No, I didn’t call your shitty movie a “comedic masterstroke”

Dear Mongrel Media,

You owe me an apology. You know what you’ve done. Isn’t it time to come clean and make amends? Look, I get why you did it: You were burdened with the impossible task of getting people to buy or rent a movie that basically no one liked.

Not that you don’t know, but I’m referring, of course, to Nailed, the “lost” David O. Russell movie you put out on DVD and Blu-ray in Canada. (We called it Accidental Love down here in the States. It does indeed look like an accident—the kind you might see on the side of the road.) Surely, I thought, there must be glimmers of Russell’s talent and energy in the finished product, even if he didn’t direct every scene or sit in on the editing process. Well, the glimmers are there, for sure. I’d even go as far to say that Nailed is recognizably a Russell movie, no matter how much the filmmaker cries otherwise. But it’s also a misbegotten hatchet job—a movie of wildly disparate acting styles, of erratic shifts in tone, of jokes butchered by choppy editing. My curiosity satiated, I slapped the film with a for-fans-only C- and moved on with my life.So imagine my surprise, months after my review went up, when a Twitter user reached out to inform me, via photographic evidence, that I had become—in Canada at least—one of the film’s most enthusiastic supporters. Here’s the back cover of your own DVD release, just as a quick reminder of what you did.

Funny, I don’t remember calling the film “a comedic masterstroke.” In fact, even “comedic” is a bit of a stretch; at best, one could say of Nailed that it approximates the general appearance of something attempting to elicit laughter. What I actually said, as you well know, is this:

“To be fair to whoever refashioned Accidental Love from the abandoned scraps of Nailed, there’s little reason to believe that the ideal, untroubled version of the material would have been a comedic masterstroke.”

To be fair to whoever refashioned Accidental Love from the abandoned scraps of Nailed, there’s little reason to believe that the ideal, untroubled version of the material would have been a comedic masterstroke.

Did you think I wouldn’t find out, Mongrel, just because you’re all the way up there in Canada? This is the internet age, dudes. Word travels.

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No, you’re not a bad feminist for enjoying Game of Thrones. 

There are certainly problematic elements of the show, and some people have chosen to stop watching because of that, and those are perfectly valid decisions. 

Everyone draws the line somewhere, and even though we’re feminists that doesn’t mean we all draw the line in the same place or for the same reasons. 

Until recently, I watched Supernatural, and that show has a lot of problems too. But does that mean I was a bad feminist while I was still watching it? No. Because I recognized those moments/themes/patterns for what they were and was vocally critical of them. 

Criticizing something doesn’t mean you hate it as a whole or that there aren’t also parts of it that are perfectly fine to enjoy just as they are. As a feminist, it’s important to talk about media that is sending problematic messages. It’s important to create dialogues about feminist issues, and using media is a great way to do that. But that doesn’t mean we aren’t allowed to enjoy other aspects of various forms of media. We still get to have fun. 

Confession:  I love when they take side characters from other games and make them part of your team (Isabela Anders Cas Cullen) because it gives you anew way to get to know them and your opinion can be changed. Which is why I wish Varic hadn’t been one in DA:I- Maybe a cameo near the beginning but then depending on what happens maybe he goes off with Hawke or goes to the sibling they have to help them through it or whatever. His spot would have been better used on a newbie or a side character from a former game.

Confession:  The Bull romance actually really disappointed me, he acted so meh about everything and made it clear he wanted to Dom. It made the relationship completely sexual to me and it irks me for some reason. Cass however was the first BioWare relationship that felt to me like it actually connected two people as a whole rather than a fling.

alienlock doesn’t understand earth gender because it doesn’t exist on their home world, so when john tries to explain that “i’m a male” alienlock is all “???? i thought you were a human?” and when john points to mrs.hudson and is like “i am but see we’re different, she’s a female” alienlock is like “??????? I DONT UNDERSTAND, YOURE ALL THE SAME??? PEOPLE??”