Geology IN: Enormous crystal Geode discovered in Spain
A gigantic cave of crystals has been discovered in an old silver mine in Spain.

It occupies a space of 10.7 m³ (8 m long by 1.8 m wide by a 1.7 m average high) and is located at a depth of 50 m in the Pilar de Jaravía lead mine, in the Sierra del Aguilón, in the municipality of Pulpí, coinciding with the sea level, 3 km from the coast…


Glendale Municipal Services Building
Glendale, Los Angeles County, California, USA; 1966

Merril W. Baird, Albert C. Martin & Associates
(photographs by Jack Laxer; Herbert Bruce Cross)

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via “Informes de la Construcción: Volume 21, 200" (1968)

Serpentine, by DmytroKorol

The view at the end of Gamle Strynefjellsveg, the National Road 258, Norway. Prints are available on My website Follow me on Instagram Follow me on Twitter Join me on My Facebook Page County Road 258, also known as Gamle Strynefjellsvegen, is a 27-kilometre (17 mi) long road that runs through the Videdalen valley between the village of Grotli in Skjåk Municipality and the village of Ospeli in Stryn Municipality. The road opened in 1894, but was replaced by National Road 15 in 1977 as the main route between the Nordfjord region and Eastern Norway. The road is closed from October to June and is designated one of eighteen National Tourist Routes in Norway.
New Regina city council lacking racial diversity
Of the 10 councillors and one mayor elected, no one is of a visible racial minority.

A racially-diverse group of candidates put their names forward for Regina’s 2016 municipal election, but none were elected on Wednesday.

Of the 10 councillors and one mayor elected, no one is of a visible racial minority.

Ward 6 was a particularly diverse race. Seven of the nine candidates were Indigenous or of a visible minority. In the end, the ward went to Joel Murray, the son of the ward’s previous councillor, Wade Murray.

Ivy Kennedy, who helped out with Indigenous candidate Connie Deiter’s campaign, said it’s 2016 and time for more diversity in Regina city council.

“We need a diverse council. We need other people, different countries on council. There’s immigrants coming into our country and we need a diverse council,” said Kennedy, who is from the George Gordon First Nation.  

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Location | Brøndby Haveby, Denmark

In 1964 the municipality of Brondby agreed to reserve an area for a “garden city” . The garden architect wanted the gardens to be divided into circular shapes. He explained that the shape symbolized an old village where the people met at the well located in the center. By doing this, he believed the social interaction would prosper. The gardens are famous for the beautiful aerial image it gives off.

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Yes, ayun. Ngayon naghihintay na lang ako ng results. But before that, akala ko talaga hindi nako maihahatid o makakarating sa venue dahil walang maghahatid sakin dahil wala parents ko, wala din yung nga kuya ko at ilang sakay pa bago makarating sa venue. It was held sa Bato, also a municipality here in Catanduanes and it was just a thirty minute drive pero kanina, sobrang lakas ng ulan at kinailangan naming pumayong kahit nasa court na kami. Haha. But I said to myself, “RAIN = BLESSINGS.”

So yun, bago magsimula, I prayed na sana gabayan ako ni God para makapagsulat ako ng maayos at malinis na news article and for Him to bless me with knowledge in analyzing na data given. It was a one hour contest, and so far, I know I did great. Kaya bago umuwi, dumaan Muna ako sa Cathedral para magpasalamat sa blessings at dahil nakapunta ako ng safe sa Bato at natapos na ang paghihirap ko.

Now, sana, sana talaga makapasok ako sa TOP 3. *cross fingers*