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time is an illusion and also she started it

“I don’t care that time is a social construct or which one of you started this, it’s too early for it to be happening.”

“So please… save your discrepancies about each other’s frames for later in the sol when more mecha are online and not trying to recharge.”

Altissia Headcanon

(Fish is the main staple of food, as is most island countries, and also like most Island countries, fisherman are deeply superstitious.

As is known, Leviathan lives in the waters, and many people pray to her for safety on the water and for good catch.

Die hard worshipers don’t eat any seafood. At all. Making their diets quite expensive for Accordo. However, Altissia does import food from Niflheim and Lucis, so there are alternatives.

It’s customary tradition to throw two fish back after a fishing expedition. The first catch, to return to Leviathan, and the largest fish in the group, for the safety of the ocean.

Female fish are not supposed to be harvested, in relation to the goddess Leviathan, and fishing regulations. They must be thrown back, especially if they are large (large female fish have the most eggs, having the most offspring and ensuring that overfishing doesn’t become serious issue)

Altissia’s fishing and ocean regulation is the most intense in all of Eos. Dumping waste/garbage in the ocean is punishable with imprisonment as well as a fine to pay on top.

There are a lot of laws to ocean management too, like coral growing, fish counting, beach cleaning and so on. This is serious business to the Altissian people and often a big political issue.

Altissian people hate tourists who disobey these laws. Actually, they just hate tourists. Trying your best not to act like a tourist is in your best interest. Do with that info what you will. 

 Leviathan is considered a peaceful and prosperous goddess, even those who don’t worship the Six have a level of respect for this particular goddess when living in Accordo long enough. 

 Since trash and waste isn’t dumped in the ocean, Accordo has a lot of processing plants for burning trash and such, these plants are in other islands so ‘not to ruin the beauty of Altissia’. Most trash is taken by ferry to the different isles.

Tourism is one of the top sorts of revenue in Accordo. This is one of the main reasons that Niflheim does not overwhelm the place with military bases. Once the flying base’ technology became reality to the Niffs, this was no longer a debate, since MT could be taken and placed anywhere.

As related to FFXV’s lore, there is not as much technology in Accordo as there is in Lucis. They are used to rotary phones and radio, although they know that alternatives exist out there, there is no imports. Altissian music is very popular in foreign countries, mostly Lucis.

High heels are considered masculine clothing in Accordo, and most of the world mimics their fashion. Vivienne Westwood is from Tenebrae, and has a lot of influence on fashion in Niff controlled countries. Although it’s pretty obvious they have a lot of influence on Lucis too. (the emo priest aesthetic is all Regis though)

Weskham doesn’t fish personally, but he keeps a lot of tabs on people who do fish for him. This is also why he knows a lot about the issues with daemons at nighttime in Altissia. Often, he takes them out personally, but having additional assistance is never a downside to him.

Leviathan is probably very mad at him for serving caviar, but, Weskham doesn’t actually know much about the goddess. The land he’s from is north of Tenebrae, and venerated Shiva and sometimes Titan.

Camellia is a frequent visitor of Maagho’s, so she has often had many conversations with Weskham about the state of affairs in Accordo. She is his main reference for politics, and he understands what she’s after even if he doesn’t agree with her actions.

Although there’s a lot of political tension in Accordo, it’s known for being a very neutral territory. Despite this, they are also very strict about border control, and very difficult on immigrants.

Altissia has one of the largest aquariums in Eos, but it also falls under policies. Although many people go to visit the aquarium, the main purpose is concervation. All sea creatures are returned to the ocean after two years in the aquarium, unless it would be impossible for them to live outside of captivity, like rescued wildlife.)

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