Harry & The Green Bay Packers

So this has been playing on my mind for awhile and wanted to get this into a post. 

Harry obviously loves Green Bay:

The story goes that members of the 1D Team got him into American Football and he started watching it and became a fan.

When I started researching One Direction, and learned that Harry was a Green Bay fan, I instantly thought of the Aaron Rodgers parallel. 

(DISCLAIMER: While I do ship Larry, I am NOT trying to say that Harry cant just support a team without all these double meanings. I’m sure he also just really likes the game. I just find the parallel fascinating)

If you don’t follow football, Aaron Rodgers is the Quarterback of the Green Bay Packers. Rodgers has been rumored for YEARS to be in the closet (when I say years I mean since at least 2008). Its a well known rumor, that given the homophobic environment of professional sports, they have tried very hard to keep under wraps.

Given Rodger’s history, it might be a storyline Harry is drawn to? I’ve highlighted some key points.

1. Rodger’s now infamous Roommate & Staff Kevin:

Here’s a video of Rodgers speaking fondly of Lanflisi, some of their tweets and the two of them at a banquet where Rodgers receives his MVP award. 

The pair obviously began attracting a lot of attention, so….

2. Change the Narrative:

Hmmm that sounds familiar

I wonder what happened after he had this very public falling out with his alleged boyfriend?

3. Bearding

But the Swift - Rodgers stunt didnt last long. Rodgers was then teamed up with gorgeous actress Olivia Munn (I love her btw, but WHAT is this kiss?)

They split up.

4. Very convincing press denials:

5. Solidarity:

There has been a lot of historic bad blood between Rodgers & former NFL Star Brett Favre (there’s host of things I wont get into because this post is long enough) but one interesting point is that Favre was in a campaign video for Republican Senator Thad Cochran. Cochran is very vocal on his stance against Marriage Equality and didnt support prosecuting violence against the LGBTQ community as hate crimes. 

On February 2 2013, Rodgers had to appear onstage and present with Brett Favre at the NHL Honors Awards Show. The show was hosted by Alec Baldwin who has also been blatantly homophobic.

After the Awards show, Harry was musing about the Packers hopefully winning the Superbowl the next year, but he also tweeted this:

We know Harry has his Green Bay Tattoo:

The accepted story of the tattoo is this:

But as any Larry Shipper will tell you, what the boys say publicly about their tattoos and what they may really mean do not always match up. 

The Green Bay Logo is on Harry’s “Things I Can’t” arm. 

The same arm as “I Can’t Change”/Anchor , “HI”, The Rose, The Hands, The Wellington Fern, Coat Hanger etc. Many of these other designs on this arm are accepted as Louis or Closeting related

While yes, I think Harry probably loves the team, and the game, maybe it goes deeper and he made a connection with Aaron Rodgers either personally or through their very unique mirror experiences; both being a leading men in chaotic worlds where they are forced to portray something other than their truest selves.

“With Psylocke featured in the upcoming film X-Men: Apocalypse, we can expect some extra attention to fall on Marvel’s striking, purple-haired mutant who wields a telekinetic katana. And with that attention, the problem of racial identity in the character’s backstory is getting some new scrutiny. In her current iteration, Psylocke is a white British woman, Betsy Braddock, whose mind — by a series of outlandish plot developments — is in the body of Japanese ninja assassin named Kwannon.


  • in a crowd:
  • Will:Where's Sloan?
  • Don:I've got this.
  • Don:The Clinton Administration's decision to repeal the Glass–Steagall Act has had only positive consequences for the American economy; and I can only hope the current Congress never raises the debt ceiling so that this positive economic climate can continue.
  • Sloan:[busts through crowd]
  • Don:Found her.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again…

Olivia Munn IS Psylocke!


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