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Before Kermit The Frog appeared on LNJF last night he returned to the famous Studio 6B Muppet Pipes to give us a tour!!! Check out photos of the Muppet Pipes too.

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Kermit visits the famous Muppet Pipes

In December of 1964, the Muppets were booked for a guest spot on The Jack Paar Program, a prime-time Friday night talk-variety hour. The Muppet team – Jim Henson, Frank Oz, Don Sahlin and Jerry Juhl – arrived at NBC Studios in Radio City for a 10am rehearsal, but they were informed that they weren’t actually needed on stage until 4pm. With lots of time to kill, they opened a door in their dressing room and found that it was filled with dark, dusty pipes.

In this photo Jim Henson reflects on the pipe creation with Gene Shalit.


Behind the Scenes: Kermit the Frog Visits the Muppet Pipes

Can’t wait to have Kermit on the show tonight! In the meantime, watch him tour the famous Muppet Pipes backstage at Studio 6B in 30 Rock.