mural installation


Monday Murals

Artist Sasha Barr recently completed an “immersive wall-to-floor installation ‘Cosmos’ for the Facebook Artist in Residence Program in Seattle, WA.  

 He sees this artwork as an opportunity to think beyond the every day, past the struggles of the world immediately around, and to the pure wonder of the unknown. 

You might recognize his art from the the bowl at the Vans US Open 2015 and US Open 2016 of Surfing

Photographs courtesy of FB and artist

Are you in or near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania? If so 601 Walnut Street should be your destination. There you will find a Louis Comfort Tiffany glass mural based upon Maxfield Parrish’s The Dream Garden. This mammoth piece is made up of over 100,000 pieces of carefully placed glass and was installed in 1916. If you decide to go, please take a photo or two and be sure to report back!
Art in honor of the missing 43: the powerful symbols of the Ayotzinapa protests in Mexico - LA Times

M&TC: A must see, must read 

The Ayotzinapa manifestations in Mexico have inspired a frenzy of art-making: impromptu installations, murals, banners, masks and costumes. These borrow as much from popular culture as they draw from traditions of Mexican folk art

Post festival rainy day blues. What a life-changing weekend. This face reminds me that happiness is the way to be. This past weekend with the help of countless hard working friends, we launched an inaugural edition of a mural arts/music/art installation festival in my city’s downtown. I’m thrilled to say that it was a hit. Businesses saw more business than ever, the newspaper front-page headline read “Downtown Sudbury Transformed”, and that’s exactly what happened. Thanks to all who supported. See ya next year! #UpFestSudbury