arrive in the country by Friday. The family rushed to have everything in order in the time frame they were given. The little girl is expected to recover in six months.

“I cannot express my gratitude to all those who stood with my family and helped organize for my wife and daughter’s travel to Canada,” Muthoni’s father, Kenneth Kinuthia told The Star newspaper.

It’s also been reported that the man alleged to have stolen the money is now in police custody.

Baby Fidelis gets Sh500,000 from President Uhuru

Baby Fidelis gets Sh500,000 from President Uhuru

President Uhuru Kenyatta has given Sh500,000 to help baby Fidelis Muthoni fly to Canada for surgery after her family was conned Sh2.8 million by an NGO. Murang’a Women representative Sabina Chege said the money would be used to access travel documents and air tickets. Muthoni’s father, Kenneth Kinuthia has been seeking help to travel to Canada by Friday, to beat a deadline given by a team of…

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Mass held for Murang’a pupils who drowned in Indian Ocean

Mass held for Murang’a pupils who drowned in Indian Ocean

A special mass was Saturday held for seven pupils from a Murang’a school who drowned in the Indian Ocean during a school trip to the Coast last week.

During the mass, speakers called on people to support the families of the seven pupils who perished.

The deceased were among Standard Eight pupils from St Martin Boys on a tour of Mombasa for five days before they drowned in the Indian Oceano…

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