A result of 15 hours work (9 hours stream yesterday and 6 hours of work the day before). Making this guy was sorta anti-stress therapy. It helped! I feel all good again!

This is a mini Munny vinyl toy customization of Mini Munny. His name is Nebular Munny. He is 10 cm (4 inches) tall. This toy is painted with water based acrylic and sealed with few layers of matt varnish (eyes and accents are coated with glossy varnish). The buyer will receive the doll itself and the original certificate with the name and a small drawing of Nebular Munny.

Nebular Munny is up for sale at my website REMJIE.COM


I LAVA you! Its Uku and Lele together at last!

Who else really loved this Pixar animated short? I just made this exclusive custom 3″ Vinylmation design. check out more of my work at
Elra: historia del art toy
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la investigación que realice hace algunos años acerca del Art Toy. Su origen en el continente Asiático,  cómo llegó a México y cuál fue su desarrolló en el país. 
humildemente El Ra 

Watch out now! A custom 7inch munny of #chewbacca on his #millenniumfalcon . the millennium falcon was made from scratch! Skiiiiiiillz! Done for a client. #kidrobot #munny #dunny #vinyltoy #art #sculpting #designertoy #vinylmation #customvinylmation #pop #custompop #sick #urbanart #rask #raskone #starwars #starwarsart #starwarscollector #rebels #theforceawakens #inkbombers #airbrushing

Well… If Trump can for President why can’t good o'l Wilson be #captainamerica !!! Introducing #deadamerica um… Ok no how about… #captainpool lol ok I’ll work out a name. #deadpool #mashup #marvel #deadpoolmovie #art #artist #munny #custom #customart #artistinmiami #comicart #comicbookart #magiccitycomiccon #santoscustomart

MJ Hsu celebrates the Year of the Fire Monkey with… a stylish custom release!

NEW POST: Sure, we know that it’s the Chinese New Year today and that we’re entering the Year of the Monkey, but did you know that 2016 is a Fire Monkey Year? In addition to the recurring 12-year Chinese zodiac cycle, each year — in Chinese astrology — is also associated with one the Five Elements: Gold (Metal), Water, Wood, Fire, or Earth, and both the sign and element of your birth year are said to affect your personality… and destiny. Element and sign combinations occur every 60 years, and those born in 2016 are Fire Monkeys, indicating that they are ambitious and adventurous, but irritable. So what does all of this have to do with designer toys? It’s because Taiwanese-American artist Mei-Jean Hsu, known under her abbreviated name of MJ Hsu, has created the pictured “Fire Monkey” piece to celebrate this New Year, a piece that she will be offering for sale today! The adventuresome get-up he’s wearing looks well executed, as does that flaming hair, but what I love are the recessed eyes, which really sets them apart from the rest of the face… and the eyes do tend to be one of Hsu’s stand-out elements. Available today (February 8th, 2016) at 12pm Pacific time in Hsu’s online shop, this is a one-of-a-kind piece.

For Sale: ComicBookQuest exclusive Hulk/Venom Custom Munny figure. Limited to 5 pieces. Only $125 + shipping. If you need more pics send me a DM.

● If you want it claim it below and I will follow up with a DM.
● Payment is due within 48hr unless arrangements are made ( DM me to make arrangements ) I will mark the post as sold once payment is received.

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