mural apartments

So instead of acting like normal people and just giving each other presents for their anniversaries, birthdays, whatever, Enjolras and Grantaire will each buy something really nice, give it to the other, and then go people watch for a few hours (in parks, restaurants, etc.) and then give away their presents to whomever they’ve decided would benefit from it the most. The only time that this tradition has been broken is when Grantaire gave Enjolras a painting he’d done of all of their friends. Enjolras couldn’t bear to part with it. Though it ended up in Jehan’s apartment, as they were the only one with enough wall space, so Grantaire figures that counts. (Bahorel and Feuilly both have tiny apartments, Chetta has banned Joly and Bossuet from making any decorating decisions since they painted a wall hot pink, Grantaire has completely covered his and Enjolras’ apartment in murals, and Combeferre and Courfeyrac have wall to wall bookshelves.)