muppet sketches

My current obsession seems to be long-haired Aelynthi, and I don’t have a problem with that. XD We’ll see if I do a colored version of this or not. All I know is that whoever just came up to Aelynthi and interrupted his ice-coffee time to flirt with him is in for a verbal flaying. He definitely channels his inner Melarue with his long locks, doesn’t he? Muppet AU Victory is a lucky elf…

Bonus: same pic, but with his usual short hair

A sketch from a little while ago, of that one concept art piece, before the official reveal of Lady Inquisitor’s face, hence why I drew her with Barriss’s tattoos. With some extra parrot droids thrown in there for some reason. I’m so looking forward to this scene.

I really hope it’s Barriss. She’s my favorite character, and I just want to see more of her fascinating psyche in any capacity.