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One last thing before I sleep!

A belated thank you, thank you, and utter complete from the bottom of my heart thank you to everyone who supports me, supports my cosplay, or just encourages me ever in pursuing the outrageous stupid things I do in my hobbies. It brings me so much joy, and I can’t explain properly with words how grateful I am to every single one of you. I’m too spoiled.

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To me?

The most important part of a cosplay is definitely the ability to have fun in it.

Of course, this doesn’t particularly mean that I’m physically comfortable (because I constantly remind myself that sometimes the more uncomfortable I am, the better I look) or not and sweaty as all hell, but it means I’m comfortable enough with myself (as in not too self-conscious) in the cosplay, I can find a way to have a good time, and not being harassed.

Being comfortable with myself in the cosplay is usually the result of a few factors. Am I proud of the cosplay? Do I like how I look in it? Do I think I pull the character off well? There are some characters that I really love, love, LOVE to be, like Yosuke, and some cosplays that I just really love how they look and how they look on me, like Sho Minamimoto and Rebel Sollux. I didn’t make Sho, but the outfit fits me well and I love it, so I feel great in the cosplay and I have a lot of fun as him! Sometimes I fuss a lot with my wigs or makeup, and that’s usually me worrying about not looking dumb, but overall if I like the cosplay I’m wearing, I’m pleased! So that’s just me, that’s not everybody, but if you like how you look, I tend to guess you’re going to enjoy it a bit more! Just my thought, I could be wrong though.

Finding a way to have a good time is…also partially dependent upon the convention that I’m at, or the people I’m with, but some cosplays make me uncomfortably hot and dampen my mood when other fans of the same series don’t recognize it (like Card!America, I only wore him once and I honestly am thinking of just giving it away or something), and sometimes my mobility is limited and I NEED other people to be with me (like how I always had to hold someone’s hand as Mituna so I didn’t walk into anyone fall over), so by myself, it kinda limits things. But yeah, there are some cosplays that people are more likely to come up to and talk to when I’m alone, so those are solo cosplays I enjoy more when I’m by myself! It’s a lot of fun to be Bernard around a con when I’m all by my lonesome, and I enjoy just wandering around and talkint to people while I’m wearing it! Basically, if you can have a good time, you’re probably golden! 

And finally, being harassed is like. The most sure-fire way to discourage me out of a cosplay. It’s not fun and I don’t like focusing on the bad stuff so I’ll try to make it quick. I was sexually harassed in a cosplay once, several times in the same day. It was in no way a revealing cosplay, or even a promiscuous character! I…never wore the cosplay again to a convention, because it really got under my skin after being repeatedly teased, grabbed at, and even LICKED by strangers. Another time, I wore a cosplay that didn’t fit me very well, and I wear glasses but take them off for photos, and another cosplayer, a complete stranger, again, approached me simply to tell me how awful I looked, how I was an insult the character, and had no right to cosplay them. (Ironically I was casted as that exact character for a show 5 months later so. Okay?) But, it upset me so much that I immediately went back to the hotel room to change into something else, and wandered around for the rest of the night in lazy cosplay because I didn’t want to be harassed again. If I’m not having fun in a cosplay, why should I wear it in the first place?

So uh, sorry the reply was so long, but here you go, anon!  Go forth, and enjoy your cosplay, because at the end of the day, that’s what matters! 
Wow that sounds… super-cheesy. Sorry.