I like how in sports anime you have various types of pairings.

The romantic type

The opposites attract type

The extremely trusting type

The tough love type

The senpai-kouhai type

The playful type

The soulmates type

The love at first sight type

The polar opposites type

The childhood friends type

The totally obvious type

The undeniable chemistry type

The childhood sweethearts type

The dramatic op type

The i’ll always be there to catch you when you fall type

The cute smol and tol dork type

The height difference type

The perfect pair type

The totally married type

The dorky type

The i’ll always have your back type

The beauty and the dork type

The tsundere and the cinnamon roll type

The probably bickering 24/7 type

The puppy love type

and last but not least the angsty type


The i’ll protect you at all costs type

We have all been there. Don’t lie.😃

Friend- you been on your phone for a while.

Me- I’m reading something.

Friend- about what?

Me- *reading a really hardcore smut fanfic about my otp on ao3*

Me-…about puppies…

Friend-oh, can I see


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When you read that amazing work of a fanfic of your ships/otp and can’t wait to read the next chapter only to find out that the author hasn’t post anything over the past years…. and your just like….

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