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Opening of Fantasy on Ice 2014 in Makuhari Messe , Japan.

P.S : after watching this, i suggest they ask Matchy-san (Johnny’s highest senpai : Kondo Masahiko-san) to sing his songs especially : “Motto”, “Midnight Shuffle” , or “Blue Jeans Memory”

His music is extremely passionate for a show. Hope for the future they can skate to his songs ^_^

Desde hace tiempo he sido incapaz de vivir de otra manera, y todavía lo soy. Si bajara la guardia, aunque fuera una sola vez, sería incapaz de recomponerme a mí misma.
Me haría pedazos y éstos volarían con un soplo de viento. ¿Cómo puede ser que no lo entiendas? ¿Cómo puedes decir que cuidarás de mí si no comprendes eso?
—  Tokio Blues, Haruka Murakami, página 13.

Finished book jacket illustration for Kafka on the Shore by Haruka Murakami! It has a working maze that starts below the white rock on the right and ends above the pendulum.

A note about the back cover, It’s intentionally upside down. This is to emphasize the double narrative that occurs throughout the book, following both a teenage boy and an old man who talks to cats (it’s all on the inside flaps i don’t know if you can see)

This book was absolutely incredible. I had never read Murakami before and it blew me away. Definitely the best book i’ve read in a long time.