Nowy Sącz
ul. Broniewskiego 8
„Kolej na Ciebie”
autorzy: Mariusz „Mgr Mors” Brodowski, Banan, Kifu
wykonanie w pierwszym tygodniu czerwca 2016 r.
foto z dnia 17 września 2016

Mural powstał z inicjatywy i na zbiorowe zamówienie mieszkańców bloku - pracowników kolei i potomków kolejarzy. Numer parowozu - 1313 - jest odwołaniem do numeru rzeczywistej maszyny, którą przed laty prowadził ojciec jednego z lokatorów. Artyści pracowali tylko za koszt farby.


Nowy Sącz, Poland
8 Broniewskiego St.
“It’s Your Turn”
authors: Mariusz “Mgr Mors” Brodowski, Banan, Kifu
realized in the first week of June 2016
taken on 17 September 2016

The mural was a group idea and commission of the house’s dwellers - railway workers and descendants of railway workers. The locomotive’s number - 1313 - is a nod toward the number of a real machine that years ago was operated by one of the residents’ father. The artists agreed to work for nothing but the cost of paint.

The title is a pun. “Kolej” in Polish means “railway”, but also “[someone’s] turn”.

Disclaimer: I am not the author of the art itself; I own only the photos.


Colin Campbell needs help dressing, bathing and moving between his bed and his wheelchair. He has a feeding tube because his partially paralyzed tongue makes swallowing “almost impossible,” he says.

Campbell, 58, spends $4,000 a month on home health care services so he can continue to live in his home just outside Los Angeles. Eight years ago, he was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or Lou Gehrig’s disease, which relentlessly attacks the nerve cells in his brain and spinal cord and has no cure.

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Home Care Agencies Often Wrongly Deny Medicare Help To The Chronically Ill

Photos: Heidi de Marco/Kaiser Health News