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//So, uh, I just wanted to thank y’all since all of you are amazing. I have no idea what/how I’m doing and damn I can’t write Ivan for a million dollars (which is actually a good thing because that would be TERRIBLE for the economy since inflation and shit) but, thank you so much??? I love all of you.

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(For the mun) Hey! So glad to see that you're back! Are you doing ok? I was starting to get worried about you! I saw your return post, and I wanted to just pop in here just to let you know that we had an rp thread going, but we unfortunately didn't continue it. I would love to continue it if you have the time! Also, if you'd like, you could post this or not. Doesn't really matter. (Also, if you're wondering what blog this is, it's @the-sdr2dent-ocs; and this is Admin Dani speaking! :3)

Ahh, thank you so much! I’m sorry it took me so long to get to this - I’ve been trying to catch up on some stuff at home and my real life friends (holy crap, I have friends, I know) have been inviting me out for the first time in years so I’m trying to actually leave my house more often now.

It’s awesome to know that you were worrying about me but I’m absolutely fine. I’m a type 1 diabetic and I went into DKA (Diabetic Ketoacidosis) so basically I had acid in my blood and was in HDU (High Dependency Unit) for a couple of days and was moved onto a normal ward after that. My doctors were really positive about it, too and so they’re pushing me for an insulin pump which is good but I should be back to RPing with everyone soon (and I’d love to keep our thread :3)

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HC - Occupation: Marshal

Cor is the Marshal of the Crownsguard. A Marshal is an undefined position but assumes a very high status in Military. The military definition of a marshal is such :

In many countries, the rank of marshal, cf. field marshal, is the highest army rank, outranking other general officers. The equivalent navy rank is often admiral of the fleet.

Marshals are typically, but not exclusively, appointed only in wartime

The definition of it checks out, Lucis is at war with Niflheim, he’s most likely been appointed during the war. Something that also interests me is what comes up under Marshal equivalent in Japan is this: 

Shogun (initially equivalent to marshal, but in later periods, hereditary military dictator)” 

Cor’s nickname in the Japanese version is 不死将軍, meaning, “Immortal Shogun” The characters often refer to him as “Cor-shogun” so, it’s implied it is his title, not just a nickname. Obviously, Japan wrote FFXV directed at a Western audience, with Western Influence so, the implication is not to be taken literally with Shogun. Historically, Shogun in Japan have way more power than the aristocrats. This plays more interestingly into my idea of Cor’s ethnic background, but I’ll save that for another post.

My headcanon is not too concerned with exactly what he is, it’s fairly clear he’s a Marshal, and is called Marshal by a lot of people. In fact, he’s still called Marshal after the 10 years of darkness, by Talcott at the very least. My headcanon is more concerned with exactly what he does.

The definition of ceremony and protocol of a Marshal:

“Usually in monarchies, one or several of the senior dignitaries wear the title of Marshal or a compound such as Court Marshal (not related to court martial, therefore usually called Marshal of the Court to prevent confusion) or more rarely Grand Marshal.

The function of the Marshal of the Court varies according to national tradition, but frequently he is the chief of staff of the monarch’s household (meaning the palace and other domains). Often, the charge includes also the honorary privilege as chief of the protocol to announce formally the arrival of VIP guests at audiences, state dinners, and conferences in the monarch’s premises. This office was often made hereditary in the high nobility, e.g., the English Earl Marshal, or the Scots Earl Marischal.”

Again this definition gives another vague idea of exactly what a Marshal is. It varies, but the idea is he gives orders down the line to everyone working within the Citadel, regardless of Military status or not. He functions the entire structure if required, however Cor may not be the only Marshal, therefore non-Militant Marshals may also exist in the Citadel. Cor most likely is the only living Marshal, since he was possibly the only Marshal stationed away from the Citadel during the Peace Treaty signing.

Something that sticks out to me is the phrase ‘palace and other domains’. Cor most likely checks between many different areas, in and outside of Lucis. In canon, Cor knows all the locations of the living Royal Arms. He even hints to Noctis and his friends about the tomb in Fodina Caestino, outside of Cartanica. This is located in Niflheim. When Cor parts from the group, he also mentions that he will be ‘keeping an eye on the Niffs’ although it’s implied he joins the hunters in Lucis.

