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megatome  asked:

if the prime field devices use Murakumos, how did they exist pre-black beast considering the Murakumo is a nox and as such was created by Nine to combat the black beast?

Murakumo Units are a subset of PFD’s. There are only two Murakumo Units - Mu and Nu, while Lambda is an imitation.

There are many different types of PFD’s, such as the Embryo Storages and the Murakumo Units.

33phy33  asked:

So is blazblue gonna just gloss over the myriad of races in blazblue or am I missing something like the penguin people on jobs stage

There are several races:

  • Humans - they’re everywhere and most of them are capable of Ars Magus, while only a select few can use magic and sorcery. They can turn into vampires if bit by one, and into Drive-Unions if they develop a crystal.
  • Beastkin - the only known three are Jubei, Tomonori, and Munefuyu. They are cat-types but others likely exist.
  • Half-Beastkin - they first appear in Phase Shift 1, but Kokonoe is also a half-beastkin since she’s Nine and Jubei’s daughter.
  • Demi-Humans - half-human-half-animals created to fight in the Dark War. Makoto is the best known example. Demi-humans, and half-beastkins get lumped together with beastkins a lot of the time and all 3 face social stigma. Demi-humans are likely the most common type of beastkin bc normal beastkin are very rare, and half-beastkins are rarer. Penguin, cat, dog, squirrel, etc. types have been seen.
  • Vampires -  a pretty loosely defined group. The Alucards and Fuzzy are considered vampires.
  • Illusionary Creatures - beings made by the more intense emotions of those who get close to the Azure. Clavis Alucard is the only known one. Their existences are like Drives.
  • Drives - specifically this is Izanami. She’s Amaterasu’s Drive and is purely immortal because of it.
  • Lycanthropes - basically werewolves created by sorcery a long time ago. They’re really rare, and Valkenahyn is the only known one.
  • Kaka - a clan made from Jubei’s genes before the Dark War. Less than 100 at a time and they mainly live in the Kaka village underneath Kagutsuchi.
  • Demons - they’re never seen in the series, but Hakumen has fought them, and what makes Tager big and red is because of demon genes that Kokonoe injected into him.
  • Ghouls - people who died that have been brought back to life. They’re pretty mindless. Fuzzy can reanimate them, and Relius can as well.
  • Sankishin - only putting this one here because of Susano’o. He gained a will and became his own person. Hakumen’s soul is pretty much perma in the Susano’o Unit now as well.
  • Embryo - Raquel was one of these that managed to take the form of a vampire. I suppose Nobody could be considered part of this category as well, so could Hinata but they only possessed the Embryo and weren’t actually it.
  • Grimoires- Touya was the Origin of the Grimoire that took the shape of a person. Mai is currently the No-Name Grimoire. Hazama is an Azure Grimoire, and Kazuma was likely one as well.
  • Prime Fields - artificial humans designed to explore the Boundary. There’s also the sub-category of Embryo Storages, Murakumo Units, and Kusanagi’s. Noel, Mu, Nu, Lambda, Es, Bell, etc. are here.
  • Black Beasts - there seems to be more than one or even two of them. Basically beings of pure destruction, and can be made from the failure to make a Kusanagi.
  • Artificial Causality Weapons -  Minerva. Relius’ Detonator line comes under this as well, so that include Ignis.
  • Cyborgs - this is Tager’s official race. A human augmented with machinery.
  • Nox Nyctores - most of them have cores which are made out of souls. Nirvana, Yukianesa, Take-Mikazuchi, and Requiem have all got demonstrated sentience.
  • Spirits - beings that can possess others. Terumi can possess people, but it looks like Trinity can only possess Nox’s.
  • Drive-Unions - humans who get a crystal and unlock their Drives. Their condition will nearly always kill them. It’s up to whoever to decide if they’re a subspecies of human, or just people with a terminal medical condition.
  • Apostles - a small group of human men under Spinner Superior’s control. I’m putting them as a different species for the same reason as D-Unions. They’re infected by weird bugs. When angered, they basically become massive insect-human hybrids with razor sharp claws, teeth, multiple legs, etc.

These two aren’t really species but I’ll put them here anyway:

  • Chrono Phantasma (phantoms of time) - exceptions to the timelines who are immune to phenomenon intervention. Rachel is the main example here.
  • Chrono Phantasma (ones who shouldn’t be here) - people who shouldn’t be at the timelines they’re at. They’ll eventually go back to the state they were. Celica is the big example here.

That’s all I can think of right now. There might be one or two more that I may have missed. I’m putting Nox’s and Causality Weapons there as well bc they’ve got sentience.
Drive-Unions and Apostles can become normal humans again, but since they’ve normally got abilities and biology different from humans, I’ve put them as different species. It’s really up to your interpretation.

The main species in BlazBlue society though are humans and demi-humans (the latter treated as second-class citisens). Kaka’s, beastkin, half-beastkin, and lycanthropes are known about but not really accepted as much by humans. Vampires and sentient grimoires like Mai and Hazama are extremely rare and not really known about by anyone.

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Inktober #29 - Zero Type: Izayoi / Tsubaki Yayoi

In the last day or two I’m finding myself amending statements about sometimes lesser opinions on a fair few characters. Chronophantasma’s story by the end really quite boosted a number of them come finish. On that note, Izayoi’s playing style is hard for me, but interesting. Also I remember when I first saw CP’s arcade intro a year or two-ish ago, I was kinda blah about her ‘cuz her design instantly made me think of yet another Murakumo Unit like Lambda, Mu, and Nu. Aaand then of course the story points out the Zero Type: Izayoi is basically the prototype for them and I recognize the similarities even more as I drew it. Good job on design in hindsight.