munir haddadi

Requested - Naughty Thoughts (Munir El Haddadi)

Imagine Munir whispering in your ear, all the naughty thoughts running through his mind at football function he’s dragged you to for his own entertainment. His hot breath tickles the sensitive skin at your neck as his dirty words soak your knickers and bring your clit to a drumming pulse. 

“You have no idea how much I want you right now. To have you stripped…to fuck you senseless…to use your body because I crave you greatly. I require the feeling of your close-fitted little box caressing my rock hard cock. I want to fill you up and listen to you moan with every tender, deliberate thrust. I long to see you cum for me. Moan loudly, cry out at the top of your lungs, scream for me like crazy…show me how kinky you are as I fuck you into an unconscious state of bliss.”

He detatches his lips from your ear and eye fucks you before he walks away, leaving you weak in the knees as you try to regain yourself before anyone notices. 

Cocky little shit…