mural in progress


Later that night, everyone came home from work except Maize since she had late hours. Rose started working on her mural while Daisy helped her.


  • Master rocket science and handiness skill - H: 10 RS: 7
  • Must complete 10 wood sculptures as a teen - Done.
  • Must build a rocket ship and visit Sixam
  • Enter the secret lot in Oasis Springs - Done.

Mural panel for “Evolution of Music and Musical Instruments” by Lucienne Bloch, music room in George Washington High School in Manhattan, photographed  by the Federal Art Project W.P.A. Photographic Division, approved October 11, 1939.


The Walls Are Alive in Westside San Anto

Top: Mural in progress, a collaboration between San Anto Cultural Arts and the Guadalupe Cultural Center

Bottom: ‘Familia y Cultura es Vida,’ by San Anto Cultural Arts at La Popular Bakery

Both murals are on South Brazos Street, between El Paso and San Fernando in San Antonio’s Westside