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Do Saya and the Murakumo units share memories? I ask because Noel seems to remember things that Saya has experienced. Or is it just due to Eye of the Azure magic.

She had vague memories before she became the Eye of the Azure. I don’t believe it’s stated why they have her memories, but it’s clearly something to do with Saya being Noel’s base. Memories shown only stretch back to before Saya was abducted, it seems, and it doesn’t look like Saya has the memories of the Murakumo Units.

Since Lambda and Nu are more mechanical than Noel, and talk a lot less, it’s not known if they have residual memories from Saya.

(I mean, I use a lot of Blazblue concepts in my Elsword headcanons, it’s obvious how MUCH Elsword references BB, the most notable and obvious being Code: Nemesis Eve:

She’s LITERALLY a giant reference to the Murakumo Units from BB and it’s so obvious anyone could see it.

Also Crimson Avenger:

Who is a blatant reference to Ragna the Bloodedge in color theme, clothes style, general powers, and ability.

Raven get’s an honorable mention for Reckless Fist, since he had some Ragna reference going on for a while before Elesis.

Then Naoto Kurogane came along in Centralfiction with a costume I STRONGLY suspect is a reverse-reference to Raven, and there’s the subject of his powers, though similar to Ragna, are ALSO similar to CrA, especially the significance on blood:

Like I mean…look at all this.)

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What exactly makes a Kusanagi different from a Murakumo? Is being able to theoretically kill Amaterasu the only difference, or does it have something to do with being the Eye of the Azure?

A Kusanagi is the perfect combination of the Azure/Azure Grimoire and a Murakumo. It’s MUCH stronger, has the ability to kill Amaterasu, and is, in it’s own right, kinda like a God in terms of sheer raw power.

Being the Eye of the Azure has nothing to do with being a Kusanagi. Noel became the Eye before she became a Kusanagi. However, it did allow her to become smelted into one since she’s a Successor to the Azure.

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GENDER: female murakumo unit 
HEIGHT:  5'8 (175cm)
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  • Daisuke Ishiwatari (Blazblue OST)
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  • Daoko
  • All Zelda OST?? I’m really more of an OST person than bands..

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“How many of these inhumans are there?!”

‘Sasuke, don’t call them that. They’ll get offended and attack us. Didn’t you learn your lesson when you called Mu-chan Stripper Bot?’

“Don’t remind me about that, Itachi-nii. I can still feel that burn on my back, even though it’s gone.”

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So according to the wiki, Terumi and Relius attempted to smelt the First/Original Kusanagi with three components: an Azure Grimoire, a Prime Field Device, and a Murakumo Unit. I can see how they would have the first two ingredients, but how would they have had a Murakumo Unit? I thought that they weren't created until after the Dark War ended.

Unknown at this point.

However, Murakumo’s have existed before the Dark War. Look at Kiiro and her Murakumo Unit.
Who knows at this point in time?

Blazblue is such a hot ass mess and it’s honestly hurting my brain. So the girl inside the Amaterasu unit is the “real” Noel Vermilion, Saya was most likely a clone of the Noel in the unit, and the Noel we know as the main heroine is a Murakumo unit based on Saya. So Noel is a clone of a clone of another girl. I need an advil.

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I know nothing about my own child fuck me 

Full Name: p 17/ Rho 
Gender and Sexuality: Demiboy , gay for Vee 
Pronouns: They/Them Him/He
Ethnicity/Species: Murakumo Unit 
Birthplace and Birthdate: n/ a , 
Guilty Pleasures: sitting in his experimentation tube , being petted/fed
Phobias: Dark , Dogs , Losing sight of who he is/ what he wants to be 
What They Would Be Famous For: accomplishing a grand total of nothing in their life 
What They Would Get Arrested For: stealing (meat buns for Vee)
OC You Ship Them With: Vee <3 (low-key w Lambda)
OC Most Likely To Murder Them: literally anyone can murder this actual child
Favorite Movie/Book Genre: fantasy , horror , documentaries
Least Favorite Movie/Book Cliche: n/a
Talents and/or Powers: falling asleep in small boxes , all the bullshit murakumo abilities (floaty bullshit wings , flying, the works)
Why Someone Might Love Them: shrugs????? He’s an innocent child at heart and is trying his best to understand the world he is in 
Why Someone Might Hate Them: he’s incredibly naive and will believe anything you say to him 
How They Change: ????????????
Why You Love Them: because he is my baby and I get to practice weird robot parts and cry because I suck at them 

