Brief Character Study on Munakata (Spoilers)

Okay, this contains spoilers for episode 3 of Dangaronpa Future arc.

I found Munakata’s assessment on Naegi’s speech over the intercom to be very fascinating. He says, “He (Naegi) gave a good speech, but it rings hollow to me,” or something along those lines. Naegi’s speech was eloquently spoken and, coupled with him revealing his own forbidden action, was capable of giving many people hope. This is was Naegi is good at, giving people hope.

However, Munkata found there to be no power behind Naegi’s words. If there is no power/action behind words, then you are feeding people a false hope. And a false hope is the equivalent to feeding people despair.

Let us change the context of situation for a second in order to better understand it. A politician speaks of hopes and dreams to his constituents, getting them to believe in him and his words. However, due to the two party systems in America that keeps the government in a deadlock, this one politician holds no power to make the changes he promised. Therefore, this politician has given his supporters a false hope in order to gain their trust/votes, which can only lead to despair and anger later on when they don’t deliver on their promises.

Comparing Naegi to a politician might be a bit too harsh, especially considering Naegi has no intention of lying to anyone, but Munakata’s point is valid. The reason Naegi can unintentionally give people a false hope is because he doesn’t understand true despair. The events of DR 1, the mutual killing game was set in a controlled and safe environment. The children had food, they had places to sleep, and there were strict rules enforced around bed time. In fact, if they hadn’t tried to kill each other, the school would have acted as a safe haven to protect them from the outside world.

Compare that to the no-rules, mass slaughtering going on outside, well, it makes the chosen children from DR 1 look like that had it relatively easier.

That being said, Munakata believes Naegi is naïve to the real world. He had been protected from it for two years, unlike the others who have lived through the harshness of true despair since the beginning. Honestly, this is the equivalent of people telling college students this: “Oh you graduated? Congratulations! Welcome to the real world where everything is downright horrible! Do you remember those friendly debates (class trials) you had in school? Well, in the real world there are no debates. If you say something people dislike you’ll potentially get your head lobbed off!”

Therefore, Naegi doesn’t understand that in the real world there are major repercussions for every single word you say. If you lie to people, intentionally or not, then you must be prepared for how the masses will react. Since Naegi has the power to influence others in this way, this makes him dangerous. The world is at a point now where everyone is desperate for help; they will cling to anyone with enough charisma like Naegi to help them. What do you think will happen if they believed in Naegi only for him to, say, die at the end of this series? Well, it would create a new wave of despair that the world has never known.

So, yeah, Munakata’s like, “Those are big words. For the world’s sake you better be able to back them up with power. Power is everything in a world riddled with true despair.”

This is why Munakata was willing to kill others, kill himself, in order to eradicate despair. Power/Actions speak louder than words to him.  

Okay I noticed something kind scary. Shiro’s shadow the head looks like a fox. And maybe it means nothing but a white fox was how the last white king was presented. I’m kinda scared now that Shiro isn’t the only one that has come back. This is literally foreshadowing. I am 100% positive that something bad is going to happen and if its not Munkata’s death than it might be that Shiro isn’t Shiro. Okay, rant over.

It’s almost like you can taste the tragic backstory…

On a side note Shadow and Munakata are actually related.

Shadow lost Maria (his “girlfriend”)
Munakata lost Chisa (also his “girlfriend”)
Shadow hates Sonic (the main character)
Munkata hates Naegi (also the main character)
Shadow doesn’t play by the rules of G.U.N (the organisation he’s meant to work for)
Munakata doesn’t play by the rules of the Future Foundation

Forget Yu Narukami, this man is a human form of Shadow the hedgehog.