umm i like most of the characters in homestuck. each one is so multi faceted and real. plus all of them have their funny moments. but i have a preference for john since i cosplay him, dave has been my favorite kid from the start, and i love seeing karkat evolve. i think my favorite of all, though, is probably gamzee. hes so entertaining and unpredictable and scary. i love a chaotic neutral character.

Open RP

==> Xen Mun: Stare into Empty Space

Wow are you tired. You were working a bit on the blog until Reborn punted you into his place because Munstuck is happening. You may call him your baby sometimes, but he’s still a little shit.

[[1 heard that.]]

You don’t really care. At the moment you were feeling a little ill. You think you’re having the beginnings of either the cold or the flu. Both of which is not spot on.

So you lay on the ground and stare into space while sniffing occasionally, letting your mind drift off into lovely daydreams. You like daydreams. It was your favorite past time.

A Message from Elijah

Hey guys. I’m kind of at risk for being homeless right now. I’m staying at a friend’s house, but I won’t be here for very long. My friend in Michigan offered to house me, but I need to have a couple hundred dollars by September to get there. 

I have the winners of my giveaway ready to be picked out as well. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to mail you guys the things until after all of this settles down.

I’m an author on Ao3, and the only thing I can really offer in exchange for donations is a one-shot of a fandomstuck or homestuck ship. You can donate here. If you do, message me with the ship that you want me to write and I’ll link you to the story once it’s finished. Any amount of help would be greatly appreciated.

Your name is TYLER and you’re incredibly on the floor. Like always if you are somewhere chances are it’s the floor. The floor is actually a way of saying, “Yo meng, i'ma be wird nd u can got used 2 it”. Simply being stated, you claim you are high when you are on the floor however you are really just being a dork. You absolutely LOVE MMO gaming and RPing with all your fellow babes on tumblr, even if your muse is the biggest dick this side of japan. You are totes shipped with the shield fandom mun, along with several others for obvious reasons.