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Talk about Mikoto's feelings for Reisi. Do it!

You have no idea how long I’ve wanted someone to ask me about this.

Mikoto’s feelings for Reisi are show as really in depth and hidden almost compared to most relationships in k project honestly. He instantly starts smirking if he’s around, he’s only ever focused on him- and everyone else surrounding him is just a blur basically.
His attention is only on Reisi if Reisi is ever around.
Be it a kings intuition as Reisi is exactly the same, but the massive difference for Reisi’s feelings towards Mikoto and Mikoto’s feelings towards Reisi is the fact that Mikoto shows a much larger array of emotions in Reisi’s company.
In the K R:B novel Mikoto was originally shown as somewhat depressed and lost within his own thoughts. Kusanagi even went as far to say that he had always irritated look on him which clung to him like a second skin. After his meeting with Reisi, he became almost a new character, it was stated that he snapped back into reality instantly. Because of Reisi.
Reisi was able to bring Mikoto back to reality and was able to give him emotions he had never felt before, and be it a love/hate relationship non the less the ‘hate’ or more so ‘dispute’ they share with one another disappears throughout the series anyhow, but after his meeting with Reisi he feels alive again, the feeling he gets from Reisi’s presence is stated as ‘electrifying’ he’s never been met with someone that can equal his strength and mindset and Reisi is the only person like this. Kusanagi later remarks that he was listless and drinking himself silly afterwards, yet his irritation that he had at the start was completely gone. But it’s the fact that only Reisi is capable of making him feel like that, only Reisi was able to make him feel like that and give him those emotions and cause all of his irritation to go away, Which I suppose is why I primarily struggle shipping Mikoto with anyone but Reisi because of the effects they had on one another.
It should also be noted that Mikoto had no issue with being locked up in SCEPTER 4’s prison, and was even the one who wanted Reisi to stay with him at all times, and even began persuading him to do so. He knows Reisi better then Reisi knows himself, being the only one to carefully point out when he’s not being himself, noting that someone like Mikoto who never pays close attention to detail in anything (because of the effort) was one to notice a fault in Reisi. Proving that Reisi is very much in his interest.

I’ll spare you from me writing an entire essay and cut it off saying that Reisi gives Mikoto his emotions, without Reisi, Mikoto would be a irritated, bored, plain character who expressed little to no emotions throughout the series. Although he seems a little more closed in with his feelings towards Reisi, the closer you look into it, the clearer everything becomes.

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ruruka: is that a knife in your pocket or are you just happy to see me? sonosuke: both

Ruruka: What kind of knife is it? ;)

Munkata: I would appreciate it if you two would be a bit more professional, we’re in the middle of a meeting

Kirigiri: *holding up one hand* No, wait Munakata, I’m interested to see what kind of knife it is

~Mod Yoyo

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how do you think scepter 4 reacted to finding out that fushimi's betrayal to jungle was actually a top secret mission? Like what if the alphabet squad run into him before munakata has a chance to explain but then after the grand reveal (munkata is super proud of fushimi ofc and also v protective in case fuse actually decides to attack saru) they're super relieved and happy (domyouji hugs fushimi in tears and has to be peeled off by the combined efforts of akiyama and benzai)

The long answer: I wrote a fic for that :3c

Short answer: I’m a big supporter of Fushimi receiving All the Hugs. I imagine that maybe right after Douhan brings Fushimi out of jungle’s base Munakata took him to have his wounds taken care of and that’s when Awashima and the alphabet squad come upon them and are all shocked to see Fushimi again. Munakata takes the opportunity to inform them that Fushimi was never a traitor at all and was in fact on a secret mission for Munakata all this time. Everyone takes a moment to absorb that, imagine Fushimi expecting Awashima to punch him – since he heard what she did to Munakata – but instead he gets a back-breaking hug (and Munakata possibly gets a punch for putting their child in so much danger). The alphabet squad are torn between wanting to hug Fushimi and being worried that he’ll stab them if they try anything, luckily Fushimi’s out of knives so he has to submit to his squad’s affection. I can totally see Hidaka getting super emotional about the whole thing, he’s just so happy that Fushimi’s back and Fushimi’s okay and he’s been worried this whole time. Doumyouji’s really affectionate about it too, like all right Fushimi-san we knew you weren’t a traitor as he slaps Fushimi hard on the back and hugs him and Fushimi’s just sitting there with hunched shoulders wishing he had a knife right now. Also as I put in the fic, I kinda love the idea of Fushimi looking to Akiyama as one of the mature ones who will help pry the more emotional members off of him but then Akiyama spontaneously hugs Fushimi himself and is mildly embarrassed by himself afterward, like he was just so happy to see Fushimi he let himself get carried away.

K Blu-ray/DVD vol. 7 glossary translation

Only about…a year late?

