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Your first cluuuuuueeee is that this character is a pokemon…

Kerminja get’s things started. This is a custom amiibo I made as a prize for a local multiplayer event called Towerfest. The prize amiibo last time were very “cool” so I decided to try something a bit stupider this time…

Prompt! 00Q. I’d love to see where Bond on a mission in a very foreign land where he rescues the royal family and when saying farewell he accidentally makes a gesture that indicates the request for the prince’s hand in marriage. M is furious to receive a phone call that Bond is now engaged to Prince!Q and is seriously tempted to take the beautiful foreigner as his bride. – anon

Ehehe. Jen.

M’s phone rang. “Yes?”

“I am telephoning to inform you of a change in circumstance for one of your operatives,” the voice said smoothly, “the operative being James Bond.”

M’s sigh was that of the very beleaguered head of state who just didn’t want to keep doing this any longer because James Bond was single-handedly destroying any hope of M’s blood pressure returning to normal parameters. “Go on?”

“Your agent proposed to our Prince.”


Bond. Fucking James Bond. “Dare I ask?”

“It has been permitted by the Royal Family; Q himself is delighted, and we would hope to set the date fairly imminently. We would hope for both to continue in their requisite fields – Q is an admirable field agent in his own right, in the realms of computing – and of course, double-oh seven is an invaluable resource whom we would not require you to lose.”

M was having a very, very bad day. “You are joking, yes?”

The voice was extremely affronted. “No, I am not.”

M muted quickly, and hit the intercom. “Eve, get Bond here right now.”

She didn’t argue, just dealt with it; Bond appeared very swiftly afterwards, lingering outside the door while M finished an extremely difficult conversation wherein he made it very clear that Bond would have to negotiate terms himself with regards to the marriage and they would support whatever decision they made.

Mostly, because Q’s kingdom had the potential to destroy the UK if they got pissed off enough, and their customs were not retractable.

“Bond, you’re getting married.”

Bond blinked. “Am I?”

“I’d suggest you call Prince Q,” M told him drily. “Because you’re marrying the man, and I’d imagine you would like to have an extended conversation to that effect before actually tying the knot. Yes?”

M was at least slightly gratified to realise that Bond was as shocked he was.

“… yes,” Bond managed, after a moment. “I’ll definitely need to have a conversation. I can’t…”

“You can, and you will. They’ve made that abundantly clear,” M told him, feeling a blossom of satisfaction because ha Bond was in deep shit and this would be fun. “Go call. Now. Oh and by the way, Q is absolutely delighted about the situation and would be mortally offended if you turn him down.”

“Well, he is gorgeous,” Bond conceded, as M pushed the phone towards him. “This ought to be interesting.”

“Quite,” M replied drolly, and sat back to watch the fireworks.


Tonner’s Miss Piggy vinyl dolls, 2009 Fall/Holiday Collection

from left to right w descriptions:

First Mate Piggy: Dressed in her famous “Pigs in Space” outfit (including appliquéd stars and the embroidered logo) with silver gloves, silver tights, silver zip-up boots, a silver faux leather belt and a golden brown-blonde wig. 16" tall.

We Wish You a Merry Piggy: Dressed in a party dress with a satin bodice and sash, tulle skirt with glittering polka dots, and faux fur collar and cuffs; including a matching faux fur hat with mistletoe detail, knit gloves with gleaming ring, pantyhose, satin ankle-strap shoes, and signature faux pearl necklace. 16" tall.