munir el haddadi

Munir just helped score one of the defining goals that helped Valencia defeat Real Madrid!

M: The truth is, I’m really happy to renew my deal and continue with the best club in the world.

I: What did you feel when you heard the news?

M: The truth is, I was really nervous and I thought “Mamma mia!” and nothing else. Like I told you, I’m going to have fun and learn from everybody and give it everything I can.

I: You’ve been with the club for many years. Did you ever think something like this could happen? That you’d be with the first team sharing a dressing room with these players?

M: The truth is that I never expected anything like this. I’ve just been working hard, learning from everybody, and the effort pays off.

I: Do you have any objectives for the season?

M: Well, work hard and try to get a lot of minutes.