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december in movies (pt. 2)
[22/31]: the muppet christmas carol (1992)
Christmas is a loving, honest and charitable time and though it’s never put a scrap of gold or silver in my pocket, I believe that Christmas has done me good and will do me good… and I say God bless it!”

December Feel Good List

I published a November Feel Good List last month that people seemed to respond well too, and since sometimes the holidays can actually get people down here’s my December Feel Good List! I hope you guys like it!



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Love Actually

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Miracle on 34th Street

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The Muppet Christmas Carol

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It’s A Wonderful Life

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Feel Good Movies in Theaters Now: Fantastic Beasts & Where To Find Them and Moana.

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TV Shows

“Buffy the Vampire Slayer”

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“The Flash”

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“Once Upon A Time”

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“The Office”

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Feel Good TV Show That’s New: “Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life”

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“Hanukkah Blessings” - Barenaked Ladies

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“It Snowed” - Meaghan Smith

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“Make Someone Happy” - Bill Nighy

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“Old City Bar” - Trans-Siberian Orchestra

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“Wonderful Christmastime” - Paul McCartney

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Feel Good Song That’s New: “How Far I’ll Go” - Alessia Cara

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I hope this helps those of you feeling down this month, and that you can enjoy the holidays despite whatever may be doing so.


Merry Christmas!!!

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Labyrinth au with usnavi as Sarah and Sonny as Toby?

Oooooh! I’ve thought of this for a moment and I LOVE this! I’ve never seen the movie myself, but I watched a review of it and I REALLY got into all it’s weirdness!

Of course we could do the obvious with Baby Sonny and I guess Lil’ Usnavi and the Goblin King I guess could be another random OC or maybe…Kevin Rosario?? Idk…But I think it would could also work if they were a bit older. Maybe not canonical age but maybe Usnavi and Sonny are around the age that Usnavi’s parents died, so maybe Usnavi’s around fourteen and that would make Sonny seven or eight. So Usnavi’s been pretty moody lately cause his parents are dead and Sonny isn’t helping cause he’s basically going through that phase where he hates everything and he’s stuck babysitting his little cousin. All Sonny wants is to play with Usnavi and make him feel better but Usnavi ain’t having it. One day, he just snaps at Sonny ‘I hate you! I don’t know why I’m the one who has to take care of you, you’re just a big pain!’ and he brings up offering him to the Goblin King cause Sonny maybe brought it up earlier since it was a story his mom told him at night ‘Then maybe I should just wish for the Goblin King to take you away! I wouldn’t miss you, or even care!’ A+ babysitting there, Usnavi. So Sonny runs away crying, and Usnavi locks himself in his room wallowing and maybe Abuela comes in and gives him a little talk and he eventually starts to feel bad about what he said. But, of course, the Goblin King has come and taken Sonny away, and Usnavi only has thirteen hours to solve the Labyrinth and get him back before he becomes a Goblin! So Usnavi maybe comes across Vanessa, Benny, Nina, and other barrio dwellers in the Labyrinth, and meanwhile, Sonny’s stuck in the castle. Sonny’s just fine, cause if we go by the goblins from the movie, they aren’t THAT bad. Sonny cried for a bit when they brought him there, but after a while, he finds they’re not as scary as the stories made them out to be. But he still misses Usnavi and wants to go home. But unlike the movie we could actually have a legit climax and have Usnavi find Sonny, have a big reunion with apologies and then everyone gets home safe and maybe we could even through in that big goblin party at the end. Everything’s good.