A message from the mods...

Hi ho, everyone!

We here at MuppetsGifs just wanted to leave a quick message saying Happy New Year and THANK YOU!

Yesterday we hit 100 followers, two weeks after starting this blog. It means a lot to us that you all continue to follow, like and reblog. We really appreciate it! :D

2011 was a great year for the Muppets, and we hope that 2012 will bring even more Muppet fun our way.


Movin' Right Along...

Hi ho, everyone!

So I need to start off with an apology. I know this blog has been slacking for the past month, but we have good reason!

Andrew started the DCP at Walt Disney World earlier this year, and I’ve been in the final stages of (successfully!) interviewing for a similar WDW program. Also I may have been a little lazy when it comes to actually producing gifs. Hee hee.

But with the release of The Muppets on DVD and Blu-Ray today, I felt like this blog needed a little update! Of course we both plan on getting the movie within the next week-ish, so if you have any specific requests, feel free to continue sending them in.

So be sure to expect some new gifs and thanks for sticking around!

- Tessa