two versions of this because of the hood @enigmaticpuzzle i dont really know your trollsona so i made a goodtier version instead of the troll one

enjoy <3

dgdm-24  asked:

:/ i feel likethe munstuck have like many space played aplying to them so im probably on teh bottom of their list

Aww b. Maybe you can try doing the inverse of your classpect? Like mine would be Witch of Mind.

==> Roxzee realize there is a task at hand

“I gotta go get the game disk from my momma.. that’ll be 30 minutes at least. I could waste some more of that time having weird conversations with my friends, but that’d just take up more time to get the disk. If I do it after the only person I’d really want to talk to right then is Tom.”

Why are you talking to yourself? Were you sleeping or something? Your hair… fur…coat…looks messy. 

“Hair and yeah I’m always sleeping, gotta get that game though, don’t distract me”

[ TailGate has fallen down the stairs! ]

Look who’s finally back! Looking kinda shocked too…..uh what even went down while we were unable to view this guy? Yeah, there’s zero blinking happening, are you even breathing right now?

GG: ……..

Not even gonna break the fourth wall? Tell me to stop narrating when unnecessary?

GG: ……


There you are.

 Your name is Roxzee, but refuse for your friends to call you anything but Zee. You’re a very closed person, Aren’t you? There is hardly anything to introduce about you, besides the fact that you, indeed, don’t have arms. The topic offends you, Arms are overrated anyways. 

“What year is it?”

Oh jeez, You sleep so often that you are hardly around to converse with your comrades and your memory is horrible. 

Perhaps some questions could jog your memory on what you’re supposed to be doing.

Applications are OPEN!

That’s right, we’re back in business! The entire inbox has been wiped out, and we are in need of new members!

So, how do you apply?

First, you read up on the application questions, then you just submit with the title as ‘Application’! If you have any questions just send in ask, and we’ll do our best to answer.

Who can apply?

Anyone who has an active Homestuck ask blog! The original purpose of making this project was to have a small community and get to know each other by working on a collaboration together! Of course, we will have a limit of people, and we cannot accept everyone.

Good luck, and we hope you apply!

anonymous asked:

hey uh maybe no one wants to join is bc nearly all of you are fucking assholes? :)))

Not to worry! We’ve got plenty of promising applicants, all of whom appear to be very excellent people and artists. We really appreciate your concern for the well-being of the Munstuck project, though.

Also, sorry to be nitpicky, but I think you made a typo haha. You accidentally typed “assholes” when you clearly meant to type “kind, caring, and respectful individuals”. I hate autocorrect lol.

love you, and thanks again for your concern!!

-Mod Laurno

Open RP

==> Xen Mun: Stare into Empty Space

Wow are you tired. You were working a bit on the blog until Reborn punted you into his place because Munstuck is happening. You may call him your baby sometimes, but he’s still a little shit.

[[1 heard that.]]

You don’t really care. At the moment you were feeling a little ill. You think you’re having the beginnings of either the cold or the flu. Both of which is not spot on.

So you lay on the ground and stare into space while sniffing occasionally, letting your mind drift off into lovely daydreams. You like daydreams. It was your favorite past time.

Your name is TYLER and you’re incredibly on the floor. Like always if you are somewhere chances are it’s the floor. The floor is actually a way of saying, “Yo meng, i'ma be wird nd u can got used 2 it”. Simply being stated, you claim you are high when you are on the floor however you are really just being a dork. You absolutely LOVE MMO gaming and RPing with all your fellow babes on tumblr, even if your muse is the biggest dick this side of japan. You are totes shipped with the shield fandom mun, along with several others for obvious reasons.