murakami flower

A cool color palette today.  Do you guys organize your bookshelves by color? I kind of want to, but I think having my series/authors out of order would drive me crazy!

Tag Game!

Saw an email with @collegeadvice tagging me in this, so might as well!!

Name: Nina
Nickname: don’t really have one
Zodiac: Sagittarius!
Height: 5’6
Orientation: who knows at this point??? Bi (maybe)
Ethnicity: European
Favorite Fruit: Peach
Favorite Season: Fall, fall colors and fashion are to die for!
Favorite book: 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami
Favorite flower: Tulips
Favorite scent: Damp, foggy forest… is that a thing???
Favorite animal: my cat, obviously
Coffee, Tea, Hot Cocoa: well my URL is coffeetea so I think we all know the answer
Dream trip: Backpacking through Scotland and Ireland, but at the same time I really wanna travel to Seoul and Tokyo
Blog created: Jan 5th, i think
Number of followers: 1879

So I’ll tag a bunch too :) @secret-student-claire @cutiefly-studying @hanstudy @nocturnalstudyblr @gradespiration @way-to-studyblr

Rafael Cano

Flour Shop’s Installation for the Brooklyn Artists Ball Is a Gumball Homage to Murakami

“The Murakami flowers have got to be one of my favorite things ever,” says the baker, Flour Shop proprietor and candy aficionado Amirah Kassem, who has made fancy and fanciful confectionary for Vogue, the Wu-Tang Clan, Warby Parker and Olivia Wilde. 

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