My headcanon is Cor actually spends a lot of time away from the Citadel, not only outside the Citadel, but outside of Lucis in general. Cor’s task is usually recon work, gathering information, and returning it to the King to keep updates on Eos, since Regis cannot stray far from Insomnia. Cor doesn’t just gain information about the enemy military, but about civilians as well. In order to gain information, Cor does a lot of personal recon work.

Cor is mostly skilled with listening. He can listen to, and understand languages, far better than he can read or write them. This can be extremely distracting, since Cor often picks up on someone speaking foreign languages, and will feel the need to decipher them. Cor knows the 10 most wide spoken Languages in Eos, although mostly he practices Lucian, Galahdan, and Doman, and can hardly speak Altissian or Gralean. He can’t say he knows the other six anywhere close to fluently, but he can listen and understand them. 

When in the Crown City, it’s not uncommon to see Cor wearing a noise-cancelling headset connected to his phone. Cor listens to music at loud volumes so he can focus better and not get distracted when hearing people talk. His desire to decode kicks in, and he’s never been able to control it, so he wears the headset to cope. To blend in with lower tech areas, he sometimes carries a Walkman, or a CD player instead, when travelling out of the country.

Cor is the youngest Marshal in Lucian history, earning the title at the age of 30. Most Marshal’s earn their title when they are past their 40′s. Cor was promoted to Marshal just before the Kingsglaive was forged. This was actually due to the prophecy Regis received about his five year old son, Noctis, panicking him to bring forward anyone who was close to him into a higher position. Cor was qualified to advance, but, was considered too young for the position until Regis’s decision.

Cor was closer to Mors Lucis Caelum, Regis’s father, as Cor was Mors’s Shield, and one of the first non-Amicitia to be a shield in a long time. When Mors died, Regis ascended the throne, and swore Clarus to be his shield. Cor was never sworn to Regis. Cor spent a lot of time with Mors up until his death, and was quite grief stricken by the loss. Some say Cor seemed more upset over Mors’s death than Regis, but Cor claims this is widely untrue.

Although Cor is still called “Marshal” during the 10 years of darkness, he has disbanded the Crownsguard just before Noctis leaves for Altissia. Cor instead requests to be called Marshal, as the name Immortal only begins to sting more and more, as people’s lives are lost to the daemons during the age of Darkness.

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arachnexdragoonがあなたの投稿に返信しました: HC - Origin: Ethnicity

I actually was going to ask you to write a hc on this after an ask involving green tea! I love this, really!

Small contribution: whenever walking around Insomnia, I got a strong Tokyo vibe due to a number of things I remember seeing there. And turns out that Insomnia heavily borrows from Shibuya, more precisely. There are karaoke parlors and ramen joints with their names in katakana rather than the regular weird font you see all over Eos - so clearly there are 2 languages. Maybe this was a part of the city where immigrants settled down?

For me it looked like “modern” and “technical” Japan was the source for Insomnia with huge buildings and clean architecture while “old” and “traditional” Japan was used to illustrate something else. Not unlike the Chinatown I remember visiting in Nagasaki! XD

(Ohh Thank you for your comments! I’m glad you enjoyed. ^^

Maybe this is a headcanon for another post, but I had a headcanon that one of the first places that Niflheim took over was possibly Doma. The Citizens fled in different directions while some stayed behind, but many headed to the Capital of Lucis. This was before the wall was reduced to just Insomnia, perhaps even before the wall was raised in 606M.E. or whatever their years are, and probably the refugees came by boat, since Insomnia seems to be on an Island.

My assumption is they ended up heavily influencing Lucian style, for over a century perhaps, but especially for the past couple of decades. That’s why their fashion, cars, hairstyles, technology, eating places, shops, and even a lot of architecture, is different than the people who live outside of Insomnia. The Citadel is old though, and still primarily old Insomnian architecture, which is why it contrasts the rest of the city a lot, but, who knows, maybe I’m talking a bunch of nonsense. >:P)