Police Destroy LEGALLY Painted Mural of Mike Brown, Because It ‘Sent the Wrong Message’

The mural was created by artists in Trenton, New Jersey on the gate to a vacant storefront.

Permission of the proper authorities was even obtained before the mural was created, just to make sure that there was no reason for it to be destroyed later by police.

But that didn’t seem to thwart officers who decided to get involved, even though no laws had been broken by the artists who created the mural.

“Sagging pants is not probable cause”

The illegal destruction of this legal artwork by police suppressing freedom of speech! 


No matter how “nice” a cop may be, or how much he’s trying to make law enforcement better, they still work for the most evil people on the planet. People who want to keep you broke, struggling, and powerless.

The police instigate violence and crime by keeping the middle and lower class struggling, because they protect the people doing the oppressing! All cops are traitors to Americans!