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Your right to enjoy a *fictional* world without interference from real world politics and issues does not subvert the right of an opressed minority and their allies to protest the discrimination and bigotry that are *fact* in our society.


On September 26th, 2014, my all time favorite movie, The Boxtrolls, premiered in the United States. An orphaned boy “Eggs” Trubshaw, raised underground by cave dwelling trolls clothed in boxes, teams up with the daughter of the local mayor, Winnie Portley-Rind, to save his oddball family from Archibald Snatcher, a villainous pest exterminator. 

Clichéd? Not as much as one may think. 

This film is dripping with a Victorian/Dickensian atmosphere that asks the question of what exactly defines you. Is it your social status? Your occupation? Your material wealth? Or is it your content of character? The way you treat others? Your actions? 

Eggs and Archibald Snatcher represent two paths one can take in life. A drastic path that destroys and fuels your delusions, or one of genuine change that actually teaches you meaningful lessons, tough for anyone to learn. 

The text in the picture are the lyrics to a tune from episode 203 of The Muppet Show, The Wishing Song. Gonzo the Great sings at first of how he longs to be someone else but himself, but in time, he comes to sing the second half to Madeline Kahn, of how he’s finally happy to be himself (watch and listen here).  

I wish I had a coat of silk, the color of the sky.
I wish I had a lady fair, as any butterfly.
I wish I had a house of stone that looked down on the sea.
But most of all, I wish that I was someone else but me…

I don’t have a coat of silk, but I still have the sky.
I don’t have a lady, but there goes a butterfly.
I don’t have a house of stone, but I can see the sea.
But most of all I know that I am happy to be me.
I’m happy to be me…

Pretty fitting in my opinion. 

Happy Third Anniversary, The Boxtrolls! 

I been re-watching the Muppet Show (the 1970′s one) lately and I was reminded of this drawing.  If you have ever seen their very first episode, you’ll recognize this lady (yes that’s the actual outfit).  I drew this back in 2011-12.  I’m still proud of it. X)

For the first time in a decade, the classic children’s television show Sesame Street will introduce a new Muppet on the air.

Her name is Julia. She’s a shy and winsome 4-year-old, with striking red hair and green eyes. Julia likes to paint and pick flowers. When Julia speaks, she often echoes what she’s just heard her friends Abby and Elmo say. Julia has autism.

Julia, A Muppet With Autism, Joins The Cast Of ‘Sesame Street’

Photo via Zach Hyman/Sesame Workshop