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Mural Istanbul 2017.
Mural istanbul Turkey’s first mural festival and every year there are various artists from around the world.
Organized through the support of the Kadıköy Municipality, Mural Istanbul is one of the city’s most prominent street art festivals. Bringing in amazing street artists from abroad to painted building-sized murals, the Yeldeğirmeni neighborhood has been turned into an open-air museum since the festival’s inception in 2012.


Street Art festival

14 Street artists was decorated with murals  the wall of the only one female prison in Serbia, ( built 1874 in Pozarevac)  in the Street Smart and Art-District organization (2-6.08.2017),  :

  • Beyond (Holland)
  • Isakov Alexander (Ukraine)
  • Jumu (Peru)
  • Krashkid ( Germany)
  • Lunar (Croatia)
  • Malakkai (Spain)
  • Theic ( Uruguay)
  • and Serbian: Artez, Nikola Mihajlovic, Endo, Resto, Sles, Skoc and Wuper.

The latest by @nevercrew, can you guess what message they want to convey? @Regrann from @nevercrew - “Baring machine”
Mural painting realized in Satka (Russia) for the Satka Street Art Festival, curated by Fund Sobranie Moscow. A second, and connected, part is placed in another part of the city. -
Thank you so much to Ale De Bon @mondocane for the giant and fundamental help, to Valeriya for inviting us and for the great organization, to Pro Helvetia Moscow for the support, to the city of Satka, to Maria @mashanen for the constant presence, to Dima, and to all the parts involved and the persons that partecipated and that we met. -
#nevercrew #satka #catka #russia #streetart #muralart #urbanart #bear #redstripe #magnesite #quarry #wall - #regrann

We feed, we’re food. 

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 In Bloop Festival, Ibiza, 2013.

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