Name: Hanabira Kisaragi-Yayoi
Alias: The Boundary’s Guard Dog, Observer’s Nightmare  
Age: 18-26(Verse Dependent)
Date of Birth: Midnight between March 20 and 21(Spring Equinox)
Birthplace: A Previous Shift
168 lbs
Blood Type: O-
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Weapon(s): Ars Armagus - Servator An Infernus: Cerberus
Handedness: Ambidextrous
Height: 5'2"
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color:  Silver, Gold, Pale Blue, and Red(Changes almost constantly)
Affiliation(s): None
Relatives: Tsubaki Yayio(Alternate Verse)*Mother*, Jin Kisaragi/Hakumen(Alternate Verse)*Father*, Ragna the Bloodedge(Alternate Verse)*Uncle*, Saya(Alternate Verse)*Aunt*, Murakumo Units Lambda-11, Mu-12, and Nu-13*Aunts*
Music Theme: I See Fire - Ed Sheeran

Moves List
Infernal Weapons
Overdrive: Boundary Shatter
Distortion Drives: Judgment Call, Defense Rest, Verdict Strike
Astral Heat: Infertnal Punishment: Executioner

Other Details
Hobbies: Drawing, Painting, and Playing guitar
Values: Honor
Likes: His mother
Dislikes: Feeling alone
Alignment: Lawful Good/Chaotic Neutral

Backstory: Before the Continuum Shifts… Before the Black Beast, and yet after it…. Before the world that is now known there was many others…. Lives, deaths, families, friends many of these existed in those worlds that do not in this one. One life… one family now broken by the new worlds existence is soon to be seen again. Through the infernal existence that is the boundary a new piece enters the game. Having gazed into and observed the flames that devoured his world. As a crimson petal falls… the world is forever changed.

Hanabira was the son of Tsubaki Yayoi and the former Jin Kisaragi, who now goes by the name Hakumen, from an alternate version of the world. In his world his father sacrificed himself to try and save his uncle Ragna the Bloodedge, and lost his life in the process. Himself and his mother were unaware of this, but it soon would not matter as the Black Beast would soon appear again after years of peace and engulf the world in dark flames. These events had transpired countless times over however this world had one major difference the others did not… the young child Hanabira, and the weapon that had been forged for him. Clutching to his sword(an anti observer weapon) the young boy drifted through the boundary unconscious every so often catching a glimpse of the infernal existence around him. He drifted for years until one day he emerged from the boundary, pulled out  by a rift made by a certain Kokonoe Mercury who had been attempting to locate Hakumen. His presence went unnoticed by the scientist and Hanabira entered this world. He remembered very little of his past life, only names, a few faces, and his family…. his mother. From that point on he set out to try and find his mother completely unaware that something had bound itself to him in the Boundary…. The Grimoir of Origin, Xblaze. Using this he can store his blade in the siethr that exist in the world and call upon it at will, as well as manipulate the siethr around him, but using it to manipulate siethr puts a huge strain on his body.

Additional Info: Hanabira strives to be the type of person he believes his mother would want him to be, but having glimpsed the Boundary, and seen other worlds he has also had to steel himself or risk a mental break down. He puts up a hard mask, calm, cold, and almost always emotionless. Though once he gets close to someone they will start to see cracks in the facade.