muppet sketches

I swear to god don’t leave me alone with my thoughts

Drew this one today. On this Monday’s RT Podcast, Gus and Burnie compared themselves to Statler and Waldorf. So this happened. This was a quick lunch sketch and I’m actually happy that, in 45 minutes, I was able to design, sketch, clean up and color a full illustration. It could be cleaner but I’m trying to be looser in some ways.

after seeing @angerydj‘s child for Bunsen and Beaker I wanted to draw all the BB kids together, so, I decided to give this little girl a redesign for my next drawing <3 (the sketch on the left was her original design)

Her name is Pipette (Just like Beaker in spain’s spanish; Pipeta), she’s a BB child I created long time ago (2015-2016) for Cathy’s and I rp plot (If my memory doesn’t betray me) but we never reached to that point in the plot, so… I didn’t get to work on her again xD! Now I just wanted to give her a redesign and make her look more… “muppety” (?)

Yes, like Bunsen, she has “no eyes”