T.S. Claire: Rally Against Cancer.

On December 25th, 2015 my long time friend, co-conspirator and artist Tina St. Claire (also known as TFail) was diagnosed with Cancer.  She is facing her predicament with incredible amounts of positivity and courage.  If you could take the time to donate towards her recovery I’d be greatly appreciative, she’s a fantastic friend.

Click here to learn more about her and to donate.


Afghanistan’s First Female Street Artist Brings Burqas And Feminism To City Walls

A woman in a purple hijab sits playing the piano, a tear rolling down her cheek. She plays her solitary tune amongst a sea of blue skyscrapers, soaring above the cars that zoom beneath her unnoticed. This subject already wears her contradictions proudly – she is strong, she is vulnerable, she is graceful, creative, separate, sad. And yet, at least it seems, she calls out to no one, content to sit with her feelings and express herself creatively, freely, in peace.

Shamsia Hassani is the street art queen we’ve been waiting for.


Murals and Illustrations Co-Created by Sandy + Steve Pell

Sandy and Steve Pell at Pellvetica from Vancouver, British Columbia, is the creative duo specializing in graphic design.  “ As experienced artists and designers, we combine our visual style, theories and techniques to create beautiful illustrations, murals and graphic design projects”. 

Let’s make #CrossConnect the most popular hashtag on Twitter !

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