muppets mashup

Mashups are the wUUURRorst, Robin, they’re the bottom of the barrel, they take no creation- creative effort at all. Only idiots enjoy them. JUUUUGGTuxtapURHosing two creative properties isn’t clever, it’s it’s it’s, even a parakeet can recognize things, Robin, you you you’re just pandering to people with the same intelligence level as as as a bird in a pet store. It’s not good stuff, Robin, it has no place in this world.

Jeez, Kermit, I dunno, I mean I- I- I- some of them are- I’ve seen a couple that were pretty funny Kermit w- wwwwhy do you have to be so hard on everyone all the time can’t you just leave them alone? It’s harmless Kermit they’re not- they just want to sell some prints at conventions they gotta eat too they have to put food on the table just like everyone else.