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snailkit  asked:

given yr thoughts on guest engagement with attraction stories, do you think there's a disney ride where the "haha, you're in a theme park" joke actually works? I think muppet*vision 3d, at the very least, gets pretty close, but I'd be curious to hear yr thoughts.

Why, my own Abandoned Roller Coaster, of course!

Although I admit I’m neither sure how you define the joke, nor why you dislike it.

Do you mean rides that can’t get a laugh without breaking the fourth wall?  Because yeah, rides that can’t get a laugh without breaking the fourth wall are as hacky as…well, a Shrek movie.

“We don’t trust our script to interest the audience?!  Quick:  put an ABC sitcom star from the 1990′s onscreen!  Have them mug and riff!  Make sure they include a joke that acknowledges the existence of long lines or repetitive songs or gift shops!  It’ll be totally edgy!”

Attractions whose stories parody theme parks, on the other hand, don’t just spell out theme park tropes; they comment upon them. If the commentary’s good, the story’s good. I think the Simpsons Ride is a prime example of that.

Sorry, I’m worried I’m off on my own tangent.  How close am I to understanding your question?

Frozen strikes again.

Disney California Adventure is getting a few Frozen related changes to the park. The most notable and important is that Muppet Vision 3d I’d going to go away to make room for The First Time in Forever Frozen sing along show. Very sad for all of us Muppet fans. Side note. This was the last project that Jim Henson worked on before he died on May 16 1990. Very sad to see this attraction in disneyland go away. Just makes the Florida one even more special.