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And finally, last but not least. is the indestructible Freelancer “Cursed Cass”.

Cass is the result of a long discussion between Jeremy Whitley and Jenn Blake about the problems lesbians in media constantly getting killed.  At the end of the day, we decided the best way to take care of this problem in a shared universe was to create a lesbian character who was unkillable.  That’s Cursed Cass.  She’s indestructible, unharmable, and on top of that a munitions expert.  So she blows up the competitions and frequently herself, but she always walks away without a scratch.

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Hello Script Aunty! Do you have anything on Gunshot Wound Survival? When you're dealing with a bunch of Trigger-Happy Mob Bosses that want to start firing some types of bullet: Ice, Fire, Water, Lighting, Corrosive Acid, Paralysis, Slow-Acting Poisons my question is, how would these bullets affect the types of wounds and deaths? (and what kind of scars would they leave, if they recieved a type of 'revival herb/spell/potion')

Hey there, @thepoisonking (tags: why they no work?!!)

So here’s the thing about gunshot wounds. They depend so very, very much on the trajectory and on what exactly has been hit. For example, a bullet wound in the belly may kill quickly (if it hits an artery), moderately (if it hits a solid organ), or slowly (if it nicks the bowel). It may not kill at all.

The best advice is to follow general bleeding control: if it bleeds, put gauze / cloth and some pressure on it until it stops. If it doesn’t stop, or if it’s spurting, your characters should apply a tourniquet. If the non-stopping bleed is in the trunk or non-tourniquetable area, they should probably pack the wound. This will hurt like hell.

As for the ballistics… First, disclaimer. I am not a munitions expert, I am not a weapons expert, and I am not a weapons developer. The information here may not be accurate. They are my hypothesis and some thoughts, not realistic writing advice. Use them at your own risk.

Unfortunately, once you get out of the realm of realistic bullet types (full metal jacket vs hollow-point), especially into not-yet-extant bullet types (acid, paralysis, etc.), you’re straining my ability to help you.

And remember….

However, I will try to help you.

Acid, ice and incendiary rounds will likely have effects that are in areas around the wound, so that the area has a double-dose of injury. The typical wound from a gunshot has some cavitation around it as the bullet has passed through:

Originally posted by pinballwarfare

That area around the bullet trajectory will then snap back into place and appear undamaged, while sustaining significant injury. But now we’ve basically added an explosion into that area and caused additional damage.

The downside, from the shooter’s perspective, is that while these rounds might cause additional tissue damage, they may cause cauterization via the thermal effects on the nearby vasculature.

Paralysis bullets are challenging. Paralytics tend to need to be injected into veins, and they will stop all muscle activity – including those for breathing – when administered in the correct dose. So if your arms makers find a strong paralytic that doesn’t denature at the heat at which a bullet fires, that can be passed into skin at several hundred feet per second, maybe?

I’ll offer this: incendiary (”fire”) bullets are used in this world of ours, but my understanding is that they’re typically a part of antitank or antiaircraft munitions, not small-arms weapons like handguns. To quote Wikipedia, “Incendiary projectiles, in particular those intended for armor penetration, are more effective if they explode after penetrating a surface layer, such that they explode inside the target.”

There does appear to be a type of shotgun round called “Dragon’s Breath” that has some really neat images, if you do a quick image search.

I think I’ve been as helpful as I can be, but ultimately you’re the one who has to gets to decide how the munitions in your world work.

Best of luck!

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


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so, Haikyuu x Overwatch AU headcanon idea, guys

ASDASDGJKLHLK I swear my brain only give me ideas when I should be doing something else.

Iwaizumi Hajime as (Shimada Hanzo)
- eldest son of the Iwaizumi family (largest yakuza/conglomerate in Japan/Miyagi)
- bad-ass archer with dragon tattoos along right arm that can summon dragon spirits
- groomed to lead Iwaizumi-gumi, and was told to kill Kunimi, his younger brother, when it seems he would be a liability. Iwaizumi could not bring himself to fight Kunimi, so he took his younger brother and fled. 
- Believes himself a coward for running, instead of dismantling the Iwaizumi empire. Doesn’t believe himself worthy of honor until he dismantles the Iwaizumi yakuza with his own two hands. 
- Bow is called Quake-Shot.
- Is convinced to join Overwatch by Kunimi (More accurately, joined Overwatch to keep an eye on Kunimi).
- catchphrase: ‘I’ve got you in my sight’ [Sorry, Jack, took your line.]
- wears Hanzo’s standard garb properly, sleeves up and all. Only yanks right sleeve down (and revealing that glorious half-chest) on missions. 
- Is ambidextrous, but can only summon dragons through left arm.

