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1: Sexuality Headcanon: Bisexual. Pry it from my cold dead hands.

2: OTP: MunaSaka. From my perspective, KyoChisa was very forced. Yukizome would constantly talk about how much she loved Munakata, but she literally did not show it at all. And when she did show it, she was in despair and was trying to actively manipulate him into going on a rampage.

The extent of Sakakura’s feelings for Munakata were shown, however–he literally died for the guy. We also see them interact much more, and how they work as a team. So I feel like MunaSaka is more compelling whereas KyoChisa is forced for the sake of the narrative.

3: BROTP: MunaSakaZome. They’re a supportive group of friends and I love them.

4: NOTP: Whatever the… ship name for Munakata/Naegi is.

5: Misc. Headcanon: Munakata is partially colorblind!

6: One Way I Relate: I, too, do not understand my own feelings, and will fiercely ignore them.

7: Thing That Gives Me Secondhand Embarrassment: My HC is that Munakata knows that both Sakakura and Yukizome are in love with him, but he just ignores it because he’s so shitty with confronting feelings, but honestly… he’s so oblivious. He also can’t think about both of his friends at the exact same time for some reason, which is shitty.

8: Cinnamon Roll/Problematic Fave?: Problematic as shit. But he does it because he wants to protect one of his best friends, which is cute.

K Blu-ray/DVD vol. 7 glossary translation

Only about…a year late?

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part 1/part 2/part 3/ (mish-mash of glossary terms till episode 8)


Awashima’s Scream

The lieutenant of <SCEPTER 4>, Awashima Seri, is a very sensible person (save for matters of taste), so of course she would let out a scream when faced with someone who floats in the sky with an umbrella like Mary Poppins.

“<Kings> are just lonely, sad individuals, aren’t they.”

Fushimi’s line. In contrast to Yata, who looks up to Suoh and has nothing but honest adoration for the man, Fushimi reveals his own, jaded view on the two <Kings>, Suoh and Munkata. Though his expression after he says this seems to indicate that he’s expecting a scolding, Awashima actually agrees with part of what he says.

First Companion

Ever since he was chosen as the first <King>, Weismann escaped to the skies without having the chance to make anyone his clansman. Ever since she became a Strain, Neko hid herself away without trusting anyone. But now, Shiro became “somebody’s <King>” for the first time, and Neko became “somebody’s clansman” for the first time. They were each other’s first companions.

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