muppet chefs


Kiss the Blarney Stone and give it up for the Leprechaun Brothers!


@lapetitetrouvaille - here are the pics of my three favorite halloween couples costumes we’ve done so far. chicken & swedish chef, raven & edgar allan poe, and jack and wendy torrance lol.

oh, also, pete went around reading absurd poems as poe, said “bork, bork, bork” as the chef, & kept quoting jack. it was great! lol

last year, we were camp 80s counselor and coach. we were a saloon girl and a barkeep one year too. i’m hoping we can have a party this year at our place. and we still have a bunch of fun costume ideas saved lol. we used to host halloween every year but the last few years we couldn’t (anna’s wedding, we were moving, etc), but it’ll be awesome to start the annual tradition back up in our new home!

& super rude tumblr unfollowed you on me ugh but i fixed it!!