I’m going to do be doing my ‘ask’ like this from now’s easier, simpler and more efficient. I also tag my ask with the username..if your username have a ’-’ in it, I will replace it with a space instead (e.g if your username is something like 'monkey-slut’..i will tag it as 'monkey slut)…okay lets get started!

anon: fantastic!

cosmicool: Thanks! i’m glad you found it too! i am also glad you like girls with boys’ names.

munkamunster: omg you’re very pretty! anyway did you know that he is producing a steampunk movie??

daniakemi: cool! wut sup!

anon: i don’t think he is directing it, i think he is one of the producer, thanks for the tip tho!

anon: ahh shoot, i don’t’ remember…but i’m pretty sure it’s called 'Theres Something About Sasha Grey’

anon: is this what you’re talking about?

if it is, then it’s from one of his Sex and Submission video..dont’ remember which one..sorry I should really improve my tagging

toiletpaperiswhite:  I’m pretty sure it’s called 'Theres Something About Sasha Grey’ (i might be wrong)