Alot of people are theorizing that Jasper is actually a forced fusion named Sardonyx who is made up of Jasper and another unknown gem [x] [x]

Mostly because of her color scheme and her gem being split two colors(at any angle/lighting).
Now I’ve been trying to figure out what the mural in the gem pyramid meant since I first saw the episode.

The 3 bottom murals pretty obviously foreshadow the dungeon rooms Steven and Garnet go into later:The floor panel room, the falling spikes room and the fire room. Based on the symmetry of the room there should be 3 other room murals out of frame: the rooms Pearl and Amethyst went into that we hadn’t seen.
But the ones on the ceiling where less obvious…

But knowing what we do about Sardonyx, lets take another look at the pyramid’s gem(assuming the pyramid is its body)

It looks pretty clearly y split down the middle.
The two top panels of the mural look like a sun and a moon and directly under each is a gem. Between the two gems we very clearly see Rose and another gem who’s design seems to be a mix of the other two’s designs.
See where I’m going with this?

Sunstone and Moonstone

My theory is that forced fusions where perfected during the war for earth and used during the final battle against Rose Quartz and the crystal gems. The middle panel of the mural depicts Rose Quartz with her army in the background battling a forced fusion made up of Sunstone and Moonstone during the last battle for earth. Rose won but the forced fusion was only poofed, their gem being left on the battle field. Between then and Serious Steven it somehow got corrupted and took the form of the pyramid(or inhabited like the gem in Ronaldo’s lighthouse)
Did the SU writters foreshadow forced fusion in the 8th episode?!?!?