Solar System: Things to Know This Week

The Quadrantid meteor shower peaked this morning. Here are some fun facts:

1. Where Is Quadrans Muralis?

The radiant of the Quadrantids lies in the demoted constellation Quadrans Muralis.

2. What Is a Mural Quadrant? 

The Mural Quadrant is an angle measuring device mounted on or built into a wall. Quadrans Muralis appears on some 19th-century star atlases between Hercules, Boötes and Draco, and different astronomers changed the stars from time to time.

3. New Constellations

In the early 1920’s, the International Astronomical Union divided up the sky into official constellations for consistency in star naming. 88 constellations remained, but over 30 historical constellations, including Quadrans Muralis, didn’t make the cut.

4. Where Is It Now?

Most of the Quadrans Muralis stars are now within the boundaries of the official constellation Boötes, but the name of the meteor shower did not change.

5. Where Do Meteor Showers Come From?

Meteor showers are usually the residue that collects in the orbits of comets. Unlike most meteor showers’ parent bodies, the Quadrantids are associated with an asteroid—2003 EH1.

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So you know that incantation Elias says when he does spells?

Nettle and holly. A lot of the lore in the Ancient Magus’ Bride talks about herbalism and what different plants represent and are used for.

What do nettle and holly represent? Protection!

Coincidentally, both of these plants were also thought to repel lightning…. you know, that thing Chise hates.

And what does his other name, Pilum Muralis, mean? Wall of spears. A protective palisade used by the Romans.

Elias, the big scary looking “evil magus” bases his magic around protection.

this warms my blackened heart