munster go home!


A few movie posters that show up in the movie. // Munster, Go Home! (1966), The Killing Fields (1984), Kiss of the Spider Woman (1985), European Vacation (1985), Once Bitten (1985), Revolution (1985), Reform School Girls (1986)

Once Bitten and Goonies are kinda easter eggs. Really gotta pay attention to see them, if you haven’t already. Once Bitten can be seen near the bottom of the screen when the boys first walk in and are passing by Max. And Goonies is a small cardboard cutout that sits atop the shelving when Lucy walks in with Terry. (Little Boy)

There’s also a ton more posters that are displayed around Max’s store. I just can’t identify them.


Munster, Go Home! full theatrical trailer

Just got done watching this ^