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When I first started this blog, I had to decide whether or not to include songs from Disney’s acquired properties. This may not really matter for Marvel or Star Wars, but the Muppets have a rich musical history that would work well here at Covering the Mouse. I don’t mind posting a cover of Man or Muppet or other Muppet songs created under the Disney banner, but what about pre-Disney Muppet songs?

Well, the answer was made for me when this brand new volume of WE LOVE DISNEY hit stores last week. There have been a few We Love Disney albums that have been released in different parts of the world featuring artists from the respective countries in the past few years. This particular album was released in America and features all American artists. There are many stand out covers here, but the one that stood out above all others to me is GWEN STEFANI singing Rainbow Connection from the Muppet Movie.

I used to listen to No Doubt back in my teen years and loved Gwen Stefani’s voice. While I didn’t follow her career as she entered the pop world, I still love hearing her voice when it pops up here or there. Her version of Rainbow Connection is absolutely beautiful. So full of the emotion and feeling that Jim Henson (as Kermit the Frog) put into the original, yet adding her own distinctive flair to the melodies without becoming distracting or flashy. I’d suggest buying the entire album. There is some amazing stuff here!


“Let it Go” from Frozen sung by Kermit the Frog.