  Oikawa Tooru as ( Song)
- ex-military? Munitions expert somehow (note: give more thought to this)
- adept at using firearms in general; knowledgeable
- Mech type is named SET-tA (tri-Angulate) [because I cannot resist puns]
- streams his fights online on Nico Nico Douga
- has a large online fan-base and aware of it
- bodysuit is aquamarine and white
- public story is that he was recruited; actually volunteered to join Overwatch
- can’t cook, but surprisingly excellent at baking
- bad at video games [LOL; always trounced by Kunimi]

Kunimi Akira as (Shimada Genji)
Iwaizumi’s younger brother from a different mother; adopts mother’s surname as sign of defiance
- is an extremely efficient ninja, mostly because he’s too lazy for theatrics
- feels guilty at causing Iwaizumi’s self-conflict, even though Iwaizumi swears it’s not his fault
- also has to put up with his brother’s eventual crush on Oikawa 
- has a dragon, but mostly half of one - tattoo (on his left arm) wasn’t completed 
- Enjoys watching anime; currently following Haikyuu and BnHA

Matsukawa Issei as (Angela Ziegler/Mercy)
- Or, the one who has to put up with Oikawa’s not-so-subtle pining
- Level-headed and even-tempered…for most part
- Used to be known as Doctor of Death; took part in the failed Re:VIVE project that experimented on corpses
- knew Oikawa personally before the latter joined Overwatch

Yahaba Shigeru as (Lucio Correia dos Santos)
- Unfortunately, he can’t sing on-key.
- Heavily favors using ARASHI tracks in-battle. His own tracks tend to instrumentals that seem heavily influenced by Hans Zimmer. 
- handy with electronics; repairs his own amplifiers. Has performed emergency fixes on SET-tA in-field
- plagued with self-doubt as to how useful his skills are (internally)

Ushijima Wakatoshi as (Reinhardt Wilhelm)
but with the calm of Zenyatta’s personality
- enjoys tending to the patch of garden on HQ; adept at growing vegetables
- Oikawa’s accidental confidante because the latter keeps sulking in the garden
- has a pair of pet tortoises in his room
- can go berserk if he considers the enemy ‘worthy’
- actually told Oikawa ‘you should have joined Overwatch’ once; Oikawa held out on his registration for two months to spite him.

Story notes:

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New descriptions for the Ghostbusters team!

Kristen Wiig is Erin Gilbert: Particle physicist, academic firebrand, spectral warrior

Melissa McCarthy is Abby Yates: Paranormal researcher, supernatural scientist, entity trapper

Kate McKinnon is Jillian Holtzmann: Nuclear engineer, munitions expert, proton wrangler

Leslie Jones is Patty Tolan: Ghost tracker, municipal historian, metaphysical commando

Chris Hemsworth is Kevin: Telecommunications expert, reception services technician, unemployed actor

ir-anuk  asked:


Here’s 10 facts about Carter ‘Jolly’ Jackson:

1. She gets her nickname from her general disposition; not many people even know that she has a full name. Most just take her name to be ‘Jolly’.

2. Before the Red War, Jolly worked almost exclusively for the Vanguard as a heavy munitions expert; she used a mounted weapon called the Vanguard 1667 IDF- the Illegal Display of Force. A sniper rifle big enough to knock Skiffs out of the sky in one shot from a mile out.

3. She did this job with a bodyguard: Galatea, an Awoken Titan. They are inseparable and one can frequently be caught making eyes at the other. Neither of them have acted on their feelings because Galatea is awkward about any emotion that’s not ‘kill’ and Jolly doesn’t want to screw up their friendship.

4. Jolly is not especially talented at manipulating her Light; she has absolutely amazing Hunter senses and is a phenomenal shot, but is a relatively weak Gunslinger and Arc Blade (Or Arc Strider, depending on era).

5. After meeting and getting chummy with Euclid-319, Jolly asked for his help in learning how to use the Void in order to become a Nightstalker. As a result she has a lot of talent in that subclass, but is noticeably… floofy… in her technique.

6. Despite this she Hates Nightstalking. Jolly is a very extroverted and slightly narcissistic individual- she hates being alone, and is terrified of solitude to the point where she has never been on a solo mission.

7. During and after the Red Legion’s occupation of the solar system, Jolly has been spending a majority of her time in the EDZ helping civilians to and from safe locations.

8. Jolly is particularly loyal to Cayde-6; she wouldn’t defend the City or the Vanguard in general to people who don’t ‘understand’, but she would absolutely defend Cayde-6… probably because they have some similar personality traits.