Previous ones:

part 1/part 2/part 3/ (mish-mash of glossary terms till episode 8)


Awashima’s Scream

The lieutenant of <SCEPTER 4>, Awashima Seri, is a very sensible person (save for matters of taste), so of course she would let out a scream when faced with someone who floats in the sky with an umbrella like Mary Poppins.

“<Kings> are just lonely, sad individuals, aren’t they.”

Fushimi’s line. In contrast to Yata, who looks up to Suoh and has nothing but honest adoration for the man, Fushimi reveals his own, jaded view on the two <Kings>, Suoh and Munkata. Though his expression after he says this seems to indicate that he’s expecting a scolding, Awashima actually agrees with part of what he says.

First Companion

Ever since he was chosen as the first <King>, Weismann escaped to the skies without having the chance to make anyone his clansman. Ever since she became a Strain, Neko hid herself away without trusting anyone. But now, Shiro became “somebody’s <King>” for the first time, and Neko became “somebody’s clansman” for the first time. They were each other’s first companions.

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               Send me a character and I’ll answer these!!           

1: Sexuality Headcanon: Bisexual. Pry it from my cold dead hands.

2: OTP: MunaSaka. From my perspective, KyoChisa was very forced. Yukizome would constantly talk about how much she loved Munakata, but she literally did not show it at all. And when she did show it, she was in despair and was trying to actively manipulate him into going on a rampage.

The extent of Sakakura’s feelings for Munakata were shown, however–he literally died for the guy. We also see them interact much more, and how they work as a team. So I feel like MunaSaka is more compelling whereas KyoChisa is forced for the sake of the narrative.

3: BROTP: MunaSakaZome. They’re a supportive group of friends and I love them.

4: NOTP: Whatever the… ship name for Munakata/Naegi is.

5: Misc. Headcanon: Munakata is partially colorblind!

6: One Way I Relate: I, too, do not understand my own feelings, and will fiercely ignore them.

7: Thing That Gives Me Secondhand Embarrassment: My HC is that Munakata knows that both Sakakura and Yukizome are in love with him, but he just ignores it because he’s so shitty with confronting feelings, but honestly… he’s so oblivious. He also can’t think about both of his friends at the exact same time for some reason, which is shitty.

8: Cinnamon Roll/Problematic Fave?: Problematic as shit. But he does it because he wants to protect one of his best friends, which is cute.

It’s almost like you can taste the tragic backstory…

On a side note Shadow and Munakata are actually related.

Shadow lost Maria (his “girlfriend”)
Munakata lost Chisa (also his “girlfriend”)
Shadow hates Sonic (the main character)
Munkata hates Naegi (also the main character)
Shadow doesn’t play by the rules of G.U.N (the organisation he’s meant to work for)
Munakata doesn’t play by the rules of the Future Foundation

Forget Yu Narukami, this man is a human form of Shadow the hedgehog.

Danganronpa AU: Munakata and Naegi have swapped their universes.
So that would mean that Munakata would be an innocent egg, talking about friendship, falling in love with Chisa, whom is a cold hard detective and ignoring the distant tsundere lover that is now Juzo.

Juzo often tries to get Munakata to ride with him on his billion-dollar yacht occasionally he accepts but when Juzo tries to make a move Munakata either gets a call from Chisa checking up on him to see if he’s safe or Juzo gets too embaressed because of how cute and innocent Munakata is.  

Naegi would be a stone cold leader, responsible for building the Future Foundation. Kirigiri by his side, lovey-dovey and energetic. And his bad ass side-kick (who is secretly in love with him) Togami, who punches people who annoy him and try to hurt or rebel against Naegi.

Naegi often takes Kirigiri for granted, as she is always calling him to “have a short talk” but he knows it will go on for atleast an hour but he doesn’t mind at all.

Once Kirigri called Naegi when he was in an important interview, he put the phone on loud speaker since he told her the situation at that it would have to be quick. But she shouted out that he forgot his “lucky teddy” at home and if he would like her to bring it for him (since Kirigri often likes to clean Naegi’s house.) He got embarrassed and paranoid that he didn’t have his bear with him, regardless of that he still got the position because of his talent.

Imagine the standoff between Munkata and Naegi in this perspective.
This short angry guy is cornering someone who is taller than him, scaring Munakata shitless but when he tries to slash at Munakata he literally can’t reach any vital organs to do any serious damage.

Naegi then gets angry and calls for Togami to lift him up inorder to attack Munkata.
Keep in mind Munakata has not moved, he is confused and scared, and after Togami gracefully picks Naegi up, Naegi starts slashing again and Munakata starts to freak out.

Omg Naegi will literally be Fuyuhiko

Can someone draw these scenarios please?

Also what do you think Asahina would be like?
Or Hagakure?

I love writing things like this! Would you like to read more stories from me?


Munakata runs to Juzo


Munakata finds the blood path


Munakata finds Juzo dead smiling


Munakata cries saying sorry