Proud to introduce my custom Mini Munny Thorin Oakenshield! :)

The amount of work behind this fellow was honestly huge! Just to provide an example, the tiles of his armor are entirely handmade one by one, and there’s 42 of them on his arms alone. :)

I tried to be as detailed and close to the original as possible. The belt buckle, coat pattern, boot tips & arm bracers mimic the outfit he wears in the movies, I used real metal beads for Thorin’s braids, and of course I gave him a tiny replica of his sword, Orcrist (which can be removed from his hand). 
The base I used is a 4 inch Kidrobot Mini Munny. 

Here is my original blog post with the full photoset:

While Thorin is available for sale here.

Hope you will like him! :)

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4” Batgirl of Burnside custom Munny

Really love the need Batgirl costume redesign(so practical and stylish!) by by the current creative team of Stewart/Tarr.

This one was a lot of fun to sculpt. as usual, the cowl was the most difficult part to sculpt for me (symmetrical pointy ears:P). Like how the sculpted nose came out and may do that in the future.

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Star Trek Mini Munnys! 

Made with vinyl blanks, polymer clay and acrylics. Each little mini munny is about 2-3" tall, has movable arms and head and are a super limited run of just these 18 toys. The vinyl blank I start out with is discontinued in 2013 and there will be no more toys like this in the forseeable future. You can get these July 15-17th at Shore Leave Convention in Hunt Valley MD. After the show, any extras will be put up on Etsy.


Custom 4” Kidrobot Munny. The buyer requested a Munny wearing Arah dungeon heavy armor with an ascended greatsword from Guild Wars 2. 


Fiona Ng  is a toy designer and entrepreneur. By day, she is the co-founder of PianoVerse, a place for adult piano lessons in Queens, New York. By night, she is bringing life to little armored toy heroes and heroines.


A result of 15 hours work (9 hours stream yesterday and 6 hours of work the day before). Making this guy was sorta anti-stress therapy. It helped! I feel all good again!

This is a mini Munny vinyl toy customization of Mini Munny. His name is Nebular Munny. He is 10 cm (4 inches) tall. This toy is painted with water based acrylic and sealed with few layers of matt varnish (eyes and accents are coated with glossy varnish). The buyer will receive the doll itself and the original certificate with the name and a small drawing of Nebular Munny.

Nebular Munny is up for sale at my website REMJIE.COM