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Your first cluuuuuueeee is that this character is a pokemon…

Kerminja get’s things started. This is a custom amiibo I made as a prize for a local multiplayer event called Towerfest. The prize amiibo last time were very “cool” so I decided to try something a bit stupider this time…


Meanwhile we are waiting for the Muppet Babies Reboot you will need to read this . Good News @marvelentertainment will release Announces Muppet Babies Hardcover Omnibus featuring Issues 1-26 including The Muppet Babies Marvel Super Special

The series was written by Stan Kay, Laura Hitchcock, Bill Prady, and Angelo Decesare, with art by Marie Severin, Jeff Butler, and Dean Yeagle.

They’re making their dreams come true — and they’ll do the same for you! It’s all your favorite Muppets, in pint-sized antics from their youth! There’ll be adventure! Romance! Great jokes! And more! Like the ghostly tale of the haunted nursery! The fable of Kermit and the Beanstalk! And the quest for the Idol of Doom! The Muppet Babies will be lost in time and lost in space, they’ll caper in Story Land and they’ll take flight as super heroes! They’ll even end up in a comic book! And your favorite fantasy-loving frog will step into the shoes of some of fiction’s greatest heroes! Plus: Relive the Muppet Babies’ first appearance in an amazing adaptation of The Muppets Take Manhattan! Collecting MUPPET BABIES #1-26 and MARVEL SUPER SPECIAL #32.

680 PGS./All Ages …$75.00

Be the teen you want to see in the world

Over the last few weeks I’ve been having the same conversations with different friends, and the outcome is usually the same: we feel like the teens we always wanted to be when we grew up.

(Alternate theory: we are never not the teens we were – we just finally get to grow into them. But I like the phrasing of the top one better.)

Which I think makes sense. When I was a teen – as in age, not as in how I dress or what I do for fun or any of the other stuff – I was bummed the fuck out. I had no money, I felt uncomfortable owning my sense of humour and opinions, I dressed for other people, I took a lot of shit from guys, I liked guys who were mean to me, and had no real, actual backbone. It was shitty. Being a teen (when I was a teen, 1999-2004) sucked. It was awful. And I’d watch teen movies and TV shows and read teen magazines and think, “Why can’t I be a teen like THAT?”

So I dismissed my teen-ness. I dressed more adult, I tried to assert myself as a “grown up.” I saw being a teenager as a waste of time, or the reason I felt like a nothing-person. I dreamed about moving away and living some “fabulous" Sex and the City lifestyle where finally, people would "get me.” Being a teenager was standing in my way of my destiny. Teens were stupid, and I hated them. And myself. And everything. I mean, I just told you, I was pretty sad. 

But the thing is, there were parts of being a teenager I did and do like. I liked the token nineties stuff like glitter and sparkly nail polish and makeup and hair stuff and lip gloss and Seventeen and mini backpacks and basically everything we’re wearing now. There were one and a half years (grade eight, mainly, and a bit of grade nine) where I felt like the teen I should be. I was happy, and I had pals, and I lived – lived – for Friday nights at the  mall where I’d spend way too much time deciding between which Bonne Bell thing to get. I watched Sabrina the Teenage Witch on TGIF and was 100% convinced Leonardo DiCaprio would be my husband. (And I kind of still am, but I’m trying not to scare him away, so shhhh.) And then the politics of what being a teen “should” be came into play, and woof. Enter: sadness.

So yeah: I think us 20-(and 30)-somethings are infringing on teen culture because, thanks to the Internet, we’ve finally stopped sweeping teenagers under the rug, dismissing them like they’re idiots or like their opinions aren’t justified or like their tastes in things are questionable. (Spoiler alert: everyone in the world has questionable taste. Just ask my collection of Muppet sweaters.) Thanks to teens who are RUNNING THE FUCKING WORLD, we, the adult world, are pulling our heads out of our asses and realizing, “Oh wow! Their opinions are valid! And holy shit – so were ours!”

Teens today are giving the rest of us permission to be the people we were afraid of being as, well teens. The fearless of women like the geniuses behind Rookie or fighters like Malala or the crusaders championing for equality is not only freeing the minds of all of us, they’re freeing those little teens who still live in our hearts; giving us permission to like what we’ve always liked, or to dress like we’ve always wanted to dress, and to make no apologies for any of it.

I’m a better teen at 29 than I ever was at 15, and I know it’d be a different story if I didn’t have the opportunity to learn from up-and-coming women who take no shit and flaunt their awesome selves proudly. If you think we’re done learning once we’ve “grown up,” you’re sadly mistaken – and if you think we can’t learn from people who are younger than us, you’re even more mistaken, still. We never had to give up the things we loved or our favourite TV shows or become jaded and cynical to be cool. We, as proven by the teens changing the world today, just had to be ourselves. 

Fucking DUH.

I really do think, despite some of our tastes changing and certain life lessons and all that “life is a journey” stuff (which happen as you age, because that’s how aging works), that the people we used to be are still kicking around inside us. That now, we’re free to be the teens we always wanted to be, because, honestly – we were pretty cool.

So do you and be you and fuck “old.” Be the teen you want to see in the world. And applaud the teens you are seeing – and who are changing shit – loudly.


Tonner’s Miss Piggy vinyl dolls, 2009 Fall/Holiday Collection

from left to right w descriptions:

First Mate Piggy: Dressed in her famous “Pigs in Space” outfit (including appliquéd stars and the embroidered logo) with silver gloves, silver tights, silver zip-up boots, a silver faux leather belt and a golden brown-blonde wig. 16" tall.

We Wish You a Merry Piggy: Dressed in a party dress with a satin bodice and sash, tulle skirt with glittering polka dots, and faux fur collar and cuffs; including a matching faux fur hat with mistletoe detail, knit gloves with gleaming ring, pantyhose, satin ankle-strap shoes, and signature faux pearl necklace. 16" tall.