Street art of David de la Mano  

the print partnership presents his latest endeavor, ‘exile, to enthusiasts of the world’s street artists for the first time. drawing directly from the style and subject matter seen in de la mano’s large-scale murals, he sets his characters – occasionally part human/part tree – in an undetermined landscape, shared with shadows, cages and leashed dogs. with an aesthetic similar to cave painting and cautionary fable, the composition combines diluted coffee, ink pen, and watercolors to set the unfolding scene. via:designboom

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Parade Mural

Recently I’ve been working on a mural commissioned by Colman Junior School,  in Norwich. 
I was asked to make their dining room more vibrant and a room that children will want to spend more time in! I came up with the design in mind as to how it could work on a large scale and made sure to make it very decorative (You can see it here). 

I printed the illustration onto acetate and aimed a projector onto the wall I painted. I started by blocking out the large areas with their base colours very quickly as the projector was very good at slipping and moving away from its starting position! I had a printed version of the illustration to keep referencing from. All in all it took 7 ½ days to complete from start to the varnishing stage. 

Fun Facts I’ve Learnt Whilst Painting A Mural:

Posca Pens are amazingly good value for money. Considering the scale of the wall, I only used up one green Posca pen! Those pens have so much ink in and the quality is beautiful. Everything needs a couple of coats, But its worth the extra time.

I have an insane amount of bruises all over my legs from swinging about on the stepladder! 

Radio1 feels VERY repetitive to listen to after day 2. 

Flies love to land on bright yellow paint!

Let me know what you think of it, I had such fun painting it and I hope that the kids like it when they come back from their summer holidays! It was great to work out of the studio for a bit and to paint properly!