muppet commercials

In 1977, Jim Henson appeared in a commercial for American Express with the Green Frackle, Nigel, Floyd, Scooter and a Muppet pig. He speaks to the audience from a faux production set, and articulates that people know the Muppets, but not him. That’s why he carries an American Express card with him when he travels – it’s backed by hundreds of offices around the world. The ad, playing on the card-holder’s combination of celebrity and anonymity, was similar to a 1975 spot starring Mel Blanc. This Photo is from a Commercial with a different set of Muppets except for Scooter.


“Croonchy Stars, a great taste from Post and the Swedish Chef!” #80s #Muppets #Cereal #Commercial

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Muppets selling Linit Fabric Finish, 1967