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Pulling Down the Sky: How Heaven’s Arena Grounds HxH

I’m going to do some necessary meta right now and it’s going to explain why I like Hunter x Hunter so much; basically, it’s able to continue after the first arc, and it’s able to do so in a cohesive and natural way. This, I believe, is almost entirely a result of how the Heaven’s Arena arc is carried out. Can I talk about this? no? cool! 

The Hunter Exam is easily the freest arc we get. There’s breathing room in how the story can be told, because the world hasn’t really been established yet. Are there flying spider eagles? Sure! Can there be a swamp that exists purely to deceive you? Hell yeah. Is it possible to have A, B, C, X, and its cousin, Y? Why not? – and that’s really the question that lives in the Hunter Exam Arc. When there’s no reason ‘why’ things should be a certain why, Togashi has the ability to ask that question as much as he likes. Why not? It’s the height of HxH’s fantasy feel, bright, whimsical, and just all around a fun place to be. 

That’s not to say that there’s no darkness or rules in the arc at all; the character’s base personalities and abilities are laid out here, as well as some basics about the world itself, especially in Trick Tower and Zevil island. What we discover through this arc, though, are mostly the roles that people play within the world rather than the “rules” of the world. The Hunter Exam arc exists within a bubble, so we don’t really get to know this world for a while. We don’t learn the ‘why’ or ‘how’ of anything; in the Hunter Exam Arc. I would argue that as we’re thrown into the story, we see the effect of this world upon our characters, whereas in the Heaven’s Arena arc, we see the cause. 

The Heaven’s Arena arc acts as a grounding arc in several ways; by ‘popping the bubble’, so to speak, and planting us in a real world setting (although the arena is still somewhat isolated, I’ll concede, compared to York New), by establishing rules (especially in regards to Nen), and by taking down Gon and Killua a notch– and this, in particular, is especially important to creating sympathetic characters. 

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The point of hate is pointless, not everyone even has all the pages. Please understand that we are all human, no one is perfect, but threatening to kill people is unacceptable. 
To those who are sending hate to remember that you may not have all the pages of the story, you are only getting one side.

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//So, uh, I just wanted to thank y’all since all of you are amazing. I have no idea what/how I’m doing and damn I can’t write Ivan for a million dollars (which is actually a good thing because that would be TERRIBLE for the economy since inflation and shit) but, thank you so much??? I love all of you.

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Shu: He’s asleep until the coaster begins to go down the first big ass hill in which his face becomes:

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Reiji: Doesn’t care much, because Mr. Smartass here knows phyics enough to know the coaster is perfectly safe and therefore boring:

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Ayato: The most excited he’s ever been. He will force his S/O to ride it repeatedly until they vomit:

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Kanato: Ate too much candy before going on the coaster…mistakes were made…BIG mistakes:

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Laito: He loves the rush, but not the fact that he lost his hat in the wind:

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Subaru: So scared, all he can do is scream profanities at the children seated in front of him and death grip the safety bar:

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Ruki: He’s not sure whether he enjoys it or not, but he goes along for the ride:

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Yuma: He can’t fit in the seat comfortably so he complains the entire time:

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Kou: Adreneline Junkie Pro here. He’ll scream the whole time, but in a good way:

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Azusa: It’s horrifying. It makes him sick. It’s perfect. He loves it:

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