Random Mutant Character Icons 

1st Row = Storm (Ororo Munroe), Archangel (Warren Worthington III)

2nd Row = Iceman (Bobby Drake), Sunfire (Shiro Yoshida), Multiple Man (Jamie Madrox)

3rd Row = Shadowcat (Kitty Pryde), Karma (Xi’an Coy Manh), Monet St Croix

4th Row = Pixie (Megan Gwynn) and Anole (Victor Borkowski) 

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Good Morning from Scotland

Am Monadh Dubh by Graeme Campbell
Via Flickr:
Lochan na h'Achlaise and the black mount.


Hebridean Light by David Langan
Via Flickr:
It’s Elgol - not much else I can say! :P

Il commento che fece ora, nella sua testa, fu «Perché dici che ti dispiace dirmelo? Hai mai notato che quando qualcuno dice che gli dispiace dire qualcosa, in realtà non vede l’ora di dirla? Non credi che dovendo essere sinceri, questo potrebbe rivelarsi un buon punto di partenza?»
—  Alice Munro, Il ponte galleggiante da Nemico, amico, amante…
X-Kids at Disney World

(Modern AU because I don’t know what was and was not at Disney World in the 80s)

Kurt: Rode the Pirates of the Caribbean ride five times and wouldn’t stop humming the theme song for the rest of the day.

Scott: Threw up on Space Mountain like a dork. Insisted on riding it again anyway.

Jean: Disneybounded as Ariel and was so convincing that a group of kids asked for her autograph.

Peter: Determined to eat his way across all four parks.  Nearly cried when he dropped his Dole Whip on the sidewalk.

Ororo: Insists on going on the loudest, fastest, most intense rides, even when the others would just like to go back to the hotel and take a nap.

Warren: Wanted to stay in the car originally, but the others need him to be the official crowd-parter/bag-holder. Had to have his hand held by Kurt on Haunted Mansion.

Jubilee: Is not leaving until she gets a picture with every Disney princess.  Enjoyed the fireworks but insists she could have done better.


Good Morning from Scotland 

Winter Landscape by Sven 

Via Flickr:
this is what winter should look like. Instead we have been having double digit temperatures most days and no snow. This picture was taken from Ben Starav.

– Però… ti sei fatta più in carne, – disse. – Una volta eri pelle e ossa.
Era vero, ma non mi piaceva sentirmelo dire. Come tutte le altre ragazze del pensionato, mangiavo porcherie – abbondanti cene precotte e biscotti ripieni di marmellata. Il mio fidanzato, ostinatamente e possessivamente favorevole a tutto ciò che mi riguardava, sosteneva di amare le donne formose e aggiungeva che gli ricordavo Jane Russell. Non mi dava fastidio, detto da lui, ma di solito mi offendevo quando la gente faceva commenti sul mio aspetto fisico. Specie se si trattava di qualcuno tipo Alfrida, che non aveva più nessuna importanza nella mia vita. Ero convinta che persone del genere non avessero il diritto di guardarmi, o di farsi un’opinione sul mio conto, né tanto meno di esprimerla.
—  Alice Munro, Mobili di famiglia da Nemico, amico, amante…
Lockwood and Co Theory

Ok. So to all my fellow Lockwood and Co fans…I have had a theory about Lucy’s talent forever and it would just disappear on me no matter how hard I tried and i don’t know if this has been said before so hear me out:

At one point in time Lucy mentions that she has six other sisters all varying in age. That means she is the seventh daughter of Ms. Carlyle. In a lot of witch theories there’s the whole entire thing that the seventh daughter of a seventh daughter (or son) has much more power than any other witch born. and lucy has great hearing and her ability keeps growing. So what if her mom is the youngest of seven as well. that means that luce would be the seventh daughter of a seventh daughter and would explain her abilities and this could also go for our good ol’ buddy Skull who has mentioned that she would understand what it is like to be in to different worlds. 

is stroud going to add witchcraft to this or hint at it. because like in THB, the scene where lucy finds all the ghosts bodies and there’s these burnt out candles in an orderly fashion and the ghost-bomber people like wtf? 

if not that theory what about the whole entire point of luce being from two worlds like what if there was a tragic incident where lucy almost died or did die and was somehow not dead again and she has this tie to the other side (Don’t start singing adele on me now) and that’s why she’s able to hear better.

oh and what if the reason why all the kids have better abilities is because not only are they able to hear higher frequencies than adults but they are still in development mode and that means they don’t have these iron walls to prevent encounters with ghosts and the development of their eyes ecterea.

I know I kinda went into crazy conspiracy theory land but just think about.