9. Jolly is a little naive and a little stubborn- she values her own opinions above others’ and takes some convincing to admit she’s wrong about stuff. She’s especially likely to push for her way when it comes to tracking.

10. She is a bit of a whacky, over-enthusiastic jock but she’s smarter than she acts. The Vanguard wouldn’t hand her a nine-foot-long sniper rifle if she didn’t have the ability to competently do her job.

I’m not saying Madame Lefoux started the line of badass munition experts/engineers who wear pants and kick ass, but I am saying there’s an existing badass line of women in Ghostbusters who do just that. Not to mention that Madame Lefoux had a protege was a badass engineer/greaser on a giant feminist adventure airship. So like. There’s an existing line. 

Y’know. Just saying. 

why the new ghostbusters are important

not only are men pissed that the new ghostbusters are strong independent females, god forbid, they’re even more angry about the fact that these women are smart (OH MY GOD SMART WOMEN??? WOMEN WITH BRAINS WHO ARE ALSO PRETTY AND STRONG??? HOW DARE THEY)

but here’s the thing. 3 out of 4 of the ghostbusters are in STEM [Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics] fields. highly advanced STEM fields. why is that important? because females are so underrepresented in STEM fields and are usually discouraged and turned away from them before they hit their teens! STEM fields are so heavily male dominated (men make up 74% of STEM workers) that it makes it incredibly hard for females to make it in their fields.

let’s discuss the ghostbusters first:
Dr. Jillian Holtzmann: she’s a NUCLEAR ENGINEER, which is an incredibly difficult field so that’s rad as hell (plus she has a PhD in it!), and on top of that, she’s a MUNITIONS EXPERT FUCKING SICK
Dr. Abby Yates: (woah another PhD) now, not a whole lot has been described about Abby besides the fact that she’s a “supernatural scientist” but that’s still cool as hell
Erin Gilbert: a god damn PARTICLE PHYSICIST (HOW COOL IS THAT) who gets a job teaching at COLUMBIA and she’s all about academics
Patty Tolan: not in a STEM field, but a municipal historian (fun fact: new york state actually requires every municipality to have a historian!) and in NYC that’s a big job so she knows her shit man

now, ive always been a huge advocate and participant for getting young girls involved in STEM. my experience came from working on a FIRST robotics team for almost four years (i was on the engineering/build side of it.) FIRST robotics is 75% male dominated and my team was the only all girls team in all of new england. (please understand that most teams usually have about an average of about 25 students, usually about 2 to 4 of those 25 were girls. sometimes not even that) throughout my years on the team, i heard more than enough sexist remarks made towards us insulting our looks and intelligence (a lot actually came from parents), listened to disgusting taunts, had my ass groped, and was even stalked at one of our competitions. nevertheless, most of us grew to ignore it on our team, as we all already anticipated it, but for other girls on other teams… well, most usually left the robotics scene all together for these sorts of reasons. i watched so many bright eyed, smart, young girls leave this field that they were passionate about because some dickheads couldnt help themselves.
for these reasons, we would go around the state giving talks and doing activities with young girls to get them interested in STEM fields (and trust me they were very interested), though the amount that will actually go on to study in a STEM field and succeed in it will sadly be very small.

but this is EXACTLY why this movie is important! most movies involving any sort of STEM field in it in the past few decades almost always have males playing them, with a few exceptions. even in the original ghostbusters – the men are scientists while the women are the love interest and secretary. now, we’ll have these little girls going to see this movie and see that there’s these women kicking ass up on screen while being scientists and engineers and physicists and everything in between and still looking good while they do it (remember kids: pretty and smart arent mutually exclusive traits!!) and these girls will know that if the ghostbusters can do it, why the hell can’t they. even if it doesn’t end up being a fantastic movie, there’s still the fact that the leads are working in highly advanced STEM fields and ENJOY it. and all while the male lead in the movie plays the typical dumb blonde  secretary. take the little girls to see ghostbusters. let them get interested in STEM. please. a lot more are more interested in it than you think.

jazzthecat00  asked:

Only if you're interested in doing so, could you tell me WHY I might like Star Wars Rebels? I watched a bit, but it just seemed like a lot of action,,which I'm not super interested in. Is it worth watching for the characters as well (relationships, growth, that sort of thing)? Again, only if you want to talk about it, it's not your job to educate me. : ). Thanks either way...

I should probably start by saying that I have been a Star Wars fan for almost my entire life. Episode 4 came out when I was 5, so I grew up with it. I collected action figures and comic books. I dressed up my Barbies as Star Wars characters. My bike was an X-wing fighter, and so on. And this was in the days before VHS tapes even existed, right? I couldn’t even watch it whenever I wanted to, which seems unimaginable now!

Even then, my play focused on the relationships between the characters. My action figures and Barbies acted out the fanfics in my head, and there was almost always a romantic plot involved. I started writing my stories down when I was 11, in little notebooks in pencil. It was all shippy and character-driven stuff. Hell, I shipped Luke/Leia even after I found out they were twins. Looking back, it’s clear now that I saw what I wanted to see in Star Wars. Where others saw lightsaber duels and space battles, I saw human beings, characters I grew to care deeply about.

When I was in college, the Expanded Universe books started coming out, and I devoured them, but they weren’t quite what I wanted. I wanted stories that focused on my beloved characters, stories that explored their development as people and their relationships with each other. And to be honest, I didn’t get much of that in the canon. For example, I shipped Luke/Mara, hard. And when the professionally written fanfic didn’t give me what I wanted, I started writing my own, as I’d done after Return of the Jedi all those years before.

By the time the prequels came out, I had internet access and discovered online fanfic, and OH MY GOD. There were thousands of people who felt the way I did about Star Wars, who also found the stories written by and for the fanboys not completely satisfying. Who wanted to see these characters actually deal with the cruelty and magic of the universe they live in, to have deep friendships, to fall in and out of love, and yes, to fuck each other.

You know that graphic of an iceberg that labels the little part sticking up out of the water as “the show” and the giant block of ice under the water as “the fandom”? That’s true about every fandom, but it’s really, really true about the Star Wars fandom. You can, as those of us who create fanworks so often do, start with the canon and go so much deeper. You can pull out a great deal of emotional subtext. You can create ships out of whole cloth. You can do anything.

So now, back to Rebels. This is a time period that I have always been curious about, for one thing—those 20 mysterious years between the fall of the Republic and Episode 4. This show is finally going there. And it’s doing it with characters that, for me, have so much potential for emotional intensity.

Kanan Jarrus was a 14-year-old Jedi padawan when Order 66 happened. His master sacrificed herself to give him a chance to escape, and he ran, with nothing. He had nothing, only a lifetime of living a cloistered, structured life in the Jedi Order, and he suddenly had to fend for himself in a hostile universe. He did anything and everything to survive, and oh god, after spending so much time reading and writing Qui/Obi fic that explored the lives of Old Republic Jedi, that just devastates me. He now has to survive in a world where being a Jedi is a death sentence.And then he meets Hera, a well-trained and resourceful Twi’lek who has, for reasons we haven’t yet learned, dedicated her life to fighting the Empire and starting a rebellion. And the other characters have their own tragic pasts: Zeb, whose entire species was wiped out by the Empire; Sabine, a super-smart teenage munitions expert whose family was also killed by the Empire; and Ezra, a Force-sensitive 14-year-old orphan who becomes Kanan’s padawan.

All of the characters are so fucking damaged and angry and determined, and are doing their best to fight an unimaginably powerful galaxy-wide power, just because they have nothing left to lose. They find family in each other, and comfort, and love and belonging, in a universe where that is increasingly rare.

Okay, give me a moment: I’m tearing up here.

And speaking of tearing up, there have been so many moments in the series so far where I’ve had tears rolling down my face.  Like the moment when Ezra accepts Kanan’s offer to learn the Force (echoes of Luke coming back to Obi-Wan – “I want to learn the ways of the Force and become a Jedi like my father”).

Or the moment when Bail Organa kneels in front of R2 in the corridor of his ship, in the exact same position Leia would record a message for Obi-Wan five years later.

Or the moment when Kanan comes to terms with the fact that he is going to have to teach Ezra to be a Jedi, even though he never completed his own training and has no idea what it means to be a Jedi in this new universe.

Or just knowing that Kanan loves Hera so much that he will follow her to the ends of the galaxy, even though she’s made it clear that her passion is to fight the Empire and that there isn’t room for anything else.

I don’t know what else I might be able to say to convince a Star Wars fan that they should watch this show. I just know that, for me, this show has so much potential to wreck me and make me feel and laugh and love and cry. It already has. And hell, a lot of that is in my head, coming from all the other headcanon I have from decades of loving Star Wars. It’s building on feels that I have been feeling for a long time. It’s connecting to the Star Wars that I’ve experienced, and I know that may be totally different for others. I don’t quite know how to explain it, and I wish I did. When you love something this hard, you want to share it, you know?

One more thing I’ll add is that there is a prequel novel to Rebels called A New Dawn that does a fantastic job of introducing Kanan and Hera.

It also gives a stark picture of what the first rebels were really up against. I can’t wait to see how we’re going to get from these humble beginnings to the full-blown rebel alliance we see in Episodes 4-6.

And in the meantime, I’m going to write some fic of my own